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Easter is one of those holidays where I have been known to go all out. In the past, I’ve spent way too much money creating the perfect Easter baskets for each of my kids. I would find one thing that they really loved that year (ex: Unicorns, slime, mermaids, etc.) and build a full Easter basket around that theme. While my daughters LOVED every single item, I realized that just days after Easter, they lost interest in just about everything I put in the basket. It’s time to stop wasting money and start shopping smarter! Are you with me? This year, I gave myself a $20 budget for each Easter basket and was able to find some great options at both Dollar Tree and the Target dollar spot!

Here are my Easter baskets on a budget.

Inexpensive Easter basket ideas for Easter baskets on a budget

Cheap Easter basket stuffings

Cheap Easter basket ideas on a dollar store budget

Target Dollar Spot Easter Basket Ideas

Target dollar spot is the first place we always visit when we go to Target. You can find just about anything there and with prices from $1 – $5, it’s easy to fill up the cart before you even get into the actual aisles to buy what you were there for in the first place.  Our local Target has already started filling up their dollar spot section with lots of Easter goodies. And if you are looking for even more, try to pry yourself away from the dollar spot and you’ll find lots of treasures throughout the store. Make sure to check out the clearance in each department. It’s an overlooked section that can have some great things at an even better price.

Here are some of the things I chose:

  • Glitter Egg Shaped Bouncy Balls – $3
  • Easter Adhesive Bandages (if you have a young child, you understand why these are a must) – $1
  • Decorating Kit (includes 12 eggs and 5 markers) – $3
  • Water Fizzer Bunny (drop in water and a surprise is revealed) – $1
  • Easter Pencils – $1
  • Light Up Bounce Baton – $1
  • Bunny Hat – $5
  • Paint Your Own Wood Ornament – $1
  • Various Candy – $1

I was able to fill up a basket with 10 items for only $17.10 (don’t forget all of the ways to save money at Target). They had so many more options (and even more this week when we went back), including a variety of basket options from $3.

You don't have to spend a fortune on Easter baskets, especially with places Target. Here are my Easter Baskets on a Budget ideas.

Cheap Easter basket stuffers you can find in the Target dollar spot and The Dollar Store

Easter pencils, band-aids, chocolate bunnies and egg shaped chalk are just a few cheap Easter basket stuffers

Easter glasses and Easter pencils from the Dollar Store and Target

Dollar Tree Easter Basket Ideas

Who doesn’t love Dollar Tree? Everything is $1. We can do some serious damage in that store!  Our local Dollar Tree has filled the front of their store with Easter goodies, including an entire aisle dedicated to Easter candy alone.  The best part about Dollar Tree, is that you can often find additional Easter Basket fillers throughout their aisles, so the possibilities are endless.

Here are some of the things I chose:

  • Coloring Book
  • Crayons
  • Various Easter Games
  • Egg Decorating Stickers
  • Egg-Shaped Sidewalk Chalk
  • Glitter Bunny Glasses
  • Bunny Ear Headband
  • Pencils
  • 5 Various Candies

I was able to fill up our basket with 14 items for only $14. I also purchased the reusable totes for $1 each. They came in a variety of colors.

You don't have to spend a fortune on Easter baskets, especially with places Dollar Tree. Here are my Easter Baskets on a Budget ideas.

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Are You Curious Which Basket My Kids Preferred?

Falynn, age 6: Falynn preferred the Dollar Tree basket, specifically the candy (of course), the egg decorating stickers and the pinball game. Though she did make it a point to snatch the bandages from the Target basket.

Iyla, age 9: Iyla preferred the Target basket, specifically ALL of the arts and crafts items and the glitter bouncing balls.

Lucia, age 13: Lucia preferred the accessories and candy from both baskets. Luckily, Dollar Tree has a wide variety of makeup and nail polish (that’s what she really wants).

What types of things do you put in your Easter baskets? Are you a no-candy parent or a lots of candy parent, when it comes to Easter basket goodies?

You don't have to spend a fortune on Easter baskets, especially with places Target. Here are my Easter Baskets on a Budget ideas.