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Summer really is a wonderful time of year. The world of nature is in full bloom all around us. The world is bathed in the warm glow of the sun. The people all around us seem happier, healthier and more optimistic and the winter is a distant memory. But that’s not to say that the season doesn’t give us a lot to contend with. We have to grapple with under stimulated and cranky kids, a seemingly endless battle with our gardens and possibly worst of all, the prospect of entangling ourselves in the sweaty knot that was once our bed sheets every night. Here we’re going to look at some ways in which we can ensure that each and every member of your household gets a good night’s sleep despite the hot summer nights.

Seriously, Sleep Matters!

This probably isn’t a late breaking bulletin for you but… sleep is important! We all know it and yet even the most health conscious of us who watch what they eat and get plenty of exercise aren’t getting enough of it. Perhaps it’s because we work such long hours and have such little free time that we feel the need to cram as many episodes of WestWorld in as we can before we give up on the day. Nonetheless, it’s essential in maintaining our physical and mental health, keeping our metabolism as efficient as possible and ensuring that we’re mentally prepared for the next day. If the summer heat, however, leaves you tossing and turning until the small hours of the morning, it’s time to take control.

Get Your AC Under Control

Your AC is your greatest defense against the crippling heat, but many of us let our AC systems fall into disrepair. At best this can cause them to blow stale smelling warm air and at worst it can cause harmful bacteria like Legionnaires disease to permeate your home. If your AC is in need of some TLC head on over to FollowTheSnowman.com. If you have yet to purchase an AC unit it’s a good time to invest. They may not be among the cheapest things you ever buy but consider it an investment in blissful summer until the fall arrives.

Make Your Own AC

If the cost of an AC unit eludes you, you can replicate the effect pretty well with your own old school ice box. Simply place a shallow pan or bowl full of ice in front of a simple desk fan. The breeze will pick up the cold water vapor from the  surface of the ice, creating a cooling mist that spreads throughout the room.

Get Bedding Right

When we buy bedding we may not always do so with the right considerations in mind. We buy based on cost or appearance, preferring what will help us to coordinate our bedding with the aesthetic of our rooms over what will feel better on our skin. Around this time of year, synthetic fibers will prevent your skin from breathing, making you feel hotter and sweatier. Rarely is this conducive to a good night’s sleep. Opt instead for natural fibers like cottons and linens to aid you slumber.

If you still toss and turn at night, try at least one of these solutions tonight… and sleep tight!