A Letter to Brand Reps + a Chance to Win $1,600+ in Small Shop Gear!

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How does $1,600 in small shop prizes sound to you?  You could be one of six lucky reps to share these AMAZING prizes from a bunch of great small shops!  Keep reading to find out how to enter!

When I decided to open a small online shop in 2014, I started out like most other shop owners… with big dreams and a very small amount of cash.  I had decided to leave my full time job and try to make it as my own boss.  It was the scariest time of my life.  Although I knew we had great products and a pretty decent website, I had no idea how I could possibly get the word out about our new family business.  Advertising and marketing wasn’t something I had the money for, but I knew that without it, there would be no sales.  I was determined to make it though, no matter what.

I tried posting on Facebook, hoping that our friends and family would share with their friends and family.  But a week and maybe two sales later, I knew that it wasn’t enough and unless we were going to eat Ramen Noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we needed to grow our business faster than that.  While I love Ramen Noodles, there are only so many you can eat, you know?! I knew I needed to turn this small shop into a 2nd income for our family.  This wasn’t just something I wanted, it was something I needed.  Things felt hopeless until I stumbled across a small article talking about brand reps.  I was immediately intrigued and wasted no time.  Our first brand rep search was posted the following day.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I dove right in and it was the best decision I ever made.

Fast forward three years to today… I have worked with so many different Mamas and even a few Dads.  While I was looking for a business relationship that provided advertising and photos in exchange for free or discounted items, I wound up finding so much more in these amazing humans… I found support, friendships, laughter, shoulders to cry on and a sincere love for small shops and their owners that I never knew existed.  Without each of them, I am not sure where I would be or where my family would be.  I’m not sure how I would have paid my bills, been able to take the girls to extra curricular activities or even have enough money to buy food some weeks, I kid you not.  When things were looking dim, my brand rep team was the sunshine, lighting the way for my small business.  They kept me motivated and gave me the strength to keep going.

Life gets hectic, especially for small shop owners and we may forget to stop and appreciate the important people in our lives.   While we may not say it enough, I’m sure I can speak on behalf of most small shop owners in saying that without our brand reps, we wouldn’t have a small business!  We wouldn’t have beautiful images to share on our social media and on our website.   We wouldn’t have the new customers that they brought in through promotion, pictures and word of mouth.  We wouldn’t have a strong group of people to bounce ideas off of. We wouldn’t have the honesty and sincere concern for our well-being, like we do because of them.  We wouldn’t have the option to spend more time with our families instead of working a 9-5 (or two) every day.  Our brand reps are the backbone of our small shop.  They are the real heroes and it’s time we shouted it from the roof tops!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate each and every person that takes time of their day to take and edit pictures, share our images and images of their family in/with our products, interact on our social media feeds and talk to others about the small shops they love.  Let’s tell them how amazing and appreciated they really are!  And to my personal team, I love you all from the bottom of my heart!  (go check them out, they ROCK!).

Thank you brand reps, for your loyalty, your love and your time.  We LOVE you!

Now… it’s GIVEAWAY time!!!!

If you are a SMALL SHOP OWNER, you can nominate your star reps for a chance to win one of five prizes, each worth over $265!   Here’s how to nominate: Comment on this blog post with 1) your shop name and 2) your rep’s IG name 3) why they mean so much to you or what they have done that is above and beyond in your eyes (this is optional, but I’m sure your reps will appreciate reading it).  Feel free to nominate as many as you’d like.  Don’t forget to share this giveaway on social media! This giveaway will close on 8/28 at 12pm EST.  We will announce the 6 winners on our FB page LIVE on Monday 8/28 at 7:00pm EST!

If you are a REP, you have the chance to win prizes worth over $265 for YOURSELF!  You can enter up to 10 different ways (each counts as one entry). Complete one or all for a better chance to win!

**Follow us and all of the shops listed below on Instagram and comment below with your IG name so we can verify!

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**Share this giveaway on your FB page (make sure it’s public so we can see it) and paste the link to your post in the comments below.

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This giveaway will close on 8/28 at 12pm EST.  We will announce the 6 winners on our FB page LIVE on Monday 8/28 at 7:00pm EST! Good luck!

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The Small Fashionista
1377 Threads
Avery Ever After
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Carol and Grace
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Dot Dot Smile Click
Em and Ay Apparel Co.
Five Wild Hearts
Foxy Mountain
Gabriella’s Designs
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Lucky Mama Designs
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Mighty Warrior Designs
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My M Co
Purple Sunshine Bows
Raising Wilds
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Sweet Pea Pretties
Teeny Bug Creations
That’s Life Tee Co.
The Vinyl Visionary
Vivi Rose Boutique
 Facebook Groups to Join (Click Each and Join):
1377 Threads
Avery Ever After
Carol and Grace
Chasing Butterflies
Dot Dot Smile Click
Em and Ay Apparel Co.
Foxy Mountain
Gabriella’s Designs
Grace + Crew
Grunge Babies
Hunny Bunny
Little Fashionista Boutique
Liv Rich Boutique
Logan M Styles
Lola + Wren
Lucky Mama Designs
Mighty Warrior Designs
Modish Trends
My M Co
Purple Sunshine Bows
Raising Wilds
Rose & Wesley
Rylee & Roscoe
Spark Threads
Sweet Pea & Me
The Vinyl Visionary
Vivi Rose Boutique

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  1. I have followed via instagram as http://instagram.com/reppin.calis
    I have joined (or requested to join) all facebook groups as Jessica Cali
    I have shared via facebook and here is my link; https://www.facebook.com/calimommy060813/posts/10154596353798239?pnref=story
    I have followed on twitter as www.twitter.com/thejessicacali
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    I shared the giveaway on twitter as @thejessicacali
    I have liked you on facebook as jessica Cali
    I have commented on 3 or more of your facebook posts as Jessica cali

  2. Hey The Small Fashionista!! We are a new shop and only have a few reps but we are beyond grateful for them and look forward to growing our shop and growing in the rep community! We would love to nominate all of our reps but for this contest we would like to nominate @avaandanabelle! The girls our fierce ,adorable, and fashionable! Their mom sends great quality pictures! We get so excited when we receive an email of their pictures because we know they’re going to do well on our Instagram and our site! When we have contests and giveaways their mama promotes our page like no other! She also shows so much love to other reps on our page as well as other pages that we follow! We are so grateful for her love and support! Because we are a new page we were overwhelmed with the amount of inquiries for reps. We tried a few that unfortunately didn’t work out because they didn’t send pictures after receiving merchandise. We didn’t have enough time to be upset about this loss because this mama stepped up her game and supported us more than she even knows. We recently reached out to them to verify their address before sending new merchandise. We were surprised to learn that they had to move because of a flood. Although these cuties we’re currently involved in a huge move we didn’t realize it because they haven’t skipped a beat when it comes to great pictures and great representation for our brand as well as other small shops! Thank you for all you do! Thank you to the great mamas and papas everywhere for helping our small shops become a big success! Thank you to all the shops supporting this giveaway! You make me proud to be a new shop owner and we look forward to being able to give back in the near future!

  3. Hey there! I own @NaturalKidsRockToo I couldn’t let this contest go by without nominating @avaandanabelle I can go on and on about how adoreable the girls are and how they take and send great quality pics. I also quit my job to chase my dreams, while avoiding a ramen noodle only diet. Brand Reps like @avaandanabelle have supported our shop and kept us motivated to do more and continue to grow. We are in TN and we received a sell from someone about 10 miles from us. When I met with the shopper, I asked how she heard of us assuming we had a mutual friend in the area. Turns out @avaandanabelle’s mama sent her to us. Did I mention they live on the opposite side of the country from us? That type of love and support is appreciated. Yes this mama and her cuties may get tees or sample products to try, but they’re giving us so much more than we give them. They are giving us a chance to fulfill our dreams! Thank you @avaandanabelle for all you do and thank you @thesmallfashionista for having such an awesome giveaway to reward these awesome brand reps!

  4. **Followed all shops on Instagram @audis_world
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    Jessica Grace Osorio
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  5. **Follow us and all of the shops

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    Ava thomas or Devy Thoma

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    Like & commeted ✅

  6. Oh my goodness, had been chipping away at all of the guidelines, while in the process of moving. Our new place does not have iinternet or wifi connections. So, had to sneak away to a cafe nearby for this ? Hope it still count ?

    Followed all from @avaandanabelle
    Joined the fb group
    Commented ??

  7. 2nd post from instagram.com/SparkThreads!

    I’m SO INCREDIBLY thankful for my entire team!! I wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful as I am without them!

    That being said, I have a couple more!

    @kaydgirl @willow.and.silas @fluffpuff_cayleen @quinnstagram13 (who’s caught in all this hurricane craziness, pray for their family!) @kensley_roo @lvstar1 @ziggyandclementine @colbysclothes @parkerblazekayleigh @lifewithkelandkoh and @lillian_grace16

    I couldn’t help it, I had to come back and add them. Each of these reps and their mamas are amazing!

  8. Hi there! I’m instagram.com/SparkThreads

    I’d like to nominate members of my team, as well as some amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of working with for years!!

    1) First off www.instagram.com/hangin_with_hannah_! She and her mama have been a part of my life (shop and friends!) since she was 2 years old. She’s now 9, and these ladies have done nothing but support myself and my little shop. Even when I didn’t feel worthy of that support sometimes!

    2) www.instagram.com/4littlearrows Where do I start with this family…. I met them a very short time ago through a comment on a post about a rocking 70s outfit. We were fast friends, and I came to quickly learn how supportive and giving Summer’s beautiful heart is!

    3) www.instagram.com/brinleyvalentina Chelsea is AMAZING! I love her and little Brinley so much!

  9. Hi. I am the owner of @cayleeandco. All my reps are awesome but I would like to nominate @cest.la.amelia she has been a loyal customer/rep since my bow shop opened. She is now an ambassador for my shop and goes above the call of duty to help me succeed. She has supported me through all the ups and downs of this journey. She has become a dear friend to me. She deserves to win this.

    Second I nominate @sheleavesasparkle she is my 2nd ambassador. She is an awesome rep and goes above and beyond to get me awesome quality photos for my shop. A big help to my brand.

    Third is @magnoliasunflower this twin mama is a genuine small shop supporter. She dresses her kids in handmade from head to toe. She is hard working and is very loyal and reliable.

    Fourth is @captainkl she helps with things behind the scenes like editing pics cause I couldn’t quite master it. She is there when I need feedback and opinions 24/7. She another veteran rep on my team.

    Fifth is @addy.and.zoe they are newbies to my team starting as Bes they quickly got promoted to rep because she is loyal and hard working. She genuinely supports my brand.

    All my reps are the bomb dot com but these 5 go hard in the paint for me and I could not do it without them. They deserve to win.

  10. Hello! I’m the owner of @shopbeingbabes and although it’s so hard to choose because I love my entire team, I’d love to nominate the three ladies that have helped me so much more than I could’ve ever imagined.
    – @aiden_wayne01_22
    She has been with me from the very start, before I even opened! I know that I can count on her under any circumstance. She always provides amazing pictures and has such a bright positive attitude!
    – @chi_and_braxton
    She is more than a rep, working with her has made me a new friend! She’s always doing whatever she can to help my little shop grow, providing me with ideas, pictures, you name it, and she’s the sweetest woman!
    – @saraidianne
    I don’t even know where to begin with how wonderful she is to work with, she’s so positive and such a blessing to have on my team. She helps me without me even asking! She provides amazing pictures, my mood changes completely ever time I get an email from her!

  11. 3rd time trying to comment. Commented x3 on your page, liked picture and shared it on my page and my daughter page. Followed all the Facebook pages. All under Kelly Brown on Facebook. My page is private.

  12. I liked more than 3 of your tweets and I retweeted the giveaway. My name is JAP2daHud.

    I like your FB page and I liked and commented on 3 of your post. My name is Jenilee Hudspeth

  13. *Joined all VIP groups, commented & like on Facebook-Yvette Calderon
    *Followed on Twitter & Retweeted
    *Subscribed on YouTube-Yvette Calderon
    *Followed on Instagram @kenjulele8910

  14. Oh found it! Follwed everyone on instagram.com/Malikai.dylan

    And subscribed to YouTube from Taylor Jones

  15. **Followed all shops from @beingbrynna
    **Joined all of the VIP groups from Jamie Garvin
    **Subscribed to your YouTube channel from BeingBrynna
    **Liked 3 videos from BeingBrynna
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    **Liked you on FB
    **Liked 3 posts on FB


  16. Hi I’m Ashlee! Raising Wilds? I’m so thrilled that Heather is putting this together! We as shops would be nowhere without our reps! I am so beyond grateful for all of my reps, past and present! My go to reps are


    Most of them have been with us since the beginning and are always there to support and help anyway they can. They always get pics to me asap, Admin our social media and always give the best feedback! They are constantly promoting and supporting us! I love you ladies ?

    1. How could I forget @bria_grayson !!!! This girl and her mama are THE BEST!!! Always send the best pics, always first to test new products and Amie is one of my closest shop mamas! Always there to give feedback and so quick to help!

  17. My shop is
    I’m nominating:

    She is a rep but she also helps me manage my social media. Aileen is amazing at giving me advice, helping promote my shop, and she takes amazing photos of Brooklynn. I seriously don’t know what I would do without her! She is an amazing friend!

    She is always going above and beyond promoting and helping out whenever asked! I am so grateful to have her and Amelia on our team! Her photos are absolutely amazing!

    Brittany has been so amazing on our team! Even when I messed up! ?? she’s always promoting our shop and taking gorgeous photos of Hannah! Absolutely love having her on my team!

    Angie is seriously amazing! She is new to my team but she is great at getting the word out there about our sales. I’m so glad that she has joined our team!

  18. Hi ??,

    @dreamingkids here! I would like to nominate 3 of my brand reps.

    1) @kaedence_marie
    I have been working with her for about a year Kaedence can model anything from a lace dress to one of our harem pants. The images her mom sends me are always so great and professional that I never have to ask her to re shoot. Her mom is the sweetest she even gives me ideas for some new styles ?.

    2) @breezystyle
    This past year I have send her so many items and I usually receive about 20-30 images per outfit I don’t know how mom does it. Super sweet and they go above and beyond to work with my time frame.

    3) @iamsirkingsley
    I had the pleasure to meet him and his whole family in our first photo shoot they are the sweetest. He can rock any outfit and his posses are just perfect ?. He’s the cutest little dancer and is always wearing our harem pants to his classes. The quickest TUT can even shoot the same day ?.

  19. I’m Annie from @Vazzietees and I’m nominating Jamie & Brynna from @beingbrynna.
    I “met” Jamie & Brynna as customers when we designed a special Seven & Sassy tee for Bynnas 7th birthday. When we introduced Brand Reps, they were one of our first Reps. Jamie and Brynna are the absolute best Brand Duo to have on your team. They have been so supportive of our brand and our growth along the way. They go above and beyond providing us with amazing photos with a quick turnaround and support us through shares just because. Jamie has recently started helping us with interactions/comments/likes and has been a tremendous help! We are beyond blessed to have them on our team supporting us. I wish I could nominate them a thousand times over because this duo truly reserves this nomination.

  20. It was very hard to pick because I am truly grateful for everyone whom has supported me. Without my reps and customers I wouldn’t be where I am today. These reps go above and beyond with photos, referrals, their excitement, and sharing.






    I’d also like to mention shops whom helped me grow in this journey. These moms I pretty much talk to all the time more than friends I’ve had for years and years. They’re my new bff small shop mom squad (if that’s even a thing… hehe)
    Katlin from http://instagram.com/thedecalshoppeinc
    Heidi from
    Christina from

  21. Hello I’m Zarahi from @cutelittlebabes
    I want to nominate
    Even though I love all my models these ladies have gone above and beyond to help me everything sometimes without me even asking, I considered them as part of my family, they’re just amazing woman

  22. Hello!!! I’m Britney from @mattie2mase and the rep that I would like to recommend is instagram.com/fashion.framed Amber takes amazing pictures of all the items I have sent her and she doesn’t just use the items one time. She incorporates them into multiple outfits. Amber and Adelyn will always be my go to for any high quality pictures that I need for the hair accessories portion of my business.

  23. Hi there!
    I’m Sarah from Simpletreeboutique!
    I have two amazing brand reps that I would like to nominate!
    The first is @avaandanabelle – wonderful mom and has supported my shop from the time I opened. Her girls are so sweet and gorgeous! We have developed a wonderful friendship and she goes above and beyond to represent my shop!
    The second is @cecilymonroe – One of the best and sweetest online mamas out there! And talk about cute! Little cecily has the face of an angel! This mom has also supported me from the beginning and has always stood by my shop!
    I have some of the best reps out there! Wonderful ladies!

  24. Followed all IG accounts & joined all FB groups! Also, subscribed to your youtube & commented on FB & videos!! Beth Beck @besbran22

  25. Hi! @reign.tm here ?‍♀️ omg so many awesome reps we have! We can’t just nominate 1 or 2 ?
    Because of their professionalism, the great quality of pictures and sense of style, and because of their so much appreciated constant support our nominees are:
    @dealpickles @ksisterslove @avaandanabelle @laughswithlincoln @bodhendinodutch @cruz805life

  26. Hi I am Teeny Bug Creations! My go to gals that I am nominating have been with me since the beginning, they have always been there to help me with anything I need! They are amazing!! I nominate:

    I also want to nominate one more, no matter what I throw at her she always send me AMAZING photos. She does them so quick also and is always there to talk to me about the business side if I have questions, I nominate:

    My whole team this term has been amazing and it was hard to pick just a couple. I love having a team and getting to know so many awesome ladies!

  27. Subsribed to your youtube Im Kady Lawrence. Liked ypur facebook and commented & liked posts also Kady Lawrence.

  28. Hey I’m Ashlea, owner of @fivewildhearts! It’s soooo hard to pick just a few reps because seriously… my whole team is amazing! I don’t know what I’d do without them!

    @parker_dean25 She’s been with me since almost the beginning. She’s now a BA and has gone above and beyond in helping me with whatever I need.

    @gabeuseche_ She’s also been with me since the beginning, is a BA, and has been so amazing and helpful. I can send a ton of items and she’s always quick with TAT.

    @studiohphoto I can send this mama 5 shirts, she’ll still have a fast TAT and get absolutely amazing photos every single time!

    @dearlittleluna This mama and her daughter recently joined my team, but we’ve done trades before. She not only supports my shop, but she is also becoming a friend and supports me. Us shop owners need shop friends, and she is an amazing one.

  29. Hey!! I’m Miranda, owner of @instylebabylegs! I have a few nominations! I absolutely LOVE my team! I’ve got some Brand Reps that are still with me since the first rep search I held! They each have tight me so much, and have been the biggest supporters. I truly appreciate each and every one of them!!! Here’s to my reps!! @welcome.to.olivias.world @baby_tanner_ryan @twokingsandthequeen @sheleavesasparkle @z.to.a @tyajamestribe @ladya_littlec @life.with.owen.cooper @smitten_with_whitten @sweet.ava.marie

  30. I shared the giveaway on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/carissasusan/posts/10155165735109690

  31. Small shop here!!! ?? @hunnybunny_us
    I cant choose 1.. so here i am nominating 5 of my best reps/mamas

    1 ) @ashlee.michelle09
    ◾️she has been with us from the Day 1 and she truly takes her time to advertise, always on her feet on promotioning. I know i can count on her for any reason being. Thank you Jeni for all your support

    2) @mrsroxyknox
    Jacky/penleope has not only been a good friend of ours but has always stepped with us. Helped us to set outlr first foot on the door of this small world. Truly amazing and thankful to have this two as my friend / my daughter’s friend.

    3) @sweet_maddie_jo
    She was my first giveaway winner who i first connected with. Even tho our term was over she stood by us and give us all the love she could possibly give. Always great photos and never once disappointed me and always cheering for our small shop to grow.

    4) @vanessa_violet_love
    We have known each other not very long but as if it seems we’ve been knowing each other for very long. She who also is a shop owner, always supporting me and constantly giving me advices also being silly giving us something to laugh about and being a rep / friend. Glad to have you ladies in our lives.

    5) @rochelle.c
    One mama who i met during “Shadown banned” times from the moment she send me a DM cheering me up with all she got i knew from then she was a keeper. Mama also owns a small shop but she takes her time to actually take photos & advertise us as she goes, as a friend, small shop boss moms , and a rep she stands with us to not let anything tear our small shop apart.
    ❤️ All this reps are truly amazing who stood by me from the day 1 and even till now.. I appreciate & thank every each one of you and i am happy to have you guys as one of my close friend , reps. Thank you mamas for all your hard work!

  32. This is such an absolutely amazing thing you are doing! We follow on FB and ig @laceyandlincoln Lacey Lounsbury

  33. Blessings! My shop is @arkbuddies & I simply could not nominate one rep. I just got a new team which is amazing however this 3 reps & mamas have been with me since day one & have not given up on me & the vision of my shop. They are:
    @thisboy_jojo & his mom mayra arocho have not only given me strength through the storms we go as shop owners but have shown me that you do not need to see someone physically to feel they hold a special place in your heart. I have never met Jordan or his mom mayra owner of @v.e.b.m or sister Alyssa owner of @arocho.apparel but I feel as if I am connected to them in every way. I can say I love them & we go on and beyond to support each other as reps & shop owners. And I think thats most important. To show the connection that brandrepping brings to our lives away from our regular life duties. Its hard at times but at least we know we are not alone! Love you guys!

    My second nominee is rep Lincoln from @laceyandlincoln . This cuteys mom simply wanted a necklace for his noahs ark loving babe & continued with me till this day. Its really enjoyable seeing this cutey smile & know he enjoys wearing our product. As a shop owner its not only about selling, the rewarding part is seeing the difference your product can make in a childs life. They are the hope for our future &knowing that one simple necklace can be a core memory for a brighter future in his life is worth it. Lincoln mom go beyond her responsibilities as rep towards all my shops which is admirable.
    And my third nominee is Kemari & Imani from @theprinceandthediva I gotta tell you this mom loves to exceed in her photoshoots & that is really amazing because it shows her dedication toward the image of her children & our shop. Kemari is just a handsome model & Imani certainly will one day be #americasnexttopmodel with her spiffyness . This mom also deserves to be recognized for her hard work. Its hard also to be a rep mom!

  34. Veronica from Gabriella’s Designs here! My team has been the most incredibly experience and driver of my business. I can’t even begin to imagine my life without them and I genuinely appreciate every single one of them. As truly difficult as this is to do, I will just take a quick second to nominate my 3 longest running reps.

    1. Lauren/Giana at instagram.com/giana_rae: Who would have ever thought that one year ago, ya’ll would become some of my favorite people in the entire world. My business and my life would not be the same without you in it! Watching your photography talent blossom and your kids grow brings me so much joy. I will forever have a friend in you and Gab in Giana.

    2. Megan/Luna at instagram.com/dearlittleluna: My shop bestie, personality doppelganger and seriously just one of the greatest people in the small shop world. I am so blessed with our friendship and you support through this journey. Thank you for putting up with my crazy haha!

    3. Mandi/Abi at instagram.com/iakrieg2: So happy to finally be working together more officially, but seriously, thank you for all the driving you’ve done for photo shoots, all the support, all the fun and just being such a great person.

    Okay this is hard, my entire team, I love ya’ll, from the bottom of my heart. Enter, win all the things, cause ya’ll are the real MVPs. I am so excited to meet another one of ya’ll this weekend and just thank you, thank you, thank you.

  35. Entering @alivia.j.g www.instagram.com/alivia.j.g
    Fb: Angela Nelson


    We don’t tweet.. 🙁

  36. I am Avery Ever After

    Nominating :
    1) http://www.instagram.com/pretty_lil_sisters
    Dianna is the reason I started my small shop. She has been probably one of my biggest supporters and best advice giver. Any time any day! She is a mom to FIVE kids and still takes the time to help me with my shop and life in general. If anyone deserves it, it’s her.

    2) http://www.instagram.com/my3sweetgurls
    Sady is AWESOME. She has been helping with new ideas to help my Facebook interaction and always has the best ideas for new things!

    3) http://www.instagram.com/Mischiefandmayhemtwins
    This girl cracks me up! She is probably my soul sister in blonde form. She Has the best ideas when it comes to anything old school or Halloween!

    I’d love to list my entire team because they’re seriously all amazing!

  37. My babe Tatum is a rep, we followed all ig shops @tatumtharp liked all vip pages Liz Tharp and did all things twitter @therioliz

  38. @thebabybirdboutique here
    @brightspotphoto is my nominee.

    I can send her ANYTHING and know without ANY direction she will get the most ideal product shots. It’s like she reads my mind. She helps out with q&a’s, gives all of her photography knowledge away to our fellow team for free, is always answering questions I may not have seen, And honestly goes above and beyond loving on her fellow team members! She’s the biggest rep rockstar I’ve ever met!!!!

  39. Instagram.com/viviroseboutique here!
    I love love alllll my reps. But I have 2 that are my homies!

    1) Instagram.com/its.her.world
    She is my OG. I stalked her on ig as a newbie shop owner and asked her to be a rep. Ha! Luckily she agreed, and has been with me ever since guiding me through the crazy world of ig.
    2) instagram.com/gogo.gizmo
    What started as an innocent one time photographer collab, turned in to my on call photographer and her girls in to my forever reps.

    I <3 both of y'all and appreciate you more than you'll ever know! I hope you win!!

  40. I am @1377threads, I am nominating
    1) @studiohphoto Luca’s mom is AMAZING. She is my own personal and business cheerleader. Steps in when I am away and helps with creative choices for the shop. I would be lost with out her.
    2) @besbran22 Not only do they provide amazing photos but Bryker’s mom also helps out with IG marketing.
    3) @withlove_eden I have worked with Eden and her mom for awhile and we have grown together. They take feedback well and put into effect the changes I ask. No request is too big, they always give it a try with great success.
    4) @andinsofficial WOW these guys have grown in the last year. Andin’s mom has worked very hard to improve across the board and it has paid off
    5) @katescrew Katie is the driving force behind her family, her heart is in everything. I have worked with her and her kids from almost the start of my business and she has helped mold me, challenge me and even has been there on a personal level.

  41. My shop is Mommy & Me Be~YOU~tiful https://www.facebook.com/Mommy-Me-Be-you-tiful-261998157540699/

    I am nominating:

    @cayleerai & her mom ChanTell. ChanTell is an amazing rep mama that goes above & beyond to support & promote. She provides pictures, reposts, & support. I am so thankful to have her on my team!

    @vivi.the.kid & her mom Victoria. Victoria is an awesome rep mama & a friend 🙂 Vic is always there for me to run idea’s and critique products. I love having her on the team & her support

    @isabella_amazing_grace and her mom Cristy a feisty & fun rep team her pictures always make me smile! Their support means so much!

    @torres9252 and their mom Elizabeth these were my first boys & they are so much fun! Elizabeth is always willing to step up and promote anything I need.

    @jengemiller and her mom Jennifer they are always there and supporting any way they can, a true asset to the team

  42. Hi! I’m @luluslovelyts and I am nominating @besbran22, @jaxons_style, and @jocelyn.taylor.nossa! These 3 always go above and beyond and provide awesome photos time after time!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! You are an amazing shop owner and I feel you are the one who goes above and beyond!!

  43. Joined

    1377 THREADS
    MY M CO

  44. My shop is www.instagram.com/legendary_denim
    The reps I am nominating are

    They are constantly going above and beyond to not only promote my shop, but be like family!

  45. I LOOOVEEE THIS!!!! To echo what Heather said, I appreciate ALL of my team members and hope at least one of you Winnie of these awesome prizes!!!! ❤

  46. I am Purple Sunshine Bows
    Nominating :
    1) www.instagram.com/addie.belle
    She is my SIL, BF and sounding board for my shop. She introduced me to the small shop world and helped my shop take off
    2) www.instagram.com/life.with.rox
    She is amazing and dependable and shows so much love to small shops! Her pictures always make my day
    3) www.instagram.com/lifewithatubie
    She has worked with me for about six months now and truly loves my shop and always takes amazing pictures
    I love how genuine she is!
    4) www.instagram.com/lynn_plus_twins
    She is such a sweet mama who has been with me since my first rep search! She’s so enthusiastic about my brand and showing me love
    5) www.instagram.com/adventures_of_sage_and_poppy
    She has been with me since my first rep search and takes incredible photos! She loves my brand and supporting me.
    These reps have been with me the longest and hold a special place in my heart, I’d definitely recommend them to anyone! I love the rest of my team as well❤️