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I see SO many people complaining about not being chosen for a team and saying that their child is just as cute as the ones chosen.  NEWS FLASH people… brand repping has NOTHING to do with how cute your child is… and if I’m being completely honest here, if I, as a shop owner, was to choose based on how cute the kid was, I’d have to choose everyone because to me, all kids are beautiful! The truth is, a cute face will not sell my items… great photography will. So as long as you are focusing on the right things, you will get the attention of the shops you want to work with the most.

So if this isn’t a cute kid contest, then what can you do better?  You already know that your photography matters.  If the pictures are blurry or dark, they aren’t good enough.  If you’re using filters that alter the color of the items, that’s a no-no as well.  Shops are looking for people who are going to promote their item and provide pictures that will show off their merchandise in it’s best light. They want pictures that will show potential customers what the item looks like on a person and these potential customers rely on you to provide that visual that will be as close to the real thing as possible. Don’t let how cute your child looks in a shot, cloud your judgement, especially if the item is not in focus. You can save those pictures for yourself, but for the shops, they need great product photography that highlights their item.

When I’m taking pictures of Falynn, I’m not telling her to smile. I’m not telling her to pose.  Most of my direction sounds more like “I can’t see what your shirt says”… “Show me your glasses”… “Turn sideways so I can see the zipper on your pants”…. Basically, I’m constantly thinking about the item(s) we are photographing.  I let her be herself (as silly as she may be), while I take close ups, full body and candid shots.  I make sure that with every shoot, I have at least 2 close ups or detail shots, sometimes I’ll even take a couple of close ups of the label, if it’s sewn on the outside of the clothing because details are what make small shop items so unique and special!  I never provide pictures to a shop that has their item not fully visible. If it’s a tee shirt or a dress with a saying, the saying is always completely shown, or it’s not being sent to the shop.  They need pictures that clearly show their item, not pictures that have people guessing what that shirt or dress says. When you go to a website to shop, what do you see?  You see photos of the item that clearly show the item (the fabric, the saying, the style)… that’s exactly what you should be providing.  Great product photography with your perfect human wearing it.

Try to put yourself in a potential customers shoes.  What would you need to see in order to purchase this particular product?  Can you see the fabric?  Is the lighting complimentary to the item or is it too bright/dark?  Is the necklace right side up or did it accidentally get flipped?  Do you have too many accessories on that may take away from being able to focus on the main pieces?  Can you see the finishings, the details, the quality?  Is the background super distracting?  Pay attention!  If you can have a helper come along to keep an eye on all of the details, that helps tremendously! I usually have my 11 year old or my husband with me on shoots to make sure everything stays in place. And if you don’t have that option, just remember to keep your eye on the prize… the item or items you are photographing.  Brand repping is not about your child, it’s about the items you are photographing.  If you can remember that and focus on that during your photoshoots, you will find that you will be able to provide much better shots for the shops you are working with.  That’s what makes great brand reps, great brand reps!

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Featured image: Headband: Marsol Handmade, Dress: Bug + Wink, Cuff: Cuff Baby

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