How Taking Probiotics Have Changed My Life

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Published Date: 07/16/2018
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Life has a way of throwing us curve balls.  Working from home and being a Mom of three very active daughters, even my planned days never quite work out the way they should.  There is always a party or school function I find out about at the last minute.  We are often rearranging our schedule to fit in different assignments or playdates.  Then there are the dreaded school germs which seem to make their way into my house on a regular basis. I just can’t afford to be sick for days at a time with all that I have on my plate.  Parents just don’t get the luxury of taking sick days so staying healthy is at the top of my to-do list.

My Doctor Suggested Taking Probiotics

About a year ago, I went to my doctor after getting sick for the third time in just a matter of a couple of months.  I was surprised to hear that she wanted me to consider taking probiotics.  I had heard about them before but never really thought it was something that would be beneficial to me since I didn’t think I had “digestive issues”.  She explained that if my goal was to lead a healthier lifestyle, a healthy gut is very important to reaching those goals.

As I would later come to find out, a healthy gut can also help with anxiety issues.

What are Probiotics and What Do They Do?

  • Probiotics are good bacteria that support many essential bodily functions. Your body needs beneficial bacteria for a number of things, including healthy digestion. The digestive process helps you absorb the nutrients from your foods so they can be used to keep you healthy and energized.
  • Probiotics help maintain the delicate balance between the good bacteria in your gut microbiome, which is made up of trillions of bacteria and is considered a key to overall health.
  • Research has now shown that you can alter your gut bacteria in a way that positively affects your mood and brain function and help with anxiety and depression.

taking probiotics, align, align probiotics, microbiome, healthy bacteria, good bacteria, probiotics, probiotics for adults, family probiotics, staying healthy, 2018, mom blogger, blog, healthy lifestyle, healthy blogger
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Our Hectic Lives.

Recently, my family and I have been doing a lot of local traveling.  Diet, travel, changes in routine and stress can disrupt your natural balance of good bacteria. Probiotics supplements your digestive system with good bacteria to help maintain digestive balance so, you can continue doing the things you love to do.  And we really love traveling as a family.  I always make sure that no matter where we are headed, I always pack my probiotics. The great part about it is if I run out, or forget (because Mom brain is real), there is always a nearby grocery store or drug store where I can pick some up.

My choice is Align probiotics though there are a number of them on the market, so I recommend doing your research and talking to your physician before buying.

Surprisingly, I’ve noticed that since I’ve been taking probiotics and living a healthier lifestyle, I’m less prone to catching the bugs that my girls bring home and my anxiety level is much less than it used to be.

Do you take probiotics? What has your experience been like?  Comment below and let me know!

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Probiotics contain a healthy bacteria that can help with overall health and anxiety. This is how taking probiotics has changed my life.
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*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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  1. For years I suffered with bloating and discomfort. Wearing anything even loose around my waist was so unbearable.
    I was playing golf one day and chatting with my cart partner, I mentioned my discomfort to her. She said she has been taking probiotics for years and I should try them.
    That day, I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up a bottle. I took them everyday and after a couple of weeks my bloating was gone.
    I don’t get the horrible bloating and discomfort anymore.
    I highly recommend using probiotics, they changed my life.

  2. Love it. I couldn’t agree more. And I especially understand the affect on anxiety and immune system. When I start feeling that little tingle of sickness that we all know too well, I check myself on taking my probiotics.

    Thanks for a great post. Love it

  3. Thanks for this article Heather. With the amount of antibiotics being used in this day and age, using a good probiotic every now and then is KEY to a healthy life.

  4. Probiotics have been great for me and my kids.. They suffer from gut health issues such as intolerances. I know some who have completely managed their gut issues with the right probiotic strains. It’s important to know the strain and the dosage.
    Not all can take probiotics to always start with a very small dosage.. Watch out for a die-off .. which could last for up to 2 weeks. During this period you may get headaches etc.

  5. I’d like to warn the people who wanna use probiotics that taking probiotics without asking to your doctor can lead to many health issues. You should only take probiotics if your body needs it and you can only know it by asking to your doctor.

    1. Post
  6. Glad to hear about your experience. I don’t take probiotics but I’ve considered trying it. Align probiotics sounds like a great brand.

  7. I am not taking probiotics, but eating yogurt, may I need to add it to my diet. Probiotics helps to maintain healthy body.

  8. What a wonderful post! I used to take probiotics all of the time. I’ve stopped recently but only because I’ve been a bit busy and I know I wouldn’t be able to do it consistently. I need to start back up and just put an alarm on my phone for them. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. I have been taking probiotics for about 7 months after suffering all my life with digestive problems. I could never digest food properly and would be constipated most of the time. Within days of starting them I noticed a massive difference. I started going to the bathroom more frequently and felt a lot less bloated. A couple of weeks ago I ran out of the tablets and immediately felt awful. I felt like my food was stuck and could feel it’s journey around my stomach every step of the way. I was so uncomfortable. I will make sure I never run out again and can see me taking these for the rest of my life.

  9. Probiotics are essential for gut health. I don’t take pills because they’re not my thing, but i drink Kombucha everyday which is rich in live probiotics. I feel so much better ever since i started.

  10. I need to try adding probiotics into my diet. I haven’t and have always talked about it and I know there are so many great benefits – I need to get on it!

  11. Probiotics are so good for health, but I have to admit, I’m not the best about taking them regularly. This is a good reminder for me to stay on track with probiotics. I’ll have to check out Align, it sounds like you had great results.

  12. I have never tried taking probiotics, but I’ve been wanting to since the time I first heard about it. Thank you for sharing your story.

  13. I would like to try the pro biotics to improve your metabolism. Something that I was thinking to buy for quite a while now.

  14. I used to be so good about taking vitamins and probiotics. I have fallen off the wagon for real. But you have totally inspired me to get back to it!

  15. I should try taking probiotics. It might be what’s lacking in my over all health especially my digestive issues sometimes.

  16. I’m a true believer of natural supplements for the body. If this is available here in Asia I would definitely purchase this.

  17. I added probiotics to my daily regimen a few years ago and I can def tell when I don’t take them. I can really tell/feel a difference!!

  18. I too thought that Probiotics were meant mainly for digestive issues. That is very interesting, I will have to check out Probiotics and see if it is right for my family. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I’m glad you found something that works for you. I remember being on probiotics after my last baby. They really made a huge difference in my overall health. I’ll have to check into Align.

  20. So glad to hear you’re noticing positive changes since you started taking probiotics. Considering we are always on the go, I know they would benefit me.

  21. I think I need to check this out. For both me and my husband. These days I am all about anything that will keep us healthy.

  22. I have never taken any probiotics or had occasion to have a doctor suggest them. I have seen a number of people online mention they were pleased taking them.

  23. I recently took probiotics for a few months and I did notice a difference, even in my skin! Glad to hear they have helped you too.

  24. It’s amazing how much probiotics can help your body! I’ve heard great things about Align!

  25. I think that probiotics would really benefit my body… especially when it comes to my digestive system. I had never heard of Align Probiotics before but I will certainly consider it with my husband.

  26. I am taking a prebiotic. Have you heard of that before? I think your information on probiotics is well worth considering.

  27. Probiotics are a daily must for me. The difference they have made in my gut health is nothing to play with!

  28. I heard that taking probiotics can be so life changing for stomach problems! My doctor told me to start and it really has been helping!

  29. I have been thinking about starting to take probiotic. After reading this thinking I need to go be me some probiotic and start feeling better.

  30. As someone with a bowel disease, I totally understand the importance of having a healthy gut. It is nice when there are products out there to give you the probiotics you need when you can’t make it at home. I could have used this when in the hospital and not able to make it, what a convenient way to do it! Love this!

  31. I have heard a lot of pro and con regarding probiotics and have never taken any until now. I will discuss it with my doctor.

  32. I have actually been wanting to try a probiotic, but didn;t know what one to try. I think I am going to pick this one.

  33. Without probiotics, I think I would be dead! Seriously, they have completely changed my life too! I started taking them early college and man oh man!!! I praise them!

  34. I didn’t know that there are really good effects of it. I need to seriously take probiotics from now on.

  35. Taking probiotics are so important. I remember when my daughter got hospitalized because of diarrhea. She took a lot of medicines but nothings happens and I tried to ask for another opinion and they gave me a Probiotics supplements for my daughter and after a day of taking it her diarrhea stopped.

  36. I can definitely feel a difference when I don’t take my probiotics on a regular basis. I really didn’t realize how important they were until a few years ago!

  37. Our gut health affects our overall health. I wouldn’t be without probiotics and getting them in food is wonderful too!

  38. I have given my kids probiotics when they have had minor stomach bugs to help get things back in balance. I have a friend that swears by them for immune system health.

  39. I heard about probiotics and how important it is to take in order not to get sick but this blog has details write up what do they do to our body, a more insight information.

  40. Pro-biotics are so important, but especially after taking antibiotics. I use them to help keep my son’s gut in good shape.

  41. I’ve always heard about probiotics. I think I’ll start taking them and see if I can feel a difference. I have had some digestive issues.

  42. Taking probiotics have really helped me. I would recommend them to anyone who’s on the fence about whether or not to take them.

  43. So glad to hear you found something helpful for you. My kids pediatrician was always really big on probiotics for healthy immune systems. We have always met it through yogurts. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Probiotics are so fantastic for some and I have my son on them for digestive issues and it really helps

  45. I have taken them in the past but never saw any change. May be I have to give it a try again.