Haggadah Say Something Passover Printable Cards

printable cards for a Passover seder
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Published Date: 03/23/2023
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When planning our printable cards this year, I knew I wanted to make Passover printable cards. With the help of my oldest daughter, who drew out the exact matzah ball soup image I had in my mind, we created these adorable cards, perfect for handing out at any seder or school.

Passover has always been a holiday that I look forward to. I loved helping my Nana prepare the meal and the Seder plate, but not as much as the joy in my heart each time our family gathered at her dining room table. I loved finding the afikomen, setting out the cup for Elijah, and even listening to my Papa and Uncle Lewie sing the prayers so quickly that I swore they were just noises and not actual words.

It brings a smile to my face thinking of all of those special childhood memories of our family’s Passover seders. I only wish my Papa and Nana could be here to continue the tradition with my daughters.

Haggadah Say Passover printable
printable sheet and cut out cards

Passover printable cards

Before I share the printable, let me share a little about what we used for ours.

While these “Haggadah Say Something” Passover printable cards are cute enough to hand out independently, they also make a great gift tag.

I tried to devise something appropriate to attach the gift cards to. First, I tried to find smaller Haggadahs for kids but could not find the right size.

Next, I thought about attaching a bag of Kosher for Passover candies. And while I was able to pick up some at our local grocery store, I also realized that many religious families might not allow their child to eat the candies if they aren’t individually wrapped and marked Kosher for Passover.

Finally, I had a lightbulb moment and thought it would be funny to include a bouncy ball that resembles a matzah ball. I searched high and low for a beige bouncy ball, but they aren’t as easy to find as I thought they might be. I did find gold glitter balls on Amazon. They are adorable and at 2″; they are the perfect size to pass out as a gift to keep the kids entertained.

Amazon sells them in packs of 25, which cost around $.80 a piece, which is budget-friendly, especially when you have a large group to buy for.

I placed the ball in a bag and tied it with a bright blue ribbon.

Haggadah Say Passover printable with gold glitter balls
printable cards for Passover

Once you’ve printed the Passover printable cards and cut them out, punch a hole in the top. Place the ball (or Passover-friendly treat) into a bag, tie the card to the bag with a ribbon with a bow, or leave it long and curl.

matzah ball friends

My oldest daughter drew this bowl of soup with two matzah balls hanging out, and I just fell in love with their cute little faces. I love them so much I’m considering putting together some Passover coloring sheets. In the meantime, don’t forget to download both the printable Passover seder plate and the Passover seder plate coloring page.

Haggadah Say Passover printable cards with gold glitter balls
Passover printable card

How to Download:

  1. Download our Passover printable cards, open it in Adobe Acrobat, and print on cardstock paper (you can also use regular printer paper if that’s all you have available). Make sure to select landscape and “actual size” before printing.
  2. Cut each card using a paper cutter or scissors (10 on each page).
  3. Write your child’s name at the bottom of the card. Alternatively, if you have Adobe Acrobat and have editing capabilities, you can add your child’s name before printing.

The best part about these “Haggadah Say Something” Passover printable cards is that it’s a digital file so you can save it to your computer and print as many as you need. I always recommend saving it somewhere that you will remember, in case you want to use them next year.

Haggadah Say Passover printable cards in a bowl

What do you think of our “Haggadah Say Something” Passover printable cards? Make sure to check out all of our Passover printables and recipes.


Haggadah Say Something Passover printable cards can be given as is or with a kosher for Passover treat. It's the perfect seder gift.
Haggadah Say Something Passover printable cards can be given as is or with a kosher for Passover treat. It's the perfect seder gift.

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  • I like these cards. The design is simple enough….(even I can imitate it successfully) and the colours are warm to the eye.

  • Wow, I never actually made Passover printable cards, but it looks like fun and very easy to create it!

  • I love how easy it is to make your own cards & tags if you have a printer, it really saves the hassle of trying to find specific themes or sayings in the store.

  • Your daughter did such a cute drawing! Family traditions are always something you look forward to, however, when you no longer have your parents with you, these holidays don’t feel the same anymore. I wish you and your family a Happy Passover and thanks for the printables.

  • Your Passover printable cards sound absolutely lovely! The fact that you involved your daughter in the design process makes them even more special. It’s clear that this holiday holds a very special place in your heart and it’s beautiful to see how you’re passing on these cherished traditions to your own children. The memories you have of your family’s Passover seders are heartwarming and it’s wonderful that you’re keeping the tradition alive for future generations to enjoy. Your Papa and Nana would no doubt be proud of the effort and care you’re putting into your own Passover celebrations.

  • These cards are so cute! You always have the most adorable printable on your site! You’ve certainly helped me out a couple times! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll remember this!