Learning About the Importance of Fiber with the Metamucil Two-Week Challenge

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As many of you may know, I started making choices that would lead me to a healthier lifestyle in December of last year.  I cut out meat, some dairy and sugar, and thought I was on the road to a new, healthier me.  However, I started to feel tired and drained and found myself having to nap for hours during the day.  I later found that my Vitamin B levels had dropped and needed to add the supplement to my diet, but it wasn’t enough.  I needed to make sure that I was absorbing those nutrients and discovered one key thing could help with that – fiber!

I was on the hunt for an easy way to jump-start adding fiber to my daily routine when I was asked to take part in the Metamucil Two-Week Challenge – talk about perfect timing!

fiber, metamucil 2 week challenge, importance of fiber, fiber diet, healthy, eating healthy, health blogger, mom blog, mom blogger, mom bloggers, mom blogs, family friendly dishes, recipes, recipe, food blog, food bloggers

After looking into the benefits of the product, I learned that the main ingredient is psyllium, a natural super fiber that works with your body to promote regularity* and help promote digestive health.*  By adding a serving of Metamucil to my daily routine and gradually increasing my intake during the Challenge, by the end of the Challenge  I started to feeler lighter* as Metamucil traps and removes the waste that weighs me down. . As the mother of three young girls, there is nothing more important than staying healthy and having the energy to have fun with them! So now I have a new routine: eat well, stay active and incorporate more fiber into my daily routine.  I’d say I’m on the right track to a new, healthier me!

fiber, metamucil 2 week challenge, importance of fiber, fiber diet, healthy, eating healthy, health blogger, mom blog, mom blogger, mom bloggers, mom blogs, family friendly dishes, recipes, recipe, food blog, food bloggers

I challenge you to take the Metamucil Two-Week Challenge.  It’s easy to sign up and even easier to get started.  And once you’ve completed the Challenge, that doesn’t mean that you should stop your new healthy habit – keep things going like I am!

Metamucil is a great addition to your daily routine and can be incorporated in so many easy ways.  Not only can you add it to an 8oz. glass of water, but there are also so many recipes available online.  Doesn’t a pineapple mango protein smoothie sound amazing?  How about a banana orange frosty?  These recipes and more can be found on Metamucil.com and they are just two of the delicious reasons to keep your new fiber routine going.  I know I will!



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  1. Oh, I need this too. I’ve gained a lot of weight since the start of the pandemic. I want to feel lighter as well.

  2. Great post and such an important message. Eating more fibre is SO important, I know I don’t eat anywhere near enough!

  3. I think I would benefit from taking Metamucil and doing the two-week challenge. I’m going to buy some next time I go shopping. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Fiber is so important! Metamucil is a great way to make sure you get enough fiber each day. It tastes good, so people do not mind taking it.

  5. What a great challenge! Really using the product for a couple of weeks is a great way to track how you are feeling and what you can do to improve your overall health. I definitely should look into adding intentional fiber to my diet!

  6. I’m a big fan of adding fiber to my diet any way I can. I loved reading all your tips and will consider taking the Metamucil two week challenge. Thanks for the information.

  7. I used to take Metamucil regularly. Then I became regular and didn’t feel like I needed it anymore. Lately, I think I need to get back on the wagon!

  8. Such an easy way to add in a healthy element to our daily diet. I have to admit I haven’t been keeping up with eating well or taking fiber supplements, which are so good for you!

  9. This is good to know about fiber and the importance it has on our digestive systems. I personally use a good probiotic and has found that it works for me! To each their own though, especially when you know what works for your body!

  10. I am from a long line of Metamucil users. From my grandparents, aunts/uncles to my parents and more. I totally agree that it is a great product and so important for your regularity! I love the two-week-challenge because once someone does it they won’t go back.

  11. I like Metamucil. It works really well. I didn’t realize it had other benefits, thanks for sharing your post.

  12. I’ve also been a Metamucil user and I love it! If you are someone who isn’t getting enough fiber, this will really help you. I just informed my oldest daughter about adding Metamucil to her daily diet regiment just the other day.

  13. I have been a Metamucil user for many years and always feel better when I use it each evening. It is so great to have fiber and this is a supplement with one of the best.

  14. I feel like we eat tons of fiber in our daily diets already; maybe even too much sometimes. However, I realize many people struggle to that and this could really help them .

  15. A great challenge as a reminder to take in more fiber. Great information shared on the subject of all things fiber.

  16. Most people don’t eat enough fiber on their own. This is a great challenge. We would see a different in our bodies.

  17. I take Metamucil often.It really helps keep me feeling good, and it also helps keep me feeling satisfied!

  18. This is a great reminder to take more fiber! I need to eat more veggies and purchase this product so I can meet the daily fiber intake recommendation.

  19. Hands up I actually knew next to nothing about fibre and what it did for your body thank you for sharing your newly found knowledge.

  20. This is all very interesting information. How cool is this? I think it is important that we make some healthy choices like this.

  21. We began incorporating Metamucil into our diet about 3 months to increase our fiber intake. I have a son who has digestive issues and rather having just him take it alone we all decided we could benefit from and began taking it with him at breakfast. He has seen improvement, which is such great news

  22. I totally thought Metamucil was for something else. I can’t believe I’ve been misinformed for so long. This is good information. I need to start making healthier choices.

  23. Oh yea, a pineapple mango protein smoothie sounds really good. I will have to head over to their website and check the recipe and see what other recipes I can get.

  24. Nice to know more about fiber. I know it’s something I should be getting more of myself as well. I do believe I’ve actually tried this product before and it’s really good too.

  25. I am planning to start my diet plan soon and I think this is perfect. I’ve been searching for what to take and not and I think I will need this.

  26. I had no idea that fiber did so much for your body.
    I had no clue that low fiber would make you feel sluggish. I havent tried adjusting this in my diet.

  27. Those recipes do sound wonderful! I am a believer of fiber and sometimes it is really difficult to get it all through food. I love having this option.

  28. I am so glad you found what worked for you! Sometimes a drastic change in diet can cause other issues and it feels like a no-win situation but there is always an answer and you found yours!

  29. It’s nice that you can mix the powder into other drinks and treats. I would be more willing to try it that way!

  30. I had no idea that fiber helps you absorb nutrients from the foods we eat. Metamucil is the brand I’ve always used when I’ve felt I needed a little extra fiber.

  31. I take Metamucil every day. It really helps keep me feeling good, and bonus: it helps keep me feeling full!