How to Throw a Stress-Free Holiday Party

cups filled with milo's sweet tea
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Published Date: 11/11/2019
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Let’s be real… while there are so many reasons to love the holidays, they can be super stressful. Between buying and wrapping gifts, cooking, getting the house ready and all of the gatherings, it’s just go-go-go until the end of the year. So I’ve found a few ways to lessen the stress for you and your family this holiday season.

This post is sponsored by Milo’s Tea Company.

Have Guests Bring a Dish

man carrying a bake dish with aluminum foil

I’m known to be the girl that wants to cook a feast. I take on way more than I can handle and it totally stresses me out, every single time. So this year, we are asking each guest to bring a dish with them. This will cut down on the amount of cooking I personally have to do and will give us more of a variety for all of our friends and family!

Have Your Kids Create Decor

jar dressed up like a snowman

christmas stocking used to hold utensils

christmas wish tree table decor

checkered plaid napkins with holly napkin rings

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love arts and crafts (or craps, as Falynn calls them). So this year, instead of investing in expensive decor, I took the girls to our local craft store and had them make all of the decor for the table! I love how they all came out and the best part is, they created two different pieces that our guests can take home with them, a snowman jar filled with yogurt covered pretzels and a reindeer jar filled with hot cocoa mix. They also created a wish tree, where our guests can write what they wish for, for the new year, on the construction paper ornaments we created and then hang it up on the tree. There are so many options and it keeps the kids busy while you get the house ready!

Serve Milo’s Tea

cups filled with milo's sweet tea

pouring milo's sweet tea into a cup

It’s important to serve the perfect beverage. For our family, that’s Milo’s Tea, the beverage of choice for holiday gatherings with family and friends. Why Milo’s? Milo’s is an award-winning tea. It’s the ideal beverage for the holidays, creating shared Milo’s Moments among family and friends. Milo’s beverages are all natural and contain no preservatives or added acids, are fresh brewed from real tea leaves, and have a clean ingredient list. Milo’s is available in sweetened with pure cane sugar, no calorie sweetened with sucralosee, or unsweet, something for everyone. You can find Milo’s in the refrigerated juice section of your local supermarket. You can use their store locator to find a retailer near you.

Prepare a Holiday Playlist

We are a family that loves our music, so during the holidays, we have a playlist ready to go. This way, we don’t have to stop to search for songs. We can spend more time enjoying our friends and family, with some fun holiday tunes they can enjoy, in the background.

Don’t Forget to Make Memories

christmas table and cupcake rack

christmas table and cupcake rack

In this technology and social media driven age, we can’t forget to have fun and create memories. Holiday gatherings have become a lot of people, who haven’t seen in each other in a while, together in a room either looking at their phones or sharing things they found online. Put the phones away. Don’t forget to catch up with loved ones, make memories that will last until the next time you see them. We have decided this year, we will put a basket by the front door so that everyone can drop their devices inside as they come in. Hopefully that will give us all the opportunity to really enjoy one another, without the screens.

What do you do to lessen the stress during the holidays?

While there are so many reasons to love the holidays, they can be super stressful. I've found five ways to lessen the stress for you, including why we serve Milo’s Tea. #MilosMoments #ad

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  • I love that my guest bring dishes! We get to chip in and also have fun! We get to share recipes too! So cool right?

  • Oh these are such good ideas. I’m super excited for the holidays and I’d love to put together a nice little party.

  • I love it! Potlucks save a ton of work, and so does keeping the drinks easy. After all, everyone loves sweet tea!

  • Awesome ideas for minimal stress, my kids absolutely love to help with decorating! My favorite tip though is making memories and getting rid of the electronic devices!

  • No Rush. We prepare ahead so that we will just be preparing some little things.. A little touch.. It makes you calm too.. 😊
    We should enjoy Holidays.. Relax and just Chill.

  • I love the idea of kids creating the holiday decor! Can just tell you that Milo’s is my favorite tea?? I’m drinking it right now!!