Enter the Toro Summer of Stripes Giveaway

Toro Summer of Stripes Giveaway
Author: Heather
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Published Date: 05/18/2023
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Are you ready to have a lawn that your neighbors will envy? Thanks to the Toro 60V Max Stripe Mower, that’s never been easier. There is a reason Toro has always been the #1 mower brand in America, and now, they are giving you a chance to win a suite of Toro 60V tools.

Super Dad is no expert when it comes to lawn care. We had no lawn to cut before we purchased our home in 2021. I remember standing in the store, looking at all the lawnmowers and figuring out which would be the easiest to use and the biggest bang for our buck. It was clear to us which brand would do the job and last for years.

man standing in backyard with Toro 60V Max Stripe™ Mower

The Toro 60V Max Stripe™ Mower is specifically designed from the ground up to deliver pro-level striping, dual blade mulching, effortless battery power, and up to 65 minutes of runtime. There’s only one mower like it, and you’re looking at it.

This mower is unlike any of the others. It comes almost already assembled. It’s incredibly lightweight and is up to 25% lighter than other battery-powered mowers. You can customize your speed with an easily adjustable speed control knob and activate max power mode with the push of a button. 

before shot of our backyard

As you can see, we have a pretty large backyard, so battery life matters. With up to 65 minutes of runtime on a single charge, the 60V Max Battery Flex-Force Power System® runs an entire universe of Toro tools—75+ and counting. 

The Toro 60V Max Stripe Mower is beautiful! It reminds me of a fancy remote control car. The LED headlights are a huge plus when mowing later in the day.

after shot of lawn with Toro 60V Max Stripe™ Mower
man holding a Toro leaf blower

There are so many reasons to go with Toro if you’re looking to purchase new lawn tools. They are all incredibly easy to use and are low maintenance. No more going to get gas or smelling like gas after you mow. The versatility of the Toro 60V lineup with interchangeable battery covers every season and every job. You can purchase Toro tools at toro.com or your local Home Depot. There is a 2-year limited mower warranty and a 3-year limited battery warranty.

$20 off coupon for Toro

Now through 5/31/23, get $20 off select Toro 60V handheld tools. Plus, enter Toro’s sweepstakes for a chance to win a suite of Toro 60V tools, including:

  • 21623 – 60V Max Stripe Mower
  • 51822 – Leaf Blower
  • 51836 – Attachment Capable String Trimmer 
  • 88710 – Attachment Stick edger
  • 88715 – Attachment Cultivator
  • 88714 – Attachment Pole Saw
  • 51850T – Chainsaw
  • 51840T – Hedge Trimmer
  • 1 Toro branded Babbleboxx with all contents

If you use my referral code (SUPERMOM) when entering, it doubles your chances!

*Sweepstakes will be live through 5/25/23, after which a winner will be chosen.

dad and daughter standing at the grill

Now that our lawn is ready for Summer entertaining, we look forward to inviting the family over for cookouts, pulling out the sprinklers, and enjoying our beautiful backyard. What are your plans for the Summer?

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