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While we have rules in our house, we try to teach our girls to have fun too!  It’s hard to grow up in a world where everything revolves around technology.  You don’t see kids playing outside as much anymore because a) there are a lot of scary people out there and b) because they have their faces in their iPhones or iPads most of the time and don’t have the desire to play outside.  It makes me sad to know that my girls won’t have that simple childhood that I had.  My after school time consisted of bouncing a ball against our garage door, playing cards with my grandma, helping my grandpa pick fruit and riding my bike around the neighborhood with no hands.  Sure, I watched cartoons, but it was for an hour at the most. I couldn’t wait to go outside and play.


Tee: Lulu’s Lovely Tees, Bloomers and Leg Warmers: Reign™, Shoes: Fab Kids

While most activities in our house revolve around technology, I love that my girls love to ride their bikes and go to the local playground as often as we can take them.  And believe it or not, being Brand Reps has also given my girls an excuse to go outside, everyday for at least 15-30 minutes.  They play, explore and run around and I get to capture it all with my camera.  It’s rewarding to know that I can help out small shops while my girls have some time away from their screens.  We try to teach them that while there are things that have to be done like chores and homework, they also need to enjoy their childhood and not take life too seriously (at least not until they are adults). I think it’s safe to say that as hard as they work in school and around the house, they are having fun and being kids just as much, if not more.


Tank: Reign™, Leggings: Little Harts and Arrows

So many people tell me that Falynn’s pictures really capture her personality. You can tell that she’s pretty much a ball of happiness, all of the time.  I like to have fun with her photoshoots and while she likes to be comfy, she also likes to play pretend.  Sometime last year, I discovered a small shop that was super edgy and fun, called Reign™.  There were SO many pieces that fit our fun vibe but at that point, I didn’t really have a spot to photograph these awesome pieces in, so I just admired them from afar.  Last month, I finally got the courage to make a purchase and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I should start by saying that there are over 100 pieces in their shop and if I had the money, I would have purchased most of them.  Each and every piece is fun and totally different than anything I’ve ever seen.


Knit Beanie and Tank: Reign™, Leggings: Little Harts and Arrows, Boots: Dr. Martens

After about an hour of online window shopping, I finally settled on my favorite pieces.  I had emailed the shop owner to ask a question and her response was quick and super friendly.  I think I had built up this idea in my head about this particular shop because they have so many followers and are clearly loved by so many, that I may have to wait to get back a one word answer (you know the shops I’m talking about right?).  I’m not afraid to admit to the world that I was wrong in assuming.  I’ve had nothing but phenomonal customer service from Reign™ since day 1!  The owner is just as sweet as she is talented.


Bloomers: Reign™

And when my package arrived (which was about a week after I purchased – HUGE plus), I was even more in love with the brand.  The details are everything with Reign™.  Each piece has this fun, whimsical trait about it and I knew that Falynn was going to have fun with these pieces.   First, there was the knit beanie with the kitty ears.  And what made it even more awesome was that the kitty ears have EARRINGS!!!  Little hoop earrings.  I died when I saw them.  It’s something so simple to add and totally blew my mind.  They took a cutesy hat and turned it into something super edgy and fun with just a few little silver hoops.  Of course, Falynn refused to leave the house without a cat nose drawn on to go with her hat, but I happily complied.

The 2nd piece were the cutest bloomers ever created, the “Jagger Bloomers”.  They are a thin, mesh, faux leather material with an original edgy look.  They feature the famous Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo on the back and fun little accents along the bottom and on the side. They were the perfect addition to our unicorn photoshoot which turned a tee into an edgy lovers dream! I’m not ashamed to admit that I want Falynn to wear them every single day. They are THAT cute.


Hat: Justice, Tank: Reign™

Next, I purchased an embellished tank top.  Basics are super important in brand repping because we get a lot of surprise items and you have to be able to match them easily.  This tank top is super soft and goes with just about anything.  We have been able to use it in 2 different photoshoots in the past month. It’s my go-to top, for sure.

And finally, probably my favorite accessory of all time (and that’s coming from someone who owns an accessories shop), the faux fur leg warmers.  These leg warmers are not only GORGEOUS but they are made with the most soft and high quality faux fur and are embellished to perfection.  Falynn couldn’t wait to get these on and refused to take them off.  If I remember correctly, she actually fell asleep in them.  I wonder if she dreamt of unicorns that night.


Tee: Lulu’s Lovely Tees, Bloomers and Leg Warmers: Reign™, Shoes: Fab Kids

Please take a minute and check out Reign™ and make sure to follow on Instagram to find out first about new releases, giveaways and sales! Check out more about our brand rep journey as well as tips for brand reps here.

While we have rules in our house, we try to teach our girls to have fun too! It's important to allow them to have a real childhood and enjoy it.

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  1. She is definitely a personality and that is why the clothes come alive on her. What a bundle of stylish joy!

  2. These clothes are so cute and Falynn is the perfect brand ambassador for Reign. I wish clothes like this existed when my kids were little!

  3. Yes taking things seriously make your more sad. Your daughter is cute, perfect expression, and great capture.

  4. Once I decided not to take things so seriously, life became a lot more fun. I’m able to find joy in just about everything- most days 🙂

  5. Love her attitude and smile, perfect to always have fun. Those are all super cute clothes, I love the white boots, kinda want some

  6. I’ve actually waited to have children until I lived further out in the country. I want them to have access and an opportunity like I had growing up where technology wasn’t as prominent.

  7. I limit technology time. I like my kids to be active and learning through the traditional style of play instead of staring at a screen.

  8. What an adorable little girl you have there and why not have a great time in your life and splurge sometimes. Life is way to short not to enjoy it.

  9. OMGosh! What amazing photography! What a fun photo shoot! I love that everyone’s out having such a fun summer.

  10. Omg could your daughter’s style be any cuter??? And, children definitely teach us to live life to the fullest! Very inspiring:)

  11. She is just so adorable! I agree kids seem to have to grow up way to quickly and being a child often goes by the wayside. When our kids were little we spent much of our time at a campground where the kids could play and just be kids. We didn’t have neighbors at home so this was necessary to hang out with other kids.

  12. Hehe….I always tell people to live as free as birds that are flying in the sky. They always let things take control and go with the flow. Who knows what can happen?

  13. This sounds like a great shop! They have cute stuff and she’s obviously rocking their pieces! As my kid grows up I’m going to try and keep him outside and away from tv (for the most part hehe)!

  14. She has such a cute style. I love the way you take pictures, you really do seem to bring out a personality that a lot of photos are lacking. I need to up my game, I am really loving the photos!

  15. Your girls are adorable! Good on you for getting them outdoors more! We are really blessed in this one, since we live out in the country, my kids are outside all day long! But I know if I lived in the city I would be nervous about it too.

  16. She is so adorable! Those cute little outfits suit her perfectly. Can’t wait to see more of her photos!

  17. I love that cat ear beanie. The hoop earrings are such a fun and unique touch. The Jagger bloomers and cute too.

  18. It breaks my heart that my kids don’t get to spend the time outdoors that I did as a child too. However my kids also love riding bikes and spending the time that they can outside. I also love those outfits. Super cute! Especially the unicorn hat!

  19. Oh my gosh, Reign has the most adorable children’s clothing! I just adore all of your little one’s outfits — so cute!

  20. I love when kids clothing looks like kids, not adults. These outfits are fun and playful and perfect for kids.

  21. The leg warmers look so comfy. I like the entire outfit, she looks like a grownup in this! Fun vibe indeed!

  22. It is hard not to take life seriously all the time! Especially now that our son is a teenager! Thanks for the reminder to loosen up on occasion!

  23. What cute boots! She is surely a little ball of personality that emanates through the shots.

  24. The main vibe of Reign is so awesome! I’m looking at some of their stuff, thinking my kids would love this or that! Those furry boots your daughter’s wearing are amazing!

  25. Once again your daughter steals the show and it is so great that you give your kids a mix of activities. I know my kids are on their phones too often so I stress physical activity.

  26. These are some awesome pieces! I’ll check out the shop for sure. I never take life too seriously. That can get boring! I always try to have fun.

  27. I love the overall aesthetic of this line. It’s so refreshing to see girls clothing in shades other than bright pinks and purples too.