How Merry Maids Gave Us Family Time Back

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Published Date: 12/20/2021
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Merry Maids. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we started our home buying journey months ago, one of the first things I remember getting Nelson to agree to was hiring a company to clean the house. It was my one non-negotiable. 

Why?! Because for the past 19 years, it’s felt like we were spending most of our days cleaning. We would try to clean one room at a time, so we weren’t overwhelmed. As soon as one room was clean and we moved on to the next one, the first one became dirty again. It felt as though we could never catch up. 

Our stress levels went from zero to a hundred so quickly, so many times, because we were just tired, and it became impossible to relax if the house weren’t clean. It was a trigger for us for years. 

So when Merry Maids reached out to us just weeks before we were about to move into our new home, it felt like fate. I knew that it would give us a better understanding of the value that hiring a cleaning company would bring to our family and finally free up some time for us. 

We moved everything out of our four-bedroom rental home in two days. Even with friends and family stopping by to help, it was a ton of work. Almost 20 years of memories had to be sorted, donated, thrown out, or packed and loaded onto a moving truck before making a four-hour drive to our new home. 

Merry Maids cleaning a kitchen

Everyone who has ever moved knows that cleaning your home before you turn in your keys is almost as stressful as the packing itself. The morning of the day we were scheduled to leave, the Merry Maids team showed up, ready to help. They cleaned every single inch of our rental. I’m not sure we had ever seen it that clean in all the years we lived there.

They didn’t miss a thing. The Merry Maids team deep cleaned the refrigerator, every single cabinet and drawer, the baseboards, the windows, the bathrooms, the floors… they even changed the air filter for us! We were incredibly impressed but also so grateful to the Merry Maids team for saving us a full day of cleaning and helping us to get on the road on time to make it to our closing.

Since moving into our new home, we’ve had the Merry Maids team clean twice a month. It’s been just as great as I imagined it would be, but it’s also changed our family in several ways.

fireplace view with christmas tree after Merry Maids cleaned

Our Home is Much Cleaner Than It Used to Be

I’m sure you are thinking… duh… you have a cleaning company cleaning your home, of course, it’s cleaner. But that’s not what I mean. We (including the kids) are picking up after ourselves more. We are all consciously keeping our rooms clean because Merry Maids will need the floors and main surfaces to be cleared to do their job.

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We Have More Time for Fun

While we would have spent most of our weekends cleaning the house, having the Merry Maids team come out twice a month has given us our weekends back. We can go to our local farmers market,  the mall, or even on a bit of staycation now and then. If the kids have an activity, I can finally say yes, instead of telling them that we can’t go anywhere until the house is clean. 

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Our Stress Level is Lower

Without the constant, daily pressure to fully clean every room, our stress levels are down. While we still pick up after ourselves regularly, we don’t have to worry about the big tasks like sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors, washing the windows, deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, and dusting. Merry Maids takes care of the big things for us to focus on more important things.

kitchen after it's been cleaned by Merry Maids

No More Panic Cleaning

The phone rings — someone is on their way over. We have less than 20 minutes to clean the entire house. It’s a mad dash to put everything away and clean up before they show up. You’ve been there, haven’t you?

It became such a regular event in our house that when we asked the girls to clean, their immediate response was, “who’s coming over?” Well, we don’t have that problem anymore. The house is always ready for guests, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Merry Maids bag in front of a Christmas tree

Merry Maids is Budget-Friendly and Makes a Great Gift

The response we hear the most since we started sharing our Merry Maids experience is how it’s not in the budget to hire someone to clean the house. I’m here to tell you that Merry Maids is budget-friendly!

We’ve only had to make minor adjustments to our family budget to make sure that we can continue hiring Merry Maids next year. While the pricing for each home cleaning varies based on the square footage of each customer’s home, the minimum for weekly is $130,  biweekly is $165, and monthly is $180. Skipping the regular coffee shop trips is all it took for our family. And it’s worth the stress reduction and the time we get back.

With the holidays coming up, it’s a great time to gift or ask for a Merry Maids gift card! Gift cards can be purchased on

Tell me, what would you do with all of your extra time? 


Hiring Merry Maids doesn't just give you the gift of clean, it also gives you more time to spend doing fun things with those you love.
Hiring Merry Maids doesn't just give you the gift of clean, it also gives you more time to spend doing fun things with those you love.

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  • I need to let go of my sense of perfectionism . I swear it’s the only thing that prevents me from letting people clean my house. I mean, I bet Merry Maids couldn’t care less if there are dust bunnies behind the fridge when they get there to clean the house, right?!?

  • Cleaning the home can feel like an endless chore. It’s great Merry Maids is budget friendly, you can have them more regularly then.

  • It is amazing how much a cleaner can help around the home! Since my mobility got so bad we have someone come in and it helps me feel so much better about the area.

  • I love this. I need to hire them. My house can be quite scary in some parts. It could use a good scrub down.