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little girl letting go of trapeze
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Published Date: 11/25/2019
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7 years ago today, my water broke unexpectedly, two weeks before my due date. I was terrified. Of my three kids, yours was the only delivery that wasn’t scheduled and we all know how I react when I’m not in control of things. I cried more than I ever have. I was so scared that there were times I couldn’t catch my breath. Daddy ran two red lights trying to get me to the hospital in time. I wasn’t ready… but you were.

Over the last 7 years, you’ve continued to surprise us on a regular basis. It may be something you say, or something you do. There is something about you that people are drawn to. You are an old soul. You connect with people of all ages and you have a way about you that can melt away the bad and the unknown. You make an impression on every single person that you come in contact with.

You are extraordinary.

little girl grabbing her trapeze bar
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little girl swinging from her trapeze
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little girl swinging from trapeze
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Last weekend, you told me you wanted to try the trapeze. I wasn’t surprised. I was nervous for you, but you climbed that ladder like you had done it a million times before and even though I saw you hesitate a little, you never backed down. You were determined to fly like a superhero. And fly you did. Over and over and over again, until they told you that it was the next group’s turn.

That night, we rushed to meet you at the talent show. I walked into the room and saw someone standing on the stage with a microphone in their hand, singing as loud as can be. It took me a moment to realize that it was you.

Before I knew it, tears were running down my face. I always knew you were fearless, but I watched you up there, in front of a bunch of strangers, singing that song so proudly and I couldn’t control my emotions. It was at that exact moment that I realized you are everything I wish I could be.

You are confident.
You are brave.
You are outgoing.
You are so friendly.
You love life.
You take chances.
You are fearless… so fearless.

little girl reaching for the trapeze bar
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little girl swinging from trapeze
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little girl letting go of trapeze
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little girl doing a back flip
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little girl having fun on trapeze
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We named you Falynn, an Irish name meaning “leader”. You possess every single characteristic of a leader, but you also have the compassion and genuine desire to help everyone to achieve that same status.

What I wish for you this year, Falynn, is that you never lose that will to fly. That you will continue to spread messages of hope, love and kindness. That you will always be the bright light, guiding the way for anyone that is alone or afraid in the dark. Never take no for an answer, if it’s something your heart wants. And as many times as I beg you to stay little, continue growing into the phenomenal big girl that we’ve watch you transform into. I am incredibly proud of you and I have no doubt that you will continue to astonish me as you get older. Daddy and I love you more than the whole world.

Please join me in wishing Falynn a Happy 7th Birthday!

On my daughter's seventh birthday, I share why she is everything that I wish I could be... including fearless!
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  1. Wow your Daughter really is fearless! How amazing it must be for you to be bringing up a strong woman! Fantastic!

  2. What a sweet message for Falynn, and she really is so brave..! Even at this age I don’t think I can be comfortable doing that trapeze. Such an adorable girl.

  3. Your daughter is so brave! Fearless indeed. What a beautiful tribute and a super fun activity that I want to try!

  4. This was such a great read. The message of being fearless is so important no matter what age you are! Loved this.

  5. Such a sweet and beautiful post! My youngest daughter was born 3 weeks before the due date and I was so scared! She was so fast that we barely made it to the hospital lol

  6. What a fun way to celebrate! Love all your pictures from over the years. Hope she has a wonderful year!

  7. Happy birthday!! Great job mom is raising a fantastic daughter. It sounds like she got those great qualities from someone.

  8. Happy 7th Birthday to this beautiful and fearless little girl! Sounds like she had a wonderful time there and she is so awesome to make that jump.

  9. Wow! That girl of yours is amazing! This is one unique birthday surprise! I don’t think I have what it takes to try the trapeze. Yikes!

  10. I used to love the trapeze as a kid, and i still do!! they had an adult only one at a park i went to last month and it was still just as much fun

  11. What a great birthday surprise! Looks like such a fun day! I don’t know if I would ever have the courage to try the trapeze but kudos to her for being so brave!

  12. What a beautiful letter to your daughter! And the photos are amazing! Well done! I think this is something I will do as well.

  13. Happy birthday baby girl. My girl is 17 months and I know we will be at her 7th birthday sooner than we think.

  14. Happy 7th birthday Falynn! Wow this post had me teary eyed and I don’t even know you. It was so beautifully written. The love we have for our children is simply quite amazing.

  15. Happy 7th birthday to your daughter Falynn… what an exciting milestone. Indeed, time flies so fast.

  16. Both of you are so lucky of having each other. Time flies really so fast she is now 7 years old braver and fearless young lady.

  17. Wow, she is such a brave girl to be able to do it all on her own. That’s certainly boosting her confidence level and grow into a fine young lady in no time.

  18. Wow… what a gift it would be to be fearless. I sure wish I were fearless… she looks like she’s having a blast on that trapeze.

  19. Happy Birthday, Falynn! What a heartwarming post for your daughter. She sounds wonderful and she will go far in life.

  20. Happy Birthday Falynn. Your story is so heartwarming. Keep flying little girl and continue to be fearless. Best Wishes 🎂💐

  21. This is an incredible gift to share with your child. I am so happy just seeing how she’s taking this flight!

  22. I’ve followed your girls in your posts, especially this little firecracker! Hard to believe she’s 7 already! Happy birthday Miss Fearless!

  23. What a sweet post. Seven is such a fun age! I love that you included so many memorable throwback photos too.

  24. Happy birthday! What an amazing spirit that she has and she is very brave to ride that thing.

  25. Seeing your daughter singing on stage must have been great. It sounds like you were super proud. Happy Birthday to her!

  26. You don’t need to be a mother to get excited about words so rich in love. Your baby is really lucky.

  27. This is quite an inspiring post! Being fearless isn’t easy to practice, but it’s something we all need to be in our lives. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  28. Happy Birthday, Falynn!! Looks like you have one incredible daughter! 🙂 Wishing her the best on her birthday.

  29. What a lovely post! It’s crazy how much strength, energy and fearlessness we all have at that age!

  30. Happy birthday sweet Falynn! I am amazed at her natural modeling in your posts. I see big things in her future!

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