Lady Gaga Themed OREO Cookies are Here!

little girl and her dad enjoying Lady Gaga OREO Cookies
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Published Date: 02/18/2021
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Do you and your family have something that you look forward to each year? We love the excitement and anticipation of the Limited Edition OREO Cookies! When we heard there was going to be a Lady Gaga Themed OREO Cookie, we knew we were going to love them! We immediately headed to Target to find them!

packs of regular OREO and Lady Gaga OREO Cookies

close up inside a package of Lady Gaga OREO Cookies

The Lady Gaga Themed OREO Cookies feature pink-colored Golden OREO Cookies with green-colored creme filling and feature three Lady Gaga inspired embossments. They are fun, vibrant, and incredibly delicious! They also go really well with milk, like always!

two girls dancing in front of a couch

family laying on the couch together

Considering the theme, we thought it would be fun to have a little family competition. First, a dance-off. The girls had a blast dancing to their favorite tunes.

Next, a sing-off. We chose some of our favorite songs and put on a show for one another. We had so much fun!
Of course, the prize, for everyone was a glass of milk and an OREO Cookie.

how to eat an OREO toast, twist, dip and enjoy

While there is no wrong way to eat an OREO Cookie, our family has come up with a four-step process that makes eating an OREO Cookie, that much more fun. Toast, twist, dunk and enjoy. 
There is something about sharing an OREO Cookie with my family that always transports me back to my childhood. Seeing my kids having those same special moments means everything to me.

Lady Gaga OREO Cookie balancing on top of two cups of milk

Lady Gaga OREO Cookie dipped in milk

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