Why We Liked Legoland More Than Disney World

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Published Date: 01/27/2020
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Before you Disney super fans attack, let me make something clear…  We really love Disney World! There’s nothing more magical than walking down Main Street, toward Cinderella’s castle and watching your kids faces light up each time they get a glimpse of Mickey and Minnie. But this post is about Legoland Florida Resort and why my assumptions about it were so off.

I made the mistake of asking people about their experience with Legoland. I was told that it was small and more fun for toddlers. They said my 10 and 14 year old wouldn’t really enjoy it. Before we even arrived, I was expecting to be disappointed. I will be the first to admit that I was VERY wrong. We all loved it. There was something for each of us to enjoy and all three of my girls can’t wait to go back! Our first trip to Legoland will definitely not be our last. In fact, in many ways, we loved it more than Disney. Here’s why…

girl smiling at the entrance of legoland

Legoland Hotel is On Property

Transportation to the Disney parks takes time. Whether you stay on property or you stay at an outside hotel. You are either on a bus and then walking for what feels like forever to get to the entrance, or you arrive in a car and have to take a tram and then the monorail or the ferry to the front, where again, you have to walk.

We stayed at the Legoland Hotel which is walking distance to the park. You walk out of the front doors and it’s literally a few minutes away from the front gate of Legoland. The convenience and time saved is everything when you travel with kids! Not having to board a bus or a ferry or a monorail and only having to walk across a parking lot, was amazing!

sisters on a carousel

girl having a blast on a jousting ride

ride at legoland

sisters enjoying a ride at legoland

virtual reality roller coaster at legoland

Legoland Fastrack vs. Disney Fast Pass

I’m not a fan of waiting in line. I’ve always said that if Disney offered an unlimited fast pass, I would go more often. I just can’t get used to waiting on a line for an hour or more, just to go on a ride that lasts only a few minutes. Kids get fussy or have to use the bathroom when you’re halfway through the line and it’s just not fun. You spend more time on line than you do actually enjoying yourself. Fast passes are great, but we have never been able to get a fast pass to one of the newer or more popular rides, so we wind up using them for rides we probably could have just waited only 15 or 20 minutes for. Plus, you only get three per day.

Legoland offers two options for an additional fee. With Fastrack 3-Pack, you can skip the regular lines on 3 coasters for $23.99*! That’s any three you choose and you don’t have to be the first to request it. You can also choose Fastrack Unlimited to skip the lines ALL DAY for $59.99*! We were gifted Fastrack Unlimited passes and I have to tell you, it was AWESOME! The longest we waited to get on a ride was 5 minutes. We were able to ride every single ride in the park, some multiple times! We spent the majority of our time having fun and enjoying the rides vs. waiting on line. Totally worth it!

sisters in front of wall at legoland

girls pretending to drive a lego friends car

granny's apple fries

girl and a giraffe made out of legos


If you’re looking for a cost effective option, Legoland is the place to be. Let’s compare the two:

Disney World Platinum Annual Pass – $899/yr*
Legoland Annual Awesome Pass – $139.99/yr*

Disney World Day Standard One Park Ticket – $109/day*
Legoland One Day Super Saver Ticket – $84.99/day*

For just $30 more than a one day, standard ticket to Disney World, you can purchase an annual pass to Legoland. Even if you went twice, you’ve gotten your money’s worth!

While Disney charges the same price for annual passes for ages 3 and up, LEGOLAND® Florida Resort offers a FREE Preschooler Pass for Florida Resident children ages 3 & 4, for UNLIMITED admission for a full year to both Legoland Florida Theme Park and Water Park! This pass is available for a limited time.

reflection of a family in a mirror

girl sitting in car at driving school

family standing in front of car made out of legos

girl sitting on a carousel

Man hands up on a roller coaster

Legoland is Less Crowded

There is nothing I dislike more than crowds. My anxiety can’t handle it. It’s the one thing that’s kept us from visiting Disney more often. There just isn’t a day or time that’s less crowded.

We visited Legoland on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was a holiday, so I was afraid it would be a little more crowded, but it wasn’t! There was very little wait on any the rides. I believe the busiest I saw was 30 minutes.

Overall, we had the best time at Legoland and are already planning our next trip! We are hoping to stay at the new Pirate Island Hotel when it opens in April of 2020.

Have you been to Legoland yet? If not, stay tuned for our 5 favorite things to do at Legoland blog post, next month!

*Prices are subject to change. Visit Legoland.com for current pricing.

If you're planning a family vacation to Florida, I have four reasons as to why you should consider Legoland over Disney this year.

This post is sponsored by Legoland. All opinions are our own.


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  • I’ve only been to Disney World once and loved it. Saying that, Legoland gets my vote this time, and judging from your post, I chose right!

  • I’ve never been to Legoland even do I’ve gone to Disney plenty of times. I would love to go there some time and take my daughter with me.

  • I am loving all of your wonderful pictures and it looks like a hit with the kiddos! I honestly think Disneyland / Disneyworld are overrated and love Six Flags, Busch Gardens and Carowinds parks A lot 🙂 I for sure need to get my little Scarlet to Legoland as we love building legos each and every day and seriously….she would go nuts for this place so thank you for sharing!

  • Great blog post. I wanted to ask, what was the food like at LEGO land? What are the restaurants like? I have never been there. It looks like an adorable place.

    • Post

      Hi Sarah! Legoland offers a number of food options. The apple fries were out of this world! We actually ordered those both days. We also had tacos on the second day that were awesome and fun (the kids were blue and pink).