First Day of School Sign Free Printable for 2023-24

first day of school free printable pages for all grades
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Published Date: 05/26/2023
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If you’ve been trying to find a free printable first day of school sign for your kids to hold for their first day of school photo, you’ve found them! I’ve created one sheet for each grade from Pre-K through 12th grade. These sheets are easy to download and print, so even if you’ve found these at the last minute, you’re in luck!

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again! Time for the kids to go back to school. Time for packed lunches and long pick-up and drop-off lines. For some of us, it’s time for some peace and quiet in the house (hooray!) — that may be what I’m looking forward to the most.

first day of school free printable pages for all grades

The best part of back-to-school time for me is taking the annual photos. We take one on the first day and one on the last day. We love to share them side by side to see how much the kids have grown throughout the year. Of course, to make it easier to remember which year it is when we look back, I always print out a first day of school sign. And now I’m sharing them with you!

The first day of school photos are something you can look back on for years to come. Seeing how your kids have grown up through the years is wonderful.

first day of school free printable pages for all grades

What’s great about these first day of school free printable pages is that you can download just one file and print only the ones you need. I’ve included all main grades and one more generic page, just in case your little one goes to a school that calls their grade something uncommon. If you’d prefer something customized, comment below and let me know. I’m happy to work on it for you!

Looking for the Last Day of School Signs?

We’ve also made signs for the last day of school. You can print those out whenever you’re ready. We love to put the first day and last day photos side by side so we can see how much our little ones have grown up during the course of the school year.

If you print and post a photo on social media, we’d love for you to tag @thesupermomlife and encourage others to join in the fun!

young girl holding a sign

With this free printable, you’ll receive:

First day of Pre-K
First day of Kindergarten (K)
First day of 1st Grade
First day of 2nd Grade
First day of 3rd Grade
First day of 4th Grade
First day of 5th Grade
First day of 6th Grade
First day of 7th Grade
First day of 8th Grade
First day of 9th Grade
First day of 10th Grade
First day of 11th Grade
First day of 12th Grade
First day of school (this is perfect for all other grades!)

first day of 11th grade paper

Free printable first day of school sign

The first day of school sign printable is easy to download. Just click first day of school sign free printable and enter your name and email address (don’t worry, we hate spam as much as you do).

You’ll immediately receive an email with a link to the printable. I recommend printing it immediately and saving it to your computer in case you need to print it again later or your kids are like mine and get fingerprints on everything. Make sure that when you print, you select only the pages you need so that you aren’t printing all of them.

If you love the free printable first day of school sign, check out our other free printables. We have some for all occasions, with lots more coming soon! You’ll need to download our first day of school questionnaire. It’s perfect for all ages!


This first day of school sign is perfect for the first day of school photos. We've made one for every grade. Just download and print.
This first day of school sign is perfect for the first day of school photos. We've made one for every grade. Just download and print.

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  • Perfect! My grandson started 1st grade last Monday, but I will still download this and take another picture of him. Such a big milestone for him! He’s going to “grown up” school and is so excited to make new friends.

  • My son goes back to school next week. Summer has flown by so quickly this year. He had a great time and got to do a few fun things. But he is dreading going back to school

    • This is a really wonderful idea! So colorful and cute! Time flies to fast it’s like yesterday its just a start of summer and planning for a lot of vacation and now another school year will start soon

  • This is such a cute sign. I would have Natalie hold one up but she’s usually half asleep on the first day as am I. We are not morning people.