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My girls are YouTube junkies. From toy reviews to makeup tutorials, they are watching videos more often than I’d like to admit. Like so many other families, we woke up one morning and decided to start our own YouTube channel. If these other families can do it, so could we, right?! So last year, we posted our first video. We waited for the subscribers to come pouring in and just knew that the girls would be instant celebrities.  [Insert cricket noises].

It literally took over a month to build up to 100 subscribers and we definitely have more than 100 close friends and family so…  If I’m being completely honest, YouTube is not as easy as so many make it seem.  Even if you post videos that you and your family think are hilarious and fun, it doesn’t mean that anyone will ever see them.  Kids videos don’t just magically appear on YouTube Kids.  But we post.  We wait.  And we try to figure out what in the world we’re doing wrong.

The other day, I logged into our account and found that one of their videos had almost a thousand views and I was honestly shocked.  While it doesn’t compare to those videos that get a million views, a thousand is a lot for us, considering we are lucky to reach 100.  So it was pretty exciting and it got us thinking that maybe were giving up too soon. Maybe the key to being a successful YouTuber isn’t just luck, but hard work and persistence.

So, in honor of our one year YouTube anniversary, I wanted to share our top three YouTube videos and promise that we will be posting more videos, more often!  Subscribe and let us know what you think!  The girls love to hear from fans!

Our 3rd Favorite YouTube Video

Our 2nd Favorite YouTube Video


And Our Most Viewed Video


Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!