Allessimo Reality Puzzles are Fun for All Ages

three girls displaying their reality puzzles

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4/25 UPDATE: I have gotten a number of emails from people who are trying to reach Allessimo™ Reality Puzzles, regarding an outstanding order. I’m not personally affiliated with the company, so I do recommend reaching out to them directly: 866-200-7573. Their hours are 5am-6pm PST (Monday-Friday) or you can send them an email at

Our girls are 7, 10 and 14. Their likes and dislikes couldn’t be more different! We have one who loves to play with cars, one who loves to watch videos and another who spends most of her time in her room, perfecting her makeup skills. They really couldn’t be more different. Finding something that all three girls can enjoy doing together is rare but the one thing they do have in common is their love of art. That’s why we were excited to learn about Allessimo Reality Puzzles

Allessimo Reality Puzzles

Allessimo™ Reality Puzzles are more than just a toy. With each piece assembled the world begins to come alive. With 12 Unique Puzzles Allessimo has something to spark the imagination of any child – including boys and girls!

three girls standing behind a pyramid of puzzles

three girls showing their allessimo puzzles

allessimo reality puzzle paint kit

what comes in an allessimo puzzle kit

When the puzzles arrived, the girls instantly chose their favorite puzzle. They offer such a huge variety from animals to vehicles. There is an option for everyone, even for my very different girls!

Each reality puzzle paint kit comes with paint, a paint brush, a small piece of sandpaper, two sheets of wood with the puzzle pieces precut (all you do is pop out each piece) and instructions.


putting together a 3d butterfly puzzle

putting together a 3d butterfly puzzle

putting together a 3d unicorn puzzle

putting together a 3d racer puzzle

While the puzzle pieces are all numbered and clearly labeled on the instruction sheet themselves, our two younger girls needed Mom and Dad’s help. This quickly turned into a family project and gave us some quality time away from our screens. They are the perfect bonding experience for parents and kids

These puzzles are not your ordinary arts and crafts project either. Allessimo™ Reality Puzzles are known to:

  • Develop Creativity and Thinking Skills
  • Give Children an Early Taste of Success
  • Fill the Gap Left by the School System
  • Teach Patience and a Sense of Achievement

They “secretly” introduce tough subjects like math, mechanics and engineering into your child’s play time.  And, they develop their imagination and creativity while playing with a fun and rewarding toy.

Each puzzle targets the 3 critical building blocks of child development:

a) Critical Thinking
b) Patience
c) Creativity


painting a wooden butterfly puzzle

painting a wooden unicorn puzzle

painting a wooden racer puzzle

When they were done building their puzzles, the girls got creative, painting their puzzles however they wanted to. The kit comes with all of the basic colors: white, green, blue, yellow, red and purple. The girls had the best time bringing their race car, unicorn and butterfly to life.

Show Off

completed butterfly puzzle by allessimo

completed unicorn puzzle by allessimo

completed racecar puzzle by allessimo

girls showing off their completed allessimo puzzles

From beginning to end, we were impressed with the Allessimo™ Reality Puzzles. It was quiet, creative time in our home for just over an hour and when their puzzles were dry, they couldn’t wait to show our neighbors what they had created. Each puzzle is now proudly displayed on their shelves. They are looking forward to creating another puzzle this weekend!

Allessimo is ONLY sold online and can’t be found in stores. If your kids love to use their imagination and love to paint, don’t wait. They sell out quickly. Which puzzles will you choose?

Allessimo Reality Puzzles are fun for all ages! Using a STEM Learning approach, this screenfree activity brings out the artist in you.


4/25 UPDATE: I have gotten a number of emails from people who are trying to reach Allessimo™ Reality Puzzles, regarding an outstanding order. I’m not personally affiliated with the company, so I do recommend reaching out to them directly: 866-200-7573. Their hours are 5am-6pm PST (Monday-Friday) or you can send them an email at

*This post is sponsored by Allessimo™ Reality Puzzles. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh wow. I honestly want to buy a few items for myself. They are great educational toys for kids though especially when it comes to imagination and creativity.

  2. I have never really heard about this allessimo puzzle. But, seems super fun experience for kids. I am thinking of ordering. But, reading the comments just got me thinking if their shipping issues are all due to covid or there is some underlying reasons. Better wait than sorry. So, I will wait and order during Christmas time. I hope they set things right by that time.

    1. Post
  3. I ordered 8 puzzles on March 25 and have NOT received them as of May 14 and DO NOT have any information when I will receive them.

    I emailed Allessimo Support on April 21 and received a reply on April 26 that they left their warehouse on April 22 but could NOT get a date when I would receive them.

    I called Allessimo support on May 13 and they said that the order will now leave their warehouse on May 14 but still do not have a date when they will be received.

    Allessimo Customer Support does NOT SEEM to really know what is happening and really can not tell you what is going on with my order regarding delivery. I do not care when the order leaves their warehouse but just want to know when I will receive these 8 puzzles.

    At this point I really can NOT believe anything Allessimo Customer Support says.

    I would not recommend Allessimo to anyone. Others also seemed to have delivery problems with this company. You need to check out this very bad company before you recommend them.

    1. Post

      Hi Roberta! I’m so sorry that you’ve had so much trouble. This blog post that you’re commenting on was written in February, so I can’t speak about how the company is handling orders during an international pandemic, though I can imagine that it must be challenging for all non-essential companies right now. All I can recommend is that you contact them again and again, until you receive your order. I am unable to do anything aside from that because I don’t work for the company. I wish I could be of more assistance.

  4. Hi I placed an order on April 23rd. I received a confirmation number via email and no follow up. Can you let me know how long it takes for shipping and to at least receive a follow up email.

    1. Post

      Hi Natalie! I’m sorry you are having issues, but you’ll need to contact the company directly (866-200-7573. Their hours are 5am-6pm PST (Monday-Friday) or you can send them an email at I do not own or work for them.

  5. I was hoping to send these to my grandchildren for Easter but I still haven’t received them. I received notice on March 22 and still have not received them as of yet. Any notice of when I will get these? Order # 02B0271E4D. Thanks please email me.

    1. Post

      Hi Diane! I appreciate your message and I’m sorry that you haven’t received your order, but I am not a part of that company. I do recommend contacting the company directly via the phone number they’ve provided: 866-200-7573. Their hours are 5am-6pm PST (Monday-Friday) or you can send them an email at

  6. You may want to be careful about recommending products without first vetting the vendor. My mother saw an ad for this somewhere and ordered them for my children… after not getting them when we thought we would, I contacted the email listed and got a very vague answer. Then I looked at their facebook page and saw LOTS of reviews saying that people ordered and never got their product. A few people got them after very long delays. Seems sketchy

    1. Post

      Hi Lisa! I appreciate your message and I’m sorry that you’ve had a bad experience. I do recommend contacting the company directly via the phone number they’ve provided: 866-200-7573. Their hours are 5am-6pm PST (Monday-Friday) or you can send them an email at That appears to be the best way to get into contact with them.

  7. My grandson is 6 years old and his brother is 5. Are these puzzles age appropriate for them?
    Jeanette O’Callaghan
    jeanette O’Callaghan

    1. Post
  8. The reality puzzles really seem to be a fun activity to do with your kids and the 3D models are going to give a whole new dimension towards puzzle solving and a clear perspective about things.

    1. Post

      Hi Sharon! If you placed an order with the company, I would reach out to them directly. I don’t have any way to get the information you are requesting.

  9. I’ve never heard if these but admittedly they’re cool as heck! My kids are still a little too young but we’ll get there.

  10. This takes me back to my childhood! I used to put together wood puzzles like these. I would love to get these for my kids!

  11. We love puzzles and these look fantastic! I know both my kids would love them especially since they can paint it as well. Great idea to keep them busy this half term

  12. This is such a great idea and craft for young ones..looks like so much fun too! My daughter used to love these when she was younger and I still have some of them saved.

  13. OMG these are awesome! I wish they had these when I was a kid. I will have to get a few of these to make with my niece!

    1. Post

      Hi Shayla! I don’t believe these are available on Amazon. You can find them here:

  14. How pretty! I truly think puzzles are one of the best educational tools around. Look at the intensity on their faces!

  15. This is going to be interesting to all ages. I will sure to enjoy this myself. It would spark up your creativity and imagination.

  16. These are nice puzzles to encourage a child to let their creativity flow. I like the butterfly one. It would look so nice on my shelf too.

  17. I am definitely going to get these! Our entire family loves puzzles and these are so creative and unique!

  18. Those puzzles are fun for all ages! I would totally enjoy painting some of these Allessimo Reality puzzles with my family.

  19. These are such fun puzzles! Your girls did a great job assembling and painting them! I love projects like these!

  20. My kids have done puzzles like these before. They are a lot of fun. They really enjoyed painting them too.

  21. These seem like a great way to keep your brain busy. I would think they’re great for family nights.

  22. This looks like a lot of fun for our kids. These look easy to put together and they can use their creativity while painting. Your girls did an awesome job!

  23. I love that you get to put these together and paint them. This leaves lots of creativity for children to make these their own.

  24. These are sooo neat. What a great idea! Every Friday we host dinner at our house. We have a bunch of little girls with different personalities. Finding something for them to do while the adults chat is difficult. I am going to try these puzzles out. I bet they will be a big hit.

  25. These puzzles look like a great project! I like to keep a stash of awesome gifts for kids at home and I think these would be great for any occasion! I’m even kind of sorry that our baby isn’t big enough to play with them yet. I’d totally join him 😍

  26. I would love to these puzzles with son. Great for learning and this would be therapeutic for myself lol

    1. Did you have to use glue to hold them together? I’m trying to assemble a piano, but the legs keep falling off!!!!