How to Make a Candy Box Basket

South Park gift basket made out of boxes of candy
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Published Date: 03/05/2024
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If you’ve found this blog post, chances are may have seen one of my viral candy box baskets on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube and you’d like to make one for someone you love. I want to start off by saying hi and letting you know that I appreciate you. Whether it was the Danny DeVito candy box basket or the South Park basket, welcome!

I love making baskets out of candy boxes because it gives the recipient an extra gift… candy to last them months. Or, if you’re anything like my kids, a few days. Just kidding… they definitely don’t eat 24 boxes of candy in a few days.

I have created a candy box basket for family members, my daughter’s boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and most recently, for my daughters for Easter. I am so obsessed with them, that if you personally know me, you’ll probably be getting a candy box basket for your next big celebration.

gift basket made out of candy boxes and filled with South Park items

Themed Candy Box Baskets

Our themed Easter baskets started years ago and have become a tradition that I hope my kids one day pass onto their own children.

Sometime in March, I ask my kids to choose their theme. It may be a movie, tv show, singer or video game, but really it can be anything they want. This year, my daughter chose Danny DeVito as her Easter basket theme. I’m still smiling about that choice.

This year, I wound up choosing my 18 year old and 11 year old’s theme because they couldn’t think of one. My oldest daughter’s South Park themed Easter basket is currently going viral on TikTok and I’ve gotten so many positive comments about it. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had creating an Easter basket.

We watched some of our favorite episodes and I came up with different things I could create with a printer and a laminating machine, including Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls, Ass Burgers and a tag that read, “Kyle’s Mom.” Using a ribbon, I tied that little tag to a big stuffed bee to commemorate one of my favorite South Park songs of all times, Kyle’s Mom. Since I am not someone that uses a lot of curse words, I always sing it as, “Kyle’s Mom is a big fat bee, she’s the biggest bee in the whole wide world…”

I was able to find a bunch of cute South Park merch as well at Spencers. My favorite gift was probably the sticky pad and bookmark shaped like a stick of butter (for Butters, of course).

No matter which theme you or your child choose, you can have fun finding and creating things to fill the basket.

South Park gift basket

Tips and Tricks

You’ll want to make sure that all of the candy boxes you choose are the same size. I have made candy box baskets with different candies, as long as they are the same size box.

The amount of candy boxes you’ll need to purchase will depend on the size of the basket you’re creating. If you want to make one like the one I’m sharing in the photos, you’ll need 16 boxes. I have personally found that the cheapest place to purchase them is Dollar General (they are $1 each). Dollar General also has coupons often that you can use to make them even cheaper. I also recommend checking Amazon. They often have a discount for Subscribe and Save that make them less than $1. I set the next shipment for 2 months and then go in and cancel it (unless I’m planning on making another candy box basket with the same candies).

Which tape you use will absolutely matter. I use Duck EZ Start Packaging Tape. It’s strong enough to ensure that the boxes stay together and your candy box basket won’t break. But we’ve also found that it can be easily removed (in most cases) and it won’t even rip the box. While I was making the first few boxes, I realized I had made a mistake and was able to remove the tape and fix my errors.

Tape every seam! Wherever two boxes meet, add tape. The stronger the base, the better the candy box basket will stay together.

I use Nerds Ropes for my basket handle, but I do think you can use anything with a similar shape.

If you want to take your candy box basket up a notch, you can add labels or images. I print things out, laminate them and then cut them out. I use them in the center of the bow, or on the items themselves. It really makes a difference and shows the recipient how much time and effort you put into their gift.

How to Create a Candy Box Basket      

You’ll need:

steps to make a basket out of candy boxes
steps to make a basket out of candy boxes
how to make a handle out of Nerds Ropes


**I know that these directions can seem confusing, but I hope following the images above will make the process much easier.

  1. Tape 4 boxes together, each seam, both sides (this will be the bottom of the basket).
  2. Tape 2 boxes together, one on top of each other. Make sure to tape each seam, both sides. Repeat this with 2 more boxes (this will be the front and the back of the basket).
  3. Tape another 4 boxes together, each seam, both sides. Repeat with the final 4 boxes. (these will be the sides of the basket).
  4. Take the front of the basket and tape it at the end of the bottom.
  5. Tape one of the sides of the basket to the bottom and the front of the basket.
  6. Tape the back of the basket to the bottom and the side of the candy box basket.
  7. Tape the last side of the basket to the bottom, the front and the bottom of the basket.
  8. Tape up every seam. That includes inside. When you pull on any of the sides, the candy boxes should be totally secure.
  9. Tape two Nerds Ropes together. Wrap the tape around at least twice so that it’s secure.
  10. Tape the Nerds Ropes to each side, in the center of your candy box basket. I use two layers of tape to ensure that the handle is secure. You should be able to lift the basket by the handle without it falling.

I also have a slowed down, step by step video that you can watch:

sour patch kids made into a South Park gift

What do you think of our candy box baskets? Keep an eye out on social media (and sign up for our e-newsletter) for more theme ideas! I am already working on a third basket for our youngest daughter. It’s going to be a fun one that you don’t want to miss.

If you make a candy box basket and share it on social media, please tag us so I can check it out!

If you’re looking for more things to create, visit the create section of our blog. Happy creating!


Creating a themed candy box basket takes every gift up a notch. Here is a step by step tutorial to make my viral candy box baskets.
Creating a themed candy box basket takes every gift up a notch. Here is a step by step tutorial to make my viral candy box baskets.

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