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Meet My New Personal Shopper – KIDBOX

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After having three kids, I can finally admit that I’m no longer a fan of clothing shopping.  Going to the store with three kids, who are wearing clothing in three different sections of most stores (if we’re lucky enough to find a shop that carries all of their sizes) just isn’t worth the aggravation.  Their styles are totally different and if we decided to take all three shopping at the same time, we are there ALL day.  I don’t know about you, but my day is way too busy to afford to spend all day anywhere.  I’ve always dreamt of being able to afford a personal shopper who knows my kids styles and picks out their clothes for them. Well, I have some great news…  Meet KidBox, the personal shopper I’ve always dreamed of!


Kidbox’s team of industry pros have created a uniquely fun and effortless shopping experience that brings parents and kids together to discover new styles, save time in their busy lives, and bond over the joys of community giving. Not only is Kidbox awesome, but it’s SO easy!  You start off by filing out a brief questionnaire about your child’s style, age, size, etc. Their team hand selects pieces that they think your child will love based on your answers and ship them directly to your door.  There are even some fun surprises in the box in the form of a prize ball!


Kidbox offers sizes newborn – 14.  Every season, they prepare a box full of stylish pieces from well-loved brands, selected just for your special kid. You choose the pieces you love, ship back anything you don’t and only pay for what you keep.  If you keep the whole box, you get a special discounted price PLUS Kidbox will commit a donation of new clothes to children in needy families. They even invite you and your child to participate in helping to choose where to donate, and support their mission to bring clothing to over 1 million children.


Falynn’s box arrived first and included 6 pieces.  All 6 pieces were a perfect fit and were absolutely things I would have picked out for her.  Falynn loved every single thing in that box and was especially surprised by the crayons, stickers and tattoos. While clothing may not be super exciting for toddlers, she goes crazy for surprises, no matter how small. We were extra excited about the raincoat because it’s been raining here regularly and it’s the one thing she doesn’t own that she really needed.


Iyla’s box showed up just a couple of days later and included 6 pieces that were perfect for her sporty style.  I was pleasantly surprised to find big names like Reebok and Puma in the box and she was surprised at how comfy they all were!  I definitely couldn’t have chosen better clothing myself.  She loved every single piece and has worn them all multiple times since the box arrived.


Signing up is so easy!  Just click here to start your questionnaire. There is really no risk.  You only pay for the items you keep and if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to keep it all! Use TSF20 for 20% off of your first box!

Do you prefer to shop in the stores or online for your kids?  Comment below and let me know!  Have a topic you want me to talk about? Email us! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @thesmallfashionista, our Facebook page, our brand new Twitter account and our new YouTube channel!


Check out Falynn’s Unboxing Video:

Check out Iyla’s Unboxing Video:




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