How to Make a Bunny Mask – Kid’s Craft for Easter or Spring

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We have another fun and easy craft for your kids this Spring! With just a few supplies, your kids will be able to create these adorable bunny masks!  I’m excited to reveal our “Bunny Mask” Easter or Spring craft idea!

What we love about this Easter Bunny mask craft project is that our youngest could use her imagination and come up with lots of different color combinations. She was also able to put it all together on her own, with the exception of using the hot glue gun. Everything else in this Easter Bunny mask craft is safe enough for your little ones. If you don’t have safety scissors available, you can cut out the teeth for them.

Once the Easter Bunny masks are complete, we highly recommend using them in a mini photo shoot. Kids (and even adults) will love transforming into a bunny, just by holding up the bunny mask to their nose.

Supplies You’ll Need:

Colorful Popsicle Sticks
1″ Pom Poms
.5″ Mini Pom Poms
Pipe Cleaners
White Cardstock Paper
Black Marker
Hot Glue

Bunny Mask Craft Directions:

  1. Choose 2 pipe cleaners and cut them each into 3 equal pieces. You’ll have 6 total.
  2. Using hot glue, glue the pipe cleaners to the top of your popsicle stick. You’ll want to fan them out a bit, like bunny whiskers.
  3. To make the bunny teeth, use a black marker to draw a rectangle on the white cardstock paper and cut out. Draw a line down the center.
  4. Using hot glue, glue the teeth on top of the bunny whiskers (toward the bottom).
  5. Using hot glue, glue the two larger pom poms on top of the bunny teeth and bunny whiskers. These pom poms should completely cover the bunny whiskers.
  6. Using hot glue, glue the tiny pom pom to the top, center of the two larger pom poms. This is the bunny nose.
  7. Use a hot glue gun to glue the whiskers onto the bunny maskGet creative with colors. The combinations are endless!

Use a fine point pen to draw teeth for the bunny mask

Use the hot glue gun to secure the bunny teeth to the bunny maskApply hot glue at the bottom of the bunny whiskers to secure the bunny teeth

Apply hot glue at the top of whiskers to secure pom poms to bunny mask

bunny mask, how to make a bunny mask, fun crafts, crafts for kids, easy crafts for easter, easy crafts for spring, crafts for easter, easter, kids, diy, 2019, ideas for easter, crafts for kids

Glue another pom pom on top to make the bunny nose

Have fun with your bunny mask and take cute Easter pictures!

Use your imagination to create a variety of different bunny masks

Use your bunny mask for an Easter photo shoot

Love the masks and looking for more Spring crafts? Make sure to check out our bunny bookmark video tutorial too! And if you try them out, let us know what your kids thought! We’d love to hear.

Looking for a fun and easy craft idea this Spring? Check out our step by step tutorial for these adorable bunny masks. They are perfect for Easter too!

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