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Hi! I’m Heather. Between working full time, raising kids, tackling a debilitating anxiety disorder and trying to get everything done in a limited amount of time, people started calling me “Super Mom.”

If you told me 10 years ago that one day I’d be working with my favorite brands, taking photos and creating content for a living, I would have laughed. Who knew that posting photos of my kids on Instagram would one day lead to the greatest job I’ve ever had? Yet, here we are.

I’ve been a full time content creator, photographer and blogger since March of 2017. We love to share our family favorites, quick recipes, craft ideas and even family-friendly travel options (when time allows).

I am so happy that you found us and hope that you will stick around and visit us often. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and say "hi!" We love to get to know our readers, so many of which, have become like family to us.



Content Creator - Photographer - Chief Mom in Charge
She loves true crime documentaries, podcasts and books (though most just collect dust because she doesn’t have time to read them). She’s never met a dessert she doesn’t like. She’s an overthinker and loves organization and order but hates to clean up after herself.

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Assistant - The Real Super Mom - Master of the Honey Do List
He is the face of most of our social media content. So much so, that it’s been suggested that we change the name to “@thesupermomshusbandslife” He loves talking to people on speaker phone, spending time with his family and watching how-to videos. He can turn any drawer into a junk drawer in the blink of an eye.

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Second Photographer
Digital Art Director


She is an incredible self-taught digital artist. She spends her time watching animated shows, laughing at tiktok videos and occasionally reading books. She is NOT emo. She will eat cheese, but only under certain circumstances.

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Recipe Assistant
Taste Tester


She enjoys shopping and buying as many clothes as she can get away with. She’s almost always talking to someone on her phone or hanging out with her cousins. She loves to cook and like her mother, also hates to clean up after herself.

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Chief Unboxing Officer
Star of the Falynn Show
Taste Tester


She loves LEGO, watching youtube videos, opening surprise toys and playing Roblox. She prefers camo and pants and spends most of her day outside playing basketball or riding her bike. You may often find her talking to the invisible camera crew she believes follows her around because she’s famous.

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Chief Emotional
Support Officer


When she isn’t laying at or on Heather’s feet, you can find her sliding through the house, chewing on her ball, chasing squirrels through the backyard or barking at people for having the audacity to live in their own house. Elle prefers to be paid in treats and butt rubs.

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