KungFu Kitty Kat Cookie Club Vegan Cookies Review

three cookie varieties from kung fu kitty kat cookie club
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Published Date: 02/16/2022
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When it comes to cookies, I’d like to think that everyone in my family has become somewhat of an expert over the years. We’ve tried a bunch of different specialty cookies and have had a bunch shipped to us to try out. While I haven’t been a vegan in years, we do love to try vegan dishes and desserts whenever we have the opportunity. Surprisingly, some of my kids’ favorite cookies are vegan cookies!

About a month or so ago, I was scrolling on TikTok, when one of @nicky_monroeee‘s videos popped up. You probably know Sabrina from her viral “Dollar 25 Tree store” video — seriously one of my favorite videos. She was sharing this giant vegan cookie packed with m&m’s and marshmallows and peanut butter cups with her daughters.  

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I happened to open TikTok while Sabrina was live on TikTok. She mentioned that if you wanted to support her, you could purchase some cookies from KungFu Kitty Kat Cookie Club. Being a content creator myself, I’m always looking for ways to support other content creators! Plus… cookies? Yes, please!  

KungFu Kitty Kat Cookie Club is a small black-owned business based in San Antonio, TX. The owner is incredibly personable and offered excellent customer service. I could tell, just from the few chats that we had, that he takes great pride in his business. 

Since they are currently revamping their website, the only way to order to have them shipped is to reach out via DM on Instagram. I placed my order for a dozen cookies right away and this week, they arrived! 

child holding a huge vegan cookie

little girl eating a cookie

The KungFu Kitty Kat Cookie Club cookies were shipped in individual resealable bags and placed in a decorative box. I have to admit, I was a little concerned about the shipping time. They were shipped on Thursday via priority mail and arrived on Monday. I had hoped that they would be packed with some sort of dry ice or something, but they were not.

Since they are vegan, I would assume that they are not made with anything that would necessarily spoil. So the transit time really wasn’t a concern. Plus, since it’s pretty cool here right now in Florida, we didn’t have to worry about them melting, as they likely would in the Summer. 

Some of the cookies arrived broken, which wasn’t an issue at all for me since we are going to eat them anyway :). But for photo purposes, I do want to disclose that I had to photoshop the cracks out of some of them, so you can see what the cookies are supposed to look like. 

We put each cookie into the microwave for 20-25 seconds and they were a perfect consistency! Soft, warm and chewy. They tasted fresh out of the oven.

close up of the vegan OG cookies from kung fu kitty cat cookie club

Vegan OG Cookie (marshmallow, m&m, and peanut butter cup stuffed)

Based on the ingredients, I knew that the girls were going to love the vegan OG cookie from KungFu Kitty Kat Cookie Club. They are basically a large-sized chocolate chip cookie with m&m’s, marshmallows, and peanut butter cups. We all took a piece and agreed that we wouldn’t know they were vegan if we weren’t told. They are absolutely delicious and also pretty to look at! 3 of us loved this flavor the most! 

giant vegan s'mores cookies

Vegan S’mores Cookie

I’m a HUGE s’mores fan. It looks like these cookies are stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows and topped with crushed graham crackers. Super Dad didn’t immediately guess it was s’mores flavor when he took a bite. He said he didn’t taste the graham crackers. But that didn’t stop him from eating the entire thing because it was still delicious! 2 of us chose this one as our second favorite flavor. 

honey apple crisp cookies

Vegan Honey Apple Crisp Cookie

The honey apple crisp cookie was the cookie that they created in collaboration with @nicky_monroeee. If I’m being totally honest, I am not a huge fan of cookies with fruit flavors, though I do love apple pie and apple crumble. I can’t even begin to describe this cookie to you. It reminds me of the warm apple crisp at Applebees. I think if you warmed this cookie up and topped it with some vanilla ice cream, it would taste exactly like that. It was my favorite KungFu Kitty Kat Cookie Club flavor! I know! It shocked me too. My 12-year-old also chose this one as her second favorite. 

tray full of giant cookies from kung fu kitty cat cookie club

KungFu Kitty Kat Cookie Club cookies are on the more pricey side at around $6 per cookie. For vegan cookies (and of this size), I’d say it’s a fair price. We’d definitely purchase cookies from KungFu Kitty Cat Cookie Club again in the future and look forward to trying new flavors. 

Now, tell me — have you ever tried the cookies from KungFu Kitty Kat Cookie Club? If so, what did you think? If not, are they the type of cookies you and your family would enjoy? Comment below and let us know!



You've probably heard about Kungfu Kitty Cat Cookie Club on TikTok. Are they as good as people say? We tried them and here's what think.
You've probably heard about Kungfu Kitty Kat Cookie Club on TikTok. Are they as good as people say? We tried them and here's what think.

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      Hi Brianne! Yes. I apologize if that wasn’t clear in my post. I’m in Florida and they shipped to me. You can order by sending them a DM on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kungfukittykatcookieclub/

  • I checked their Instagram account and I love their cookies are vegan and that their company is black-owned. I think it’s amazing. We need to support more businesses like this

  • I actually have not tried these cookies from KungFu Kitty Cat Cookie Club. But now I want to. Thanks to your convincing post!

  • I’ve been seeing a lot of vegan cookies around New York. I’m more of a macaron guy. And most of the places I frequent are now offering vegan-friendly versions.