How We Can Change the World Together

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Our Kids Can Teach Us So Much

The other day, we were at our local playground. The place was packed with kids running around, swinging, sliding and playing hide and go seek.  Everyone was having a blast except for one little boy, who was playing all by himself.  He was watching all of the other kids run around together and he just sat there, alone, while his caretaker talked with another parent.  My 5-year-old noticed him immediately and ran right over to him, introduced herself and asked him to play with her.  I watched his face transform and loved the smile that my daughter was able to bring to his face.  She didn’t care what he looked like, what he was wearing, what country he was born in or what religion he was.  She just knew he was a little boy who looked like he needed a friend and she was going to be that friend.

When you’re a child, you don’t see color and you don’t see differences.  You see the opportunity to make a friend, have fun, laugh and play together.  Can you imagine if grown-ups acted the same way?  What would happen if we stopped judging and targeting people because of what they look like, where they were born or what they believe in and just got to know them as a human being? Wouldn’t things be so much better?

Let’s Get Back to Basics

Times are changing and while we’ve come so far over the last century, we also have so far to go. Recently, I even feel like we’re moving backward and that terrifies me.  I want my girls to grow up in a country that celebrates different cultures and different races.  I want them to continue to love people for who they are on the inside and not what they look like on the outside.  I know it’s possible.  We just need to get back to basics.

My family lost loved ones in the Holocaust because one man decided he didn’t like certain people. He thought he had the right to try to change the world and rid it of these particular people, because they didn’t fit his idea of the perfect world.  It’s scary to think that there are people still out there with this same mindset.  It’s scary knowing that these people have the power to make decisions that can cost people their freedom or even their lives.

I know there is so much love and kindness in our country, we just have to spread it.  Introduce yourself to a stranger.  Lend a hand to someone who is struggling. Smile at the person in the car next to you.  Buy a coffee for the person behind you or donate that $5 you were going to spend on your coffee, to a charity.  Volunteer your time doing something that will make a difference.  But most importantly, teach your children to do the same.  Teach them that all people deserve respect. Teach them to learn about different cultures.  Teach them to love. We have the power to change the world, we just have to believe in ourselves.

What do you think we can you do differently to change the world? Comment below! I’d love to hear your ideas.

We don't have to settle for the way things are. As parents, we have the power to change things, just by teaching our kids a little kindness.

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  1. Agree. The world needs more love and we can help by teaching our kids to be kind, give back and have compassion.

  2. This world is nothing like before. It is important to be grateful of what we have and share our happiness with others. Going out and volunteering is a great way to bring happiness to others and make a community feel like family.

  3. You sure are doing something right raising those girls. Your post here says it all and shows how caring you are. If we all could just be nice to one another the world will be better.

  4. Your daughter is so beautiful. Donating the $ you are going to spend on a coffee is a great idea.

  5. I teach my kids to be kind and I think that would change the world, spreading kindness instead of hate.

  6. I think it will always starts in our self and then we share and teach it to the kids as they are future in this generation. Thanks for sharing this and encouraging people

  7. This story time post literally wins the entire internet. I could not agree with you anymore. As a black women I recognize how far we have come but I’m reminded how far we have to go almost daily. I love that your daughter is so caring for strangers. You’re doing Amazing Sweetie! 🙂

  8. It’s so beautiful to see the innocence of a child. I love that part. It’s so sad that a lot of them loose it too quickly…. and yes, it’s so important to teach our kids that all people deserve respect

  9. I love your point of view. We could start in our children to change the world and respect is the first thing I know that they can learn more in other aspects.

  10. For me, respect is the best thing that we could teach our kids. When there’s respect, everything else follows. I despise parents who instead of teaching their kids respect, they join them in rolling their eyes.

  11. Our kids are our greatest teachers and remind us to be our best selves in so many ways. As adults, I think we need to reinforce the good by example (kindness to others, the planet, ourselves) and talk about the things that are wrong. I think two of the best gifts you can give your kids is the space to think their own thoughts and listen to them respectfully.

  12. I believe kindness is contagious. I also wish there was more reporting in the media of good things going on in the world versus all the negative.

  13. If everyone was just a bit more polite and compassionate to one another that really would make some sweeping changes. A renewed focus on honesty wouldn’t hurt either.

  14. I love this article. I am a Guatemalan adoptive mom. My children have had a couple issues over time but mostly it has been positive. My youngest has autism and we have had more issues with that than the difference in our skin. I’m hoping we make a change as a whole. This world needs more kindness!

  15. I just love your article. Exactly I also want my child to grow up in a country that celebrates different cultures and different races. And yes we need to spread kindness

  16. It is so important to be kind to people. I think that especially in the current climate, being kind can really change how people view each other and interact.

  17. I’m proud to say that I’m raising my kids to accept everyone as they are. it’s important that we honor the differences in each of us AND YET also love everyone.

  18. The world in someways is most definitely a scary place. I sometimes, like you feel in ways we are taking steps back instead of forwards. I hope one day we can right the wrongs.

  19. There’s so much happening nowadays that we tend to forget to go back to the basics where we are all human and breathe the same air. We might look different but that’s why it’s perfect otherwise there would be nothing to talk about.

    1. Post

      I also think that social media has caused a lot of us to forget that there is someone with real feelings at the other end of the post.

  20. My daughter did something similar when she was that age. She would always be the first to greet kids when they were new to her AWANA club. As she has gotten older, it saddens me that she has become more shy and too concerned about what others think to do this as often. But she is still outgoing and friendly. That tween age is tough!

  21. Honestly? I think our world sucks. Everyone is so angry and hostile. I just want us to be better. Admit when you’re wrong, apologize, accept apologies, don’t be overly sensitive, respect other people’s opinions and their differences, and be the best you can be. I think if we start there, it would be nice.

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  22. Your daughter always makes me smile so I can imagine her brightening up that boy’s day. I have learned so much from our kids who are all so inclusive.

    1. Post
  23. I think it is so important to allow children to be children and play with everyone, learn new things, and enjoy life. I think that celebrating compassion in the home is a big first step to embracing differences. Your daughter sounds like a very special little girl that is on her way to change the world for the better.

  24. I hate to say in this but I see so many parents teaching their children to discriminate, hate and degrade other individuals that it is so refreshing to see you acknowledge that we have much to learn from them

    1. Post

      I see it too and it makes me disappointed. Hopefully there are more people like us in the world that can make a difference.

  25. I wonder when do we start see the differences and if it’s not the adults who we should blame for it. Because if we would manage to keep that innocence that we have when we are children, the world indeed would be a better place.

  26. I was just thinking this exact same thing the other day!! It’s crazy how far backward we are moving!! Is there any hope for us to move forward??

  27. I so agree! We should always be kind. I tell my kids the same. I think the world needs more of this.

  28. Our family is lighting the world one day at a time. Everyday we give service to someone else. Doesn’t have to be huge. A smile or opening the door and saying good morning. Complimenting someone. We do bigger act of service but everyday we do something several times a day.

  29. By teaching our kids to be positive and kind to everyone can definitely change our world. I still live by the rule, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  30. How sweet! I love how you say this- help pull up someone who is struggling and smile to that stranger. We should indeed change this world together by first being child-like especially in character.

  31. Volunteering is a great way to help out, and donating items you no longer use or need – it gets rid of clutter in your home, and can really help someone else! Thanks for an inspiring post 🙂

  32. This is an excellent post that everyone should read! Times have changed so much and not for the good either. I love the idea of spreading some love to others!

  33. It does take each one if us to do our part. I agree…it feels as if we’re moving backwards everyday.

  34. AMEN! My family too lost relatives in the holocaust. This is what happens when people listen to hatred and narrow-minded ness!

  35. I have 7 kids and they are forever teaching me in so many ways. It’s incredible. We can for sure change the world, it all starts with our children.

  36. It seems like there is so much negativity in the world. My Girl Scout troop is doing a couple months of random acts of kindness, and I hope they are able to bring a smile to someone’s face, if not many people. There really needs to be more kindness in the world!

  37. I could not agree more about serving and loving others and also teaching our kids to love them as well! We are their example and they will learn from our actions more then they will learn from our words!

  38. Children are forever teaching us to see the world in a new light, if we put the hate to one side and just shared love it would be a wonderful place to live and raise a family

  39. Kids are so amazing, aren’t they? They look at another child as just that: a child. This was a powerful post!

  40. Stop thinking about yourself and give some service. Volunteer somewhere, anywhere. Help out in your community. Might even make some new friends.

  41. It does feel like we are moving backward. I mean I thought we came so far when I was in high school and college, now to think we are backtracking. NO! I hate the state the world is in right now. Good for you for encouraging this with your daughter!