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My three girls have always shared a bedroom.  It has always featured lots of pink and all things girly.  While they’ve always loved their rooms, I knew it was time for a change.  The girls are growing up way quicker than I’d like to admit.  I knew that when my oldest reached my height, her twin bed just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  So we decided redecorating the entire room… new beds, new furniture, new clean look, was the way to go.  It officially became their one big Christmas gift!  I’m so excited to finally reveal their beautiful room redesign!

Before on Top, After on Bottom

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The Perfect Mattress.

None of this could have been possible without Lucia’s new mattress from Snuz!  I did a lot of research on mattresses and wanted to make sure she got a mattress that would be comfortable, but most of all, would last!  When we found Snuz, we knew we had found the perfect mattress for her!

Snuz mattresses provide superior comfort and support.  The 7-zone polymer layer reduces pressure points at the shoulder and hip areas. The smooth foam features a unique cell structure that conforms to the body and bounces back to it’s original shape delivering buoyant, responsive comfort.  It’s charcoal infused memory foam layer reduces heat, all combined to give you the best night’s sleep. Sounds amazing, right?  And taking it out of the box was so much fun. Check out our little unboxing video and make sure to watch until the end to get our exclusive coupon code for $100 off!


The girls worked together to build their new beds.  Dad and I helped of course, but they wanted to be a part of everything.  It was a great family bonding moment and we only needed a couple of bandaids (both may or may not have been for me).  I let Lucia enjoy her Snuz mattress for a few nights and was shocked to find her constantly talking about the amazing night sleep she had.  She kept saying it was like sleeping on a cloud.  I may or may not have snuck in to test it out myself and totally agree!


Once the beds were up, I took over with the decorating.  We had a color scheme almost immediately. Turquoise, gray/silver, white and black. I wanted to make sure that we didn’t buy a bunch of decor, but instead, select a few of the perfect pieces.

It was almost as if everything just fell together.  I wanted Lucia to have a felt board next to her bed so that she can always see a motivational quote as soon as she wakes up in the morning.  I want my girls to feel empowered as soon as they step out of bed.

I was able to get the PERFECT letters for Lucia from Itty Bitty Milestones.  The owner, Jess, designed each letter to match her bedding perfectly.  They are lightweight and absolutely stunning.  It’s one of the first things you notice as soon as you walk in the door.

We received beautiful hand drawn art from Spirited Paper.  While they were all incredible, I found one to be the perfect piece for the girls. It tied their three personalities into one beautiful piece of artwork, which proudly states “Sisters for Life.”

The girls organized their bookshelves (as best as they could) and featured all of their beautiful dance trophies.  It’s one of my favorite parts of their room because it’s like their very own library. Anytime they want to read (which is daily), they just walk over and select a book.  And there are a lot of them to choose from!

I finished everything off with a couple of simple white shelves and displayed the girls favorite souvenirs from their trips to Disney World.

They are so happy with their room and we were able to redecorate on a budget, which to me, is redecorating done right!

redecorating diy decor room girls room daughters room snuz mattress foam mattress mom blog mom blogger mom bloggers mom blogs family blog 2017 2018

Are you interested in redecorating your kids room?  What changes would you make?  Comment below and tell us about it!

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