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As 2017 comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on what an incredible year it’s been.  I’ve learned lessons.  I’ve reunited with people I’d lost touch with.  I turned 40. I’ve been kicked almost as much as I’ve been patted on the back…. Every year, I try to make New Year resolutions, but this year, I wish I could go back and tell my younger self what I’ve learned along the way.

Notes to my Younger Self

  • Family isn’t always easy, but it should always come first.
  • There is nothing more important than spending time with your kids.  Everything else can wait.
  • People will waste your time.  Hold out for the ones that are worthy of your time.
  • Material things will never matter.  Being able to provide for your family is more important.
  • You will make mistakes.  Always take responsibility and learn from them.
  • No one expects you to be perfect, they only expect you to do your best.
  • Make the most out of every moment with the people you love. They won’t always be there.
  • It’s ok to get angry, just love harder than you fight.
  • Taking care of yourself is important. It doesn’t make you vain, it makes you a better person.
  • It’s ok to ask for help. No one will think less of you because you can’t do it all.
  • Crying isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a release. Let it go.
  • Excess is a bad thing.  Just because you can have more, doesn’t mean you need it.
  • Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others.
  • The only place for drama should be on a screen.  Keep it out of your life.
  • Don’t follow in the destructive path that was set out for you, create a new, better path.
  • Set aside 20 minutes of every day to reflect on the good.
  • When life gets scary, keep going.  You are strong enough to get through it.
  • Wake up, get dressed and do it with a smile.  Even if you have no where to go.
  • That finish line may look impossible to reach, but you’re closer than you think.
  • You were born to be a Mother. Never question your ability to raise strong, independent girls.
  • When you achieve a goal, celebrate and then set a new, more challenging goal.
  • People will hurt you, surprise you and shock you.  Love them in return.
  • You will not truly understand true love until the day you hold your first child.
  • Your kids will make you upset, but their giggles will always melt your heart.
  • Find something you love doing and make it into your career.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Never assume anything.  Ask questions and get the facts.
  • Imagine how you want your life to be and then go out and get it!
  • Always tell people what they mean to you and how they’ve made a positive impact on your life.
  • Time flies faster than you think. Soak in every moment.
  • Always stand up for yourself, no matter how badly you want to give in.
  • When you finally stop running from your past, you can focus on your future.

I hope that 2018 brings everything you desire and surprises you with even more.

What are some things you wish you could tell your younger self?

Comment below and tell us about it!

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