Free Printable Time Capsule Page to Create a Keepsake Ornament

time capsule ornament on a tree diy
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Published Date: 12/27/2019
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Looking for a fun DIY idea to end the year? I’ve created a free printable time capsule page that is perfect for all ages! Just print, fill out, roll up and tie or place into a little jar or container and hang on the tree!

What a special and inexpensive way to keep track of everyone’s year. And imagine how much fun it will be to open them up in 5 or 10 years! This free printable time capsule page makes a great New Years’ Eve project.

Every year, with the kids home from school for a couple of weeks, we try to come up with ideas to keep them busy. While most of these projects wind up in the garbage at some point (because who has space?!), I wanted to find a way that one of these annual projects can be small enough to save.

What’s better than a printable time capsule page that can be turned into an ornament for the tree?! Storage is a breeze because they fit in nicely with your own ornament storage!

printable holiday time capsules on a table with christmas decor

This free printable time capsule page is a fun DIY, perfect for all ages, for the end of the year. Hang on the tree and open in 5-10 years!

time capsule printable page

time capsule printable page filled out

rolled up paper with string

rolled up paper with string

Supplies You’ll Need for The Printable Time Capsule

Free Printable Time Capsule Page
Letter Sized Paper
Jars with Corks or Fillable Ornaments
Marker or Pen
Label Maker
Glitter or Confetti (optional)

How to Put Together

  1. Print out our free printable Time Capsule Page. It’s best to download to your computer and then print. It will fit any letter-sized paper but double-check your printer settings to make sure it all fits on one page.
  2. Have the kids (or adults) fill them out.
  3. Fold the paper and roll up (the size will depend on whether you are putting this inside of a container or if you are just going to tie a string around it and hang it that way).
  4. Tie a string around the rolled paper to keep it tight.
  5. Write the name and age of the person who filled it out. If you aren’t planning on putting it into a container, write the year as well. Tie an additional string with a loop and hang it on the tree. You’re all done! If you’re using a container, continue onto step 5.
  6. Place rolled paper inside the container (we used a little jar with a cork top that we found at the Target Dollar Spot but you can also use fillable ornaments). You may want to add some fun glitter or confetti! These particular little jars were already filled with glitter, so we used that!
  7. Seal the container (in this case, we just placed the cork back into the top.
  8. Tie a string around the container. This is how you will hang it back onto the tree.
  9. Using a label maker, create a label with the year and stick it to the front.
  10. Hang on to your Christmas tree!

rolled up paper with tiny jar and cork

time capsule ornament diy

time capsule ornament diy

time capsule ornament diy

time capsule ornaments

time capsule ornament diy

Now, it’s up to you to decide how long to wait before you open your time capsule. We are going to try to wait at least 5 years (maybe even 10). We can’t wait to sit around, as a family and read everything we loved, years before.

Do you have any New Years’ Eve traditions in your home? We’d love to hear about them! And if you decide to make these printable time capsules, make sure to tag @thesupermomlife on social media so we can see how they turned out!

Looking for a fun craft idea for New Years Eve? This time capsule ornament can be made each year, as your child grows!


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  • Wow! This is such a great and cute idea! I love having a new keepsake every year. Not only is this a great idea but it seemed fun and easy to do.

  • What a great idea! I wish I had read this years ago with my kids were little….I’m going to start it anyways!

  • Wow, that is such a cool ornament idea!! Super creative and a fun activity. Imagine having several years worth of those and going back and reading them. Awesome!!! 🙂

  • Very cute. I’ve done something similar to this, and it turned out being a hit. I think this is a cute idea, and also so much fun.

  • Oh my gosh, that is such a cute idea! What a great little keepsake that really captures the memories of the season. I love it.