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Distance learning is not something any of us were prepared for. It’s not even a term in our vocabulary in February this year. When it was announced that our county would be “distance learning” until further notice, my first instinct was to panic.

I had very little time in my day, and including three kids with three very different curriculums terrified me, as I’m sure many working parents did.

While distance learning isn’t technically homeschool because we aren’t making the lesson plans (thank goodness for our teachers), we are still responsible for making sure our kids do the work their teachers are assigning them, make sure they attend the live video meetings, and maybe most importantly, make sure they have the tools they need to succeed.

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two girls with purosound headphones

Initially, we had prepared for a few weeks, which turned into a month, and then the rest of the school year (maybe a month into the following year). We were lucky to have two laptops in the house for the girls to use and received a loaner from the school for our youngest, so everyone had access to their devices.

Of course, with three girls, in three different grades listening to teacher-assigned videos and having class meetings regularly, we needed to make sure they could concentrate and not be distracted by the noises around them.

So when I was making a list of our must-haves, at the top of my list was noise-canceling headphones. I researched several brands, asked around, and was told that Puro Sound Labs was the best!

They are volume-limiting active noise-canceling headphones, and they protect their ears. They have a long battery life (16-22 hours) and can connect via Bluetooth. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

The girls love them and even use them outside the school with their phones and tablets.

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lap desk monster design

Next on my list, because I wanted the girls to be able to do their school work anywhere they felt comfortable, both inside or outside, was a lap desk. Lap desks are great for so many reasons.

I love that they create an instant desk, no matter where you are. So when the girls decide it’s a treehouse school day, they grab their lap desks from LapGear® and head out.

While there are so many great ones on the market, LapGear® offers a vast variety for all ages (I use one too) and offers some of the cutest lap desks for kids! Falynn’s MyMonster lap desk is the CUTEST, and the cushion design creates a stable work surface and keeps her little legs cool.

Adjusting to distance learning has been a learning process for us, but the girls can now succeed, thanks to these tools.

yoobi school supplies

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yoobi school supplies

When the girls left school in mid-March, they thought they would be back, so they left all their school supplies behind. I wanted to ensure their transition to distance learning was more accessible by providing them with similar supplies.

Yoobi has been their favorite brand for years! You have probably seen their notebooks, pens, markers, pencil cases, scissors (and so much more) in Target. They are the brightly colored, super fun school supplies that kids (and Moms) love.

But you may not know that for every Yoobi item purchased; they will donate a school supply item to a child in need right here in the U.S. It’s just one more reason to love and support the brand!

Girl reaching into a personalized storage bin

Finally, I created a unique space and accessible storage for each girl and personalized them with our Cricut Joy. You can learn all about that fun project by checking out how we transformed our home school space at home with Cricut Joy.

How is your family adjusting to distance learning? Are there specific products that have made things easier on you? Comment below and let us know! We love to hear from our readers!

Here are the tools you need to make distance learning easier on your kids, so they can adjust to school from home.

*This post was sponsored by Puro Sound Labs, LapGear®, and Yoobi. We were provided the product in exchange for this post, but all opinions are our own. This post also contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and purchase something, we may receive a small commission. As always, our family appreciates your support!

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  1. I think it’s unreasonable and privileged to suggest that parents should spend $100+ per pair of wireless headphones! This was not a helpful blogpost, it was a braggadocios way for you to make money off of scared and anxious parents-you should be ashamed!

    1. Post

      I appreciate your comment, Shelley, and I’m sorry that you are feeling anxious or scared. I was feeling the same way in March when we were thrown into distance learning, on top of dealing with my anxiety disorder on a regular basis. What is important to understand is that this post was about what I did to make it easier on my kids. I did a lot of research on wireless headphones and found that these were, by far, the best on the market. I understand that not everyone can afford them, in fact, I couldn’t afford them and was very lucky to have been able to work with them. I think it’s important not to assume things about anyone, especially online. We support our family through our blog, so yes, we include affiliate links when we are able to which sometimes helps us pay our rent and put food on the table. But we also only work with companies that we believe in and products that we use ourselves. I hope that next time you come across a blog post like this, you will look at the full picture, or even feel free to ask questions, before assuming anything about the person who wrote it.

  2. What great ideas! Distance learning hasn’t been the easiest here. So I need all the help I can get.

  3. I love this topic, always gives me a little bit of sense what I need to do and be prepared for starting homeschooling. Thanks!

  4. You are such an inspiration. Homeschooling is challenging for all of us and all tips are welcome. That lap desk is great. I have to get that for my kid. He doesn’t really like to sit by the table when he’s learning, he always sits on the couch. Thanks!

  5. That’s wonderful news! It’s great that you guys make distance learning work for you and that they enjoy it as well. Here in our home, the only thing that’s change is that my eldest daughter who is in ccollege got her class suspended and is staying at home while my other 2 kids go on with their homeschooling.

  6. I think that the teachers in our area are doing a good job on teaching in covid19 pandemic. We have decided to home school for the rest of the year just to leave place for kids who’s parents have to go to work.

  7. It’s great you’ve been able to make distance learning work. Indeed, this pandemic took all of us by surprise. Even though I don’t have kids, when talking to my teacher friends, I certainly understand the challenges on both ends. You got it!!

  8. Its great that you are getting the lesson plans done for you. We are home schooling in as far as we have a list of things to do but we manage it. So no dealing into google classrooms and its so hard when we are both working. Its made all the easier with great kit, the lap trays particularly look great.

  9. Looking after three girls during the lockdown can’t be easy, that’s almost like creating a mini-school. Nice to see how you rose to the challenge and did such an excellent job, you are a true inspiration for other mums.

  10. nice post, Heather! Funny we both mentioned lap desks in our posts today. 🙂 Great minds think alike. However I confess I like the looks of your kids’ desks better. very cute. Might I ask how loaner computers work from the school district? Are there parental controls? keep up the good work.

    1. Post

      Hi Joy! There are parental controls on the loaner computers, as well as our own personal computers. Though we trust our girls are not doing anything that they shouldn’t be doing.

  11. I teach so I know how difficult distance learning can be for kids but I swear it’s tough for teacher too x

  12. very informative article. helpful for those struggling parents during this time. thanks for coming up with this list! <3

  13. My cousin has been going through this same distance learning with her daughter and it has been a trip! Noise cancelling headphones and the LapDesk are things that I’m sure would also make this process abit easier for them! I’ll let her know about LapGear!

  14. I love the looks of those gel pens. I always have felt that the pen is important for getting your best work done. I feel like my daughter is also more productive when she has the right supplies, these are great ideas.

  15. I love the girl’s lap desk as the color and pictures are just great. I might want it for myself too.

  16. These are awesome ideas especially at these times when distance learning is very much preferred in order to stay safe from being sick. Will definitely gotta share these tips!

  17. Nicely done, Heather. You’ve systemised this all very nicely. By planning this out, you’ve gone from that initial panic mode you mentioned, to feeling confident and assured. Your daughters are lucky to have you!

  18. This is a fab post, I love that you are planning learning at a distance, as it is still important x

  19. You are so organized and such a good planner! Also, I couldn’t agree more with the lap desk. It’s actually something I’ve been wanting to get myself, too!

  20. It must have been a strange time for the students and as far as I think we have found a way to study and not be left behind is particularly limiting. In this period of life contact and socialization are necessary.

  21. while I complete my Master Degree through distance learning (part of the classes are on campus, but a lot of the teaching is done virtually), somehow it’s quite odd to imagine that now even kids are doing the same to complete their education. Thanks for the tips and insights and will take note as well.

  22. I only have my son at home and he’s in high school. He could really use a lap desk. He prefers to do his work in his room and doesn’t have a desk.

  23. I was not aware of the program that yoobi has for donating to Americans in need. That makes me want to buy more! And I love cricut!!!! Great job, Mama!

  24. How timely that I read this post! My grandson will be starting school again in August, and their school administration has decided on setting up virtual classrooms instead. These tips you shared are very helpful. I will send the link to my daughter so she can prepare her son for this whole new normal thing.

  25. These are such great ideas! I am sending this article to my sister for my niece! I want to make sure she stays entertained and know that learning can be fun.

  26. A lapdesk sounds amazing! I love that your kids have more flexibility on where they do their school work. I would have loved to do my school work outside when I was a kid!

  27. I think I’m fortunate not to have school-aged children to look after in the house, although I have done teaching in a previous role. It can certainly seem daunting and even my brother (who does have school-age kids) is busy doing what he can (and he is a teacher by profession, but for senior grades). I think how you have planned it all is great as it is obviously working and the addition of the equipment will no doubt be a good help for your kids to concentrate and achieve during these pandemic restrictions.

    1. I love the lap desks! They totally remind me of my childhood. With 4 kids at home now, the noise canceling headphones are a must!

  28. These products all sound great for parents suddenly homeschooling. I especially like the idea of having separate, labeled storage bins for each of your girls.

  29. Distance learning has definitely been an adjustment for us. I’ve got two little ones (Kindergarten and 3yr preschool) so learning is very hands-on with them. I need to be with my kindergartener to make sure he is doing what he’s supposed to. We haven’t heard much about next year but we’re hoping they can return to school right away in September.

    I love all the ideas you did! We made a little homeschool area for the kids in our office but then found out it works better to use Mom’s computer seems I am right there with them 🙂 Now it’s more of a crafty space for all of our recently acquired craft items.

    1. These are all some great ideas! Distance learning hasnt been easy for anyone, and this will help a lot. 🙂

  30. I love those lap desks, I need to order those!! You made me really excited about my new Cricuit too!!

    1. Post

      They have so many fun ones for the kids! And I have one for myself too with a comfy place for my wrists to rest! Can’t wait to see what you create with your Cricut!

  31. I love how you make sure to identify this as distance learning. Homeschooling is getting out into the world- and we’re definitely doing anything but that lately! I love all your tips!

    1. Post

      I’ve heard so many people call it homeschooling, but it’s definitely not that. We are lucky to have the teachers to do all of the hard work for us. We are just here as the teacher’s helpers 🙂

  32. I really admire how resilient kids are. It’s tough to leave the routines of school and jump to learning from home. I love everything you’re doing to make it easier for them!

  33. These all look like really great products for the kids. They will make the situation easier, for sure!

  34. These are all great additions to make learning easier and more fun. When you have the right tools, it makes everything better.

  35. Love your list of must haves to make things easier for your girls when it comes to distance learning. My little one isn’t old enough of school yet but I definitely understand having to adapt to sudden changes.

  36. Those are great resources to stay on task and make it fun! We homeschool, I love that lap desk, I am so checking this out!