Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids


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Every year I plan to go all-out on my kids Halloween costume and every year, they wind up digging through their little costume bin, about an hour before we are ready to go trick or treating, and wind up wearing a costume that we got at Target, last November, for 75% off.  So, while I’m all about saving money, I still secretly wish I could get creative and put my girls in costumes that would WOW people. You know… the costumes that you see walking up to your door and you think, “Man… those parents should really win some sort of award for all of the time and effort they put into that costume.” Yeah… totally not me.


So, this year, I thought I would give it a try.  The first place I decided to go was google and I can’t say I wasn’t shocked to find this… “Cash Me Outside” costume for baby. For only $39.98, you too can dress your 12-18M old as a disrespectful girl who made herself famous by acting ignorant on national TV.


Cash Me Outside costume for baby - Halloween costume


Don’t worry..  it isn’t a real Halloween costume you can buy (thank goodness), but it’s things like this that make me sad that Halloween has become dressing up as the most ridiculous person from reality tv. And I’m not excluded from this. There was a year where I tried to dress my child up as Snooki from Jersey Shore.  I know… I know…. In my defense, I was young and lived for reality TV and I promise never to do that again.


Next, I visited Pinterest, like any awesome Mom does.  I knew that my fellow pinners would have some amazing DIY costumes. And well, I wound up finding costumes like these, fart, spice rack and sexy ghost.  And while I got a good laugh, I couldn’t find anything that really stood out and would be appropriate for my girls.


So after lots of disappointing internet searches, I decided to reach out to some Mamas in the small shop community to see what type of Halloween costumes they were able to put together with items from small shops.  These Mamas did not disappoint! From creepy to adorable, check out how creative they were!


Beetlejuice Costume - Halloween costume

Model: @miss.emarie.grace, Outfit: @briabay







Wizard of Oz Costumes for Kids - Halloween costume

Models @gia.marie.bella and @bridgetariel_addisonbelle Dorothy Clips: @leola.sky.bows, Costume: @myfashion.baby, Socks: @littlestockingco, Shoes: @weesqueak Scarecrow & Lion Headpieces: @trinityflowercrowns, Leos: @elegantlyevelynn, Tutus: @tinandella, Socks: @littlestockingco & @cateandcosy (lion)








Wonder Woman Costume for Kids - Halloween costume

Model: @styling.the.steenburghs, Photoshop edits: @katiejhendrickson, Leotard and skirt: @taytrtots, Gladiator Sandals: @mozzietoezzie



You can be sure that none of these kiddos will find themselves with the same Halloween costume as anyone else in their neighborhoods. It’s just one of the perks to shopping small, besides the obvious fact that you are supporting an individual with a dream.  And while it’s too late to order a costume for this year, make sure to keep small shops in mind when shopping for next year’s costume!

Which one of these costumes is your favorite?

Do you have one that you’re extra proud of?  Comment below and share! Don’t forget to let us know where you got it!

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  1. I am in love with Pikachu for a kids costume…. absolutely adorable! I love the others for bigger kids and adults….

  2. These are some really fun ideas for kids this Halloween! I hope after last year everyone has a good time out trick or treating again.