Divided America: A Mother’s Concerns

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We are living in a divided America. There’s no doubt about it. But what if we woke up one day and decided to leave our political parties? What if we put aside our political differences and came together, as humans and did what was right for our country but more importantly for future generations? What if we stopped voting for people just because they have a specific letter next to their name, and started voting for people who actually stand for the values and morals that would make this country better? What would our country look like then?

Growing up, I was always taught that we were to vote with a specific political party and I’m sure most people probably had a similar experience. Like most rituals in our lives, we do things because we are taught and conditioned to do so. And while my particular party hasn’t let me down (yet), over the last couple of years, I’ve realized that it stopped being about the issues and the greater good of our country and has become a left vs. right thing. And my heart has broken, mostly for my kids.

Why are we dividing our country and what are we accomplishing by doing so? As far as I can see, nothing is better when we take sides. Why does it take a terrorist attack or natural disaster to bring us back together? Why aren’t we coming together, as Americans, all the time?

Over the last few months, I’ve lost friends. I’m not talking about internet acquaintances. I’m talking about people I’ve known for 20+ years. It wasn’t because we had an argument or either of us did something awful to justify losing a lifelong friendship over. It was because they have made public statements, through social media, that everyone on the opposite political party is, and I quote, “an idiot.”  As I read those words, knowing that they must think I’m an idiot, I realized how divided our country really has become.

I watched the entire Ford v. Kavanaugh hearing.  There was very little, that I saw, that showed that this was a serious matter. It was more about different sides, painting different pictures, to get their way. It’s like a bunch of robots sitting in a room making decisions for us. It made me think that these representatives are asked to check their hearts and brains at the door before walking in and in turn, given a bullet point list of things they must say, because their party wants them to. Meanwhile, here we are, sitting at home, cheering on our team, while these poor people have their lives turned upside down. Something is wrong.

It’s become black vs. white, American vs. immigrant, red vs. blue and women vs. men… when it shouldn’t be that way at all. Why are we focusing on our differences instead of spending our time learning from one another and making this country better?

I want my kids to grow up in a place that they are proud to call home. I want them to feel safe but more importantly, that their voices matter. What’s transpiring in our country right now is so scary for me as a woman, but more so as a Mother. Our children deserve better. Period. And while we all have our opinions about things and are all absolutely entitled to them, we shouldn’t be teaching our children that we are on opposite sides, politically. We should be teaching them that the only sides should be right and wrong when it comes to the law. Above all, we should be teaching them to be good people, to love one another, to speak up when something is wrong and to defend the honor of anyone that is treated unfairly. Imagine that America. That’s the America I want to live in.

What if we left our political parties and put aside our differences? What if we brought together our divided America? How much better would that be?

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  1. My prayer is that one day our country will be better than it is today. I hope posts like this inspire us all to do our best to learn from one another and treat others well. Little by little we will see a change!

  2. I hear you. Politics has always been a conflictive conversation. I also wish things got better and everyone got along.

  3. Well it’s a wishful thinking. Wishful thinking for good. Who knows it might be achievable too. Depends upon how hard one wishes.

  4. Nothing will change until we can get money out of poltitics. I too have lost friends. I have also stopped talking to some people about politics because I don’t care for talking points, name calling or being preached to. I am hoping that we will all remember that the principles in which this country was founded in are still relevant and attainable.

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      I couldn’t agree with you more! I have to stay off of FB because I can’t stand to read the comments anymore.

  5. I think this is true for ever country. As mothers we all want our children to grow up with a kind heart and doing what is right

  6. I completely agree with this. Things are so hard now and I fear it may only get worse. Hopefully people learn to come together despite their differences.

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      Absolutely! I’m hoping that what is going on now will force everyone out to vote in November.

  7. A message that rings so true in every demographic..relevant even in my country India. Why discuss differences when you can coexist peacefully and learn from each other!

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  8. I guess, as parents or as a person. We should learn how to teach people how to respect and appreciate no matter what race we are into. That would help us make the separation between people and countries.

  9. It is very sad seeing this great country come to the way things are now. The best way we can start to heal it is within our own homes, teaching our children the right way.

  10. I’m American, I’m a woman, I’m an immigrant and I deserve better than this. We need to participate, to vote, to have a voice and to make our voices to be heard.

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      ABSOLUTELY! We all deserve better. I will be first in line in November and I hope everyone else gets out there to vote.

  11. I AGREE WITH YOU 100 PERCENT. I think about future generations and how the way government is behaving is going to affect them. I too have lost friends over the divisiveness. Many people believe their “side” is right no matter what. It scares me!

  12. I did see concerns in the hearing. Do I want a judge on the Supreme Court who acts that way to a Senator? I expect more and deserve more.

  13. I agree with your sentiment. When our President sows mistrust in our institutions such as federal law enforcement agencies and the media, this stokes the flames. I also think that division in a vigorous democracy is key and necessary to a degree. But I agree that the rancor can be off-putting.

    1. Post

      I agree! I think a lot of it has become more about money and politics than doing what is best for our country and our people. It makes me sad but scared more than anything.

  14. I am not American but I have lost friends due to Brexit voting. And I am not even political, I don’t get involved in it at all. It’s sad that things so negative affect our lives.

  15. To many people around the globe, America is a dream land. In fact, how Chinese translate America as “Beautiful country, /Mei guo”. Reading your article help me see from an insider of American thoughts.

    1. Post

      It’s interesting to hear from other countries, to see how you view America. Hopefully you all still see the good, even when we are going through so much negative press. It is a beautiful place, we’ve just got to get back on track.

  16. I feel like America has never been so divided in my life. I am trying to teach my kids that we don’t have to agree to love each other.

  17. You know what is the beauty of this article you wrote? That you are already doing something about it, more moms like you and we will be going ahead.

  18. That is a sad news. But let see the other side of this issue what is the benefits of this controversial program.. Hope someday they will find the right answer .

  19. I wonder if we got rid of parties if we’d have this same issue. Of course, I don’t know a government system out there that works that way, but I’d love for people to step outside their party lines to defend what is right. But people won’t do it. It’s such a shame.

  20. It’s a tough time in America. It really is hard to turn on the news or go on social media. I really wish things were different.

  21. I’m 100% for getting rid of parties and voting entirely based on the issues. So many people here straight vote, and I can’t stand it. They don’t even bother to learn about the candidates or issues, they just straight party vote and blah.

  22. We all need to come together and unite for the sake of our children, ourselves and the new generation to come.

  23. I’ve always voted for someone who shares the majority of my opinions and morals and expect everyone else to do the same, but it does seem like this country is more concerned with social issues that are really private matters than voting with someone that will do a good job. It seems like there is an “every man for himself” mentality as opposed to everyone trying to help and lift each other up and that’s what I’m so disappointed in.

  24. I am not an American but seeing like this in America, actually a sad state. I still dunno what people get out of this by bullying, unnecessary judgement. Hope it gets back on it’s feet soon or sooner whichever is preferrable. Whenever I see Captain America, it makes me feel this is how America should be like, but if he sees that, he would be very disappointed. But as I said hope everything will turn all right. No need of negative energy all the time.

  25. I do not think any of us enjoy seeing such great division in our country. Being united shows the world something.

  26. I have to admit as I’m not from the US I don’t see the divides I am sure you see. But I do see some with in my country. Especially around Brexit, which I think for many of us is going to be quite a scary time.

  27. I don’t follow politics much but news do inadvertently reach our borders. It’s sad that there’s so much division in this day and age. I wish a kinder world for my nephews and nieces.

  28. Such a scary world we live in. I to, often worry about my daughter growing up in such a divided nation.

  29. I agree that our children deserve better. It’s not fear to them. I hope that one day soon that things will get back to some type of normalcy.

  30. It is definitely a concern of mine also. I think that people are just not thinking anymore. If we could all sit down in one room I think we would find out we have more in common than what we don’t. And I hope that I can teach my child to think that way.

  31. I hate how our country has become so divided too. It scares me to think of how much hatred some people feel for others. I’m not sure how to see our way back, but I hope we can realize we are all humans even if we disagree on issues.

  32. I am with you! It is tough how divided we seem to be these days. I just want everyone to get a long. We’re all human beings in the end.

  33. I also hate seeing our country divided like this and all the lies, hate and everything else that goes with. I hate seeing people having to leave restaurants because they can’t enjoy a meal with their family without being bullied. I pray that we somehow come back together and realize that hate is not the answer.