How to Make Kids Lunches More Fun

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Published Date: 09/12/2019
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There are two types of kids.

  1. The kid who wants to eat the same thing every single day of the week, sometimes more than one time per day.
  2. The kid who loves something one day and then hates it the next.

Which type of kid do you have? Or, are your kids like mine and bounce back and forth between the two? Either way, there is a way to make lunches more fun for kids. I’ll let you in on a little secret… creating fun lunches is more fun for us too! This week, we created our first character, Inspector Caper Eyes.

How to Make Inspector Caper Eyes

What You’ll Need:

Cheese sticks
Salami, sliced thin
Sliced olives w/ pimentos
Pretzel Sticks

Step 1: Unwrap your cheese stick

Step 2: Take a slice of salami and wrap it around the cheese stick. Fresh, thin salami slices will easily cling to itself and stay closed.

Step 3: Add two capers for his eyes, a pimento mouth and a sliced olive for his hat.

Step 4: Break two pretzel sticks in half and create his arms and legs.

Inspector Caper Eyes can be placed in a lunchbox on his own, or with a twin, if your little one has a bigger appetite.

Don’t forget to include some snacks. We usually include blue corn tortilla chips or veggies on the side. And lastly, their lunch isn’t complete without a juice box! We love Juicy Juice! Especially their three new better-for-you options, which are packed with functional benefits with juicy flavor that parents can feel great about serving to their kids.

Juicy Juice Juicy Waters is the new flavored-water beverage that my kids LOVE! It’s made with filtered water and a splash of flavor and has no sugar or sweeteners and is available in Fruit Punch, Orange and Strawberry Watermelon.

Juicy Juice Fruitfuls Organic features 45% less sugar than the leading juice and packs a half cup of fruit in each 8 ounce serving with a fruity flavor kids love. Available in the original single-serve juice box and a new multi-serve 59oz bottle in Apple, Fruit Punch and Grape, perfect for meals in the house!

We can’t wait to create our next character! Any ideas? Don’t forget to check out our other family-friendly favorite recipes.

There is a way to make lunches more fun for kids. I'll let you in on a little secret... creating fun lunches is more fun for us parents too! Here’s how to make Inspector Caper Eyes. Here’s how to make him! #ad


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  • I soooo see myself doing this when my son starts going to school and I have to pack him lunches! haahahha! I will want him to help me too!

  • That is a fun idea for making kids lunches, and it is so visually appealing. My kids love juice box as well, but sometimes they would drink the same flavor for entire week, and other times they would just alternate between different flavors.

  • My poor kids, when they were little had such boring lunches. Back in those days it was a sandwich, an apple and a drink box…day after day. Love how people are now, way more inventive!

  • Hehe! These are so neat! Really cute ideas and I’m pretty sure they absolutely make things more fun around lunch times.

  • Oh my goodness these ideas are so super cute. My son just started preschool, and I am so excited to try these with him. Thanks so much!