Calling All Snack Lovers – $20 in FREE Snacks for You from NatureBox

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Published Date: 03/09/2018
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Hi, my name is Heather and I love to snack.  There, I finally admitted it.  I’m not ashamed of my snacking obsession, but I did recently realize that for years I’d been snacking on the wrong things.  These things were packed with sugar, preservatives and artificial flavors.  Yuck!  I was scrolling Facebook one day and stumbled on a post about NatureBox.  A wholesale, members-only club where you can save up to 40% on snacks.  They even have a number of vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free options. Intrigued?  Well, how about if I told you that NatureBox is going to give a limited number of my followers $20 in free snacks?!

We are on our 2nd NatureBox and I find it hard to keep anything in the house for very long. I’m not even kidding you.  My family devours the snacks like they haven’t eaten in years.  Everything we got was delicious and best part, ALL VEGAN! What?!  When you select the snacks you want, you can choose from non-GMO, gluten-free, or vegan.  So choose what fits your diet and enjoy!

My girls LOVE fruit snacks so I was so happy to find their strawberry lemonade fruit stars. Instead of eating an entire back of gummy bears, they can grab these! They’re the perfect lunch pick for kids of all ages (without the added sugar and preservatives in typical fruit chews).

They Promise Real, Simple Ingredients

  • No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
  • No corn syrup of any kind
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • No MSG

It’s so important to give my girls snack options without depriving them of taste.  Finding NatureBox was such a blessing to us!

$20 in Free Snacks!

After the first month, Naturebox is only $5 per month and that $5 will be credited towards your first purchase every month. Unused credits roll over and expire after 12 months. But, you can get $20 in free snacks right now (just pay shipping).  You will LOVE them!  And you literally have nothing to lose. Don’t like the snacks? Let them know and they will credit your account!  Hurry though, this offer is only available for a limited time!  Enjoy!

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free snacks. naturebox, nature box, healthy snacks, vegan snacks, non-gmo snacks, naturebox,, cacao nibs, healthy kids snacks, 2018, mom blogger, blog, healthy lifestyle, healthy blogger
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  1. I love to snack too which is why my kid also love snacking. But like you I notice these are all full of augar and preservatives.

    I hope they make this available in our place so we can have a healthy alternative.

  2. These snacks look like they would be so amazing. I am always looking for something easy and full of flavor. These definitely look like they would be both!

  3. These snacks sound delicious. I will def. have to look into signing up. Love how it is free.

  4. Lookd like a promising set of goodies to try especially if you want to eat healthily.

  5. I’m not a big snacker, as we usually have big balanced meals and not enough time in between, LOL, but these snack certainly look great!

  6. this is a brillaint idea! the thing is, if you have healthy snacks in the house, it’s unlikely i’ll go out and get something unhealthy.

  7. I will have to check this out. I am a heavy snacker, especially when I have pressing deadlines. Nature Box snacks sure look a whole lot healthier than the ones I buy for myself. Those crispy coconut squares look yummy!

  8. I haven’t heard of Nature Box before, what a fab idea! Those chewy choc chip granola bars look really good! 🙂

  9. I like the subscription box idea of NatureBox. But since I’m cutting down on snacks, I’m not too much interested at the moment. :0)

  10. Who doesn’t love healthy snacks?! What a great concept; I’ll have to give this brand a try!

  11. These nature box goodies looks like healthy treats, I often tend to snack between meals but these are unhealthy snacks. I need to get a selection of these to keep in the office

  12. These look super tasty. Unfortunately I’m at a point in my life where I can’t even think about eating something (even if it’s free) without knowing the ingredients and nutritional info. ?

    1. Post
  13. These all look like yummy choices I can get behind! I’ll have to let my kids give these a try!

  14. I love to snack too! I can get carried away and then regret my decision! I could use some healthy snack options!

  15. We have tried NatureBox and really enjoyed all the snacks we received. I appreciate that they accommodate different diets and lifestyle choices too.

  16. I love those NatureBox snacks. They’re not only delicious, they’re healthy too. Our box of those was gone in a heartbeat. 🙂

  17. Wow, never heard of these and love that it is vegan! Definitely signinging up cause like yours, we can’t keep snacks long enough! The kiddos are major snackers.

  18. These sound delicious. I’m not sure which I’d love the most the choc chip granola bars or coconut squares. It sounds like a great club to sign up to.

  19. Nature Box always has the best snacks! This sounds like an amazing deal too!!

  20. Nature box seems to be the ideal healthy snack. I am always on the lookout for low calories stuff. And this should be tasty too.

  21. When there are so many good products on the market these days, it is good to have someone you trust sharing their choices. Thank you for telling me about these snacks.

  22. I have never heard of this but sign me up! My kids are eating me out of the house! I can’t seem to keep snacks.

  23. This looks yummy…I am going to check out Naturebox website to see more of their offerings. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I am obsessed with snacking, so NatureBox sounds like a subscription that I would really enjoy. That’s wonderful that they have options to fit all dietary needs as well!

  25. These sound so good!!! We fall into bad habits of not the healthiest grab and go snacks, these sound like a much smarter choice!

  26. I love that NatureBox lets you choose between non-GMO, gluten-free, or vegan snacks. All these snacks you received look so yummy!

  27. We’ve never tried Nature Snacks before but I love that these don’t have any of the artificial ingredients. Plus, $20 in free snacks sounds like a pretty great deal!

  28. These snacks look tasty! I might have to get this box. We could always use snacks in the house. My kids seem to be eating all the dang time.

  29. My kids LOVE to snack. And I have been trying to figure out ways to cut out snacking…but maybe with the Nature Box it will be good because it is so healthy! I will look into this. Thanks!!

  30. Sea salt chips is one of the perfect flavors of snack chips to be eaten. Baked chips are even healthier and taste great.

  31. oh my gosh im a HUGE fan of this- any way i can get some snacks in a great snack box is HUGE for me ha- def going to be an addition for us and our family!

  32. Those snacks look great and good things to eat in between meals. I will try and get some for my kids instaead of chips or cookies

  33. This looks like a great snacking option. I love that they don’t have all the artificial stuff and that the ingredients are simple. What a great deal too!

  34. These all sounds amazing! I want to try out this subscription service, I am always looking for new and healthy snacks to try.

  35. We did the 6-month Nature Box subscription and it was nice having healthy snacks delivered to the home and trying new things every month.

  36. I love to snack when I am working online. I have been looking for healthier options and I think Nature Made will be good for me. I am so interested to try their granola bars and the crispy coconut squares. Thanks for letting me know about this great product.

  37. I absolutely love Nature Box! I order quite a few snacks for my family. My husband loves the nut clusters and the jerky!

  38. I love healthy snacks, I would love to check this out. They looks like a good fit for my lifestyle.

  39. I’ve been hearing so much about these! I will have to look into it and FREE snacks? I’m down with that.

  40. Sounds like a lovely source of healthy snacks for the whole family. I love that you can pick the snacks that you want to get.

  41. I have heard of these before, but didn’t realize that they were so healthy! I’m always wanting to snack but weary of empty calories. I’ll have to look further into these!

  42. Love healthy and all natural snacks. 20$ off and delivery to the door is a big bonus too. I’m going to have to look into these.

  43. This is my kind of box. I also love to snack, so I’d enjoy all of these. Those coconut squares sound tasty!

  44. I love to snack too and this looks like a fun box full of yummy snacks. I’m impressed that there are no artificial ingredients and they only use simple ingredients.

  45. I have a snack problem, I love to snack lol I should try this box out, I like that these are healthier snack options for the chronic snacker lol

  46. Bars are so easy to pack and take along. Just throw some in my purse and hand them out when everyone starts to grumble.

  47. I haven’t heard of Naturebox, however it looks like it’s got some great snack options! I’d totally give them a try!

  48. I’m not familiar with Naturebox. We do love our snacks here, we like gummies so I’m sure my youngest would be up for trying the fruit stars if they are gluten-free.

  49. I LOVE my Nature Box!! I just received my second box of snacks from them, the honey mustard pretzels and sriracha cashews are my fave!!

  50. I love NatureBox products! Their snacks are not only healthy, but super delicious too. I can’t even pick which one I like the most because they were all good.

  51. These snacks look delicous and I love that they are healthy. I would love to try the cereal, granola bars, and the strawberry lemonade fruit shots. Yum!

  52. My kids are big into bars. Probably because we are always on the go, so they’re easy to throw in a bag and head out the door. Those chocolate chip bars sound fantastic.

  53. I love the idea of these snacks. I love all natural food items but sometime it can be hard to know which ones to choose. They all sound delicious!

  54. I love Nature Box, they have the best Fig bars I have ever tasted. I also love their Casava Chips!

  55. I have never heard of Nature Snacks before. My family loves to snack too. I like that they have vegan options, sometimes my daughter feels left out so this would be great for her.

  56. You can’t beat all natural foods, especially when they’re delivered straight to your home! That’s a great deal on snacks! $20 off is wonderful!

  57. These look so good! I love that they’re all natural. I’ve been trying to go all natural whenever possible, and these are going to be a great addition to that lifestyle change.