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Some people may call themselves a collector. They find something that they love and then buy one in every color.  As the years go on, those “collections” accumulate and although many of these things will eventually be removed from their home, they still take up a good amount of space. As I was kicking off our semi-annual declutter, where I go room to room and bag up as much as I can to donate to our local thrift store, I realized that there are 5 things I would love to be able to get rid of, that won’t quite fit in a bag.  But… if I had a big ass dumpster, I could just throw it all out of the window and never have to worry about it again.

Too Much Storage

Do you ever feel like the more you get rid of, the more new things accumulate?  Every room has some piece of storage furniture and every nook and cranny is filled to the brim with “collections” we thought we needed and couldn’t live without.  This morning, I had enough.  I walked into the kitchen, stepping over backpacks and small toys and entered a kitchen that has way too many dishes in the sink and even more in the cabinets. I realized that we probably don’t need 90% of our belongings. In fact, if I got rid of all of the storage furniture, there would be no where to stash this nightmare of a mess. Luckily, I have no problem with letting go… if I did, I’d probably find myself starring in an episode of Hoaders. What I wouldn’t give to donate it all, minus some precious family memories and just start over.  Can anyone lend me a big ass dumpster?

Too Many Worries

The amount of things I worry about in a day has gotten out of control. Most of them are things that will work themselves out but somehow, my mind inserts a coin, submits a worry and processes it all day long until I finally fall asleep.  It causes me not to sleep well and not take chances on new things. It would be great to declutter our worries or just switch that worrying side off completely. I’m done being a worrier.  I want to live my best life. Can anyone lend me a big ass dumpster?

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Too Many Destroyed Things

Everywhere you go in our home, in almost every piece of furniture, you’ll find a pen mark, a rip, a giant hole or a stain. I owe those unwanted furniture accessories not to a pet, but to my beautiful daughters.  There is nothing that I own that my kids haven’t destroyed (or tried to).  And it’s not that they do it on purpose… they are just being kids. It makes me want to cover everything in that thick clear plastic that Grandmas use or trash it all and have us sit on the floor (possibly with that plastic coating so the floor doesn’t get destroyed too). Not forever, but just until they reach an age where they won’t accidentally spill their entire cup of juice every time they sit down or walk by way too close with an uncapped marker. Can anyone lend me a big ass dumpster?

Too Many Sales Calls

Yep, I’ve filled out that form for the do-not-call list, more than once.  But still, I get at least 5-6 calls a day from people trying to sell me on something I can’t live without. Boater’s insurance (I don’t have a boat). A mortgage (I don’t own a home). A gym membership (that’s extra funny). A college degree (I have one already that I’ll be paying off until I’m well into my 60’s). I even got a phone call the other day from a moving company, which is strange because we aren’t even moving!  Wouldn’t it be great to magically re-route all of those sales calls straight from your phone and into the trash? Can anyone lend me a big ass dumpster?

Too Many Toxic People

We all have those people in our circles don’t we? These toxic people disappear for no reason and reappear when they need something. They are too wrapped up in their own world to realize that they aren’t being a good friend or family member.  They’re narcissistic, judgmental or just plain mean. You try to come up with reasons why you haven’t told them how you feel out but you are just too nice to possibly hurt their feelings. Too bad we can’t swipe left on toxic people and have them disappear from our life list completely. Can anyone lend me a big ass dumpster?

If you could declutter 5 big things in your life that are weighing you down, what would they be? Comment below and let us know!

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During our semi-annual declutter, I realized there are 5 things I want to get rid of, that won't quite fit in a bag.  But... if I had a big ass dumpster...