Easter Placemat and Activity Sheet Printable

activity for kids during Easter gatherings
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Published Date: 04/02/2023
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Our family loves Easter. Last year, we hosted a giant egg hunt and then had a big family dinner. Of course, things can be hectic. Keeping the kids entertained while the grown-ups are in the kitchen has always been an issue. This year, I created an Easter placemat and activity sheet to help.

Since we can’t be the only family struggling to keep the kids busy while we are cooking, I thought offering the Easter placemat as a printable would be great. I hope that you will be able to print it out and use it for years to come.

Easter placemat and activity sheet printable
colored in activity page and markers

When we were creating this, I wanted to ensure I put a few of our favorite things onto the Easter placemat. I also wanted to ensure we had enough things to entertain all ages. So the younger kids can color while the older kids can work on the word search and word scramble.

First, there is a box for each child to write as many words as possible using the letters from “Easter Egg Hunt.” Who can make the most words?

We wanted to make sure there were plenty of things to color, so my oldest daughter hand-drew this Easter egg so your kids could decorate it. She also drew the cutest little bunny ever for the kids to color. The kids can also color in the words “Happy Easter.” Just grab some crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

I’ve always been a fan of word scrambles. All of the words we scrambled are Easter-related words. Can you guess them all? We included the answer key in case you’re stumped.

The Easter word search was super fun to make. I found a website where you enter the words, tell it how many rows and columns, and it creates the word search for you. What a fun tool!

Finally, we included three Easter-themed jokes because everyone loves to laugh. I hope you will think they are as funny as we do.

Easter placemat with markers
Easter placemat and activity page printable

want to save paper?

If you have a laminating machine, laminate the Easter placemats and use a dry-erase marker on each activity. Just wipe off the marker and do it again and again. This will also help to keep food off of the placemat. My 13-year-old thought of this. She’s pretty genius, isn’t she?

printable Easter placemat

  1. Download our Easter placemat and activity sheet, open it in Adobe Acrobat, and print it. Make sure to select landscape and “actual size” before printing.
  2. Don’t forget to write your child’s name on it (and the year) if you decide to keep it.

The best part about this Easter placemat and activity sheet is that it’s a digital file, so you can save it to your computer and print as many as you need. I always recommend saving it somewhere that you will remember, in case you want to use them next year.

If you love this printable, check out our other Easter printables and recipes. We add more every year.

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This printable Easter placemat and activity sheet give your child something fun to do while waiting for dinner. Perfect for kids of all ages.
This printable Easter placemat and activity sheet give your child something fun to do while waiting for dinner. Perfect for kids of all ages.

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  • This is cute! I may make my teens do this at Easter, instead of staring at their devices all day. Nice to have some activities to keep the kids busy.

  • This is so helpful, as families can struggle with what to do at Easter time. I will be sharing this with family and friends for sure xx

  • Very cute way to engage your children in Easter activities. I would personally include original easter themes like the resurrection of Christ, myrrh-bearing women, etc.

    • Post

      We were going for kid-friendly images. But when you create your own coloring pages, you can include whatever images you’d like.

  • You always have the cutest printables! And the idea of combining a placemat with activities is so smart. Love it!

  • What a fun activity for adults and children alike! My son and I like to do word searches and alternate looking for words. It’s a great way to bond and also have fun. Plus, it’s a great educational tool because there’s the opportunity of asking my son if he knows what the word means.

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

  • I love these activity sheets! I bet they would be so fun for my neices and nephew to do this weekend when we’re home. This is one of the first years we’ll be home for easter in a long, long time and these would make great additions to the kids chocolate eggs.