My Healthier Lifestyle – Month 2

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It’s hard to believe that February has come to an end and I’m 2 months into my new, healthier lifestyle.  I can’t say that this month has been easy. In fact, it was probably more difficult than I’d ever imagined.  If I’m being completely honest, my month was full of setbacks and disappointments.

Typically, when I start a diet, the 2nd month is usually the month that I give up; however, I haven’t and I’m not planning on it.  Instead, I’m going to use my failures to motivate me to keep going and to prove to myself that I can do this.

5 Changes in February:

  1. The Scale: I started off by weighing myself every morning. I was finding that my weight fluctuated so much, I was getting discouraged.  I found that on the days I would eat poorly, I would lose weight and the days that I would eat well and walked 3 miles, I would gain weight.  I have since decided to only weigh myself once a week and live by the “no news is good news” motto.
  2. Tracking Our Activity: My hubby and I received vivoactive 3 activity trackers from Garmin (stay tuned for our next blog post).  I’m finding that it’s really pushing me to reach my goals everyday.  It tracks not only our steps, but our stress level, our heart rate and more.  It’s an added accountability tool that I love.
  3. Period: One thing I learned in February was that vegan and vegetarians have irregular periods (at least at first).  Who knew that what we eat can affect our menstrual cycle.  It’s actually thrown me off completely.  I’m finding that I’m 1-2 weeks late, my periods aren’t as long as they used to be and I feel totally different before and during.
  4. Allowing Myself to Cheat: At first, I was very careful about what I ate, but then I realized that stopping myself from having dessert every now and then was actually hurting me.  In the past, if I deprived myself, I would binge at some point. So now, if I want a piece of chocolate or a cookie, I eat one.  I realized that it’s ok, as long as I don’t go overboard.  It makes me feel less like I’m being punished and more like I’m just eating better, with an occasional treat.
  5. Maintaining My Weight: While I didn’t lose any weight this month, I am also not gaining weight, which is good.  As my body adjusts to the changes, I hope the weight will eventually come off.

I appreciate you following my journey to a healthier lifestyle.   If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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  1. I really like the idea of not weighing yourself daily. Although it’s a tough one to follow and one I currently cannot. I’m also trying to make some healthy changes and wish my body would get aligned with my goals faster! Keep it up.

  2. Sounds like you’re doing amazing! I hope you continue on with your lifestyle. The weight eventually comes off too, so long as you don’t stray away from your activities and your diet.

  3. Setbacks seem like they are always inevitable. Congrats on maintaining your weight! That can be hard to do.

  4. I do think we have to allow ourselves to “cheat” although I do not consider it cheating really. It is good to allow ourselves indulgences with food or as you discovered we overdo it when we feel it is wrong. Congratulations on committing to a healthier lifestyle. It is about lifestyle and not a “diet”. I try to eat what is as natural as possible. Less foods that are prepared and more that can be consumed in their natural states such as fruits veggies and nuts.

  5. I say if you feel healthier and you aren’t gaining weight, then you are doing good. Keep it up and try not to get discouraged. I agree only weigh yourself once a week and in the morning not in the evening.

  6. I know so many people who are trying to adopt healthier means of living/eating and when they restrict TOO MUCH… They rebel and revert back to their own ways! Restriction is not always the right approach!

  7. It is really interesting to see how you are getting on with the changes you are making and the pitfalls, the challenges a real look at it.

  8. Congratulations for staying true to your healthy lifestyle! Its amazing how it affected your periods! I wish that happened for me!

  9. Awesome for you that you made it the second month into your diet! I’m glad that you’re staying the course, and taking what you’ve learned from your last attempts at dieting. We all have setbacks; it’s how we respond to them is what makes up our character!

  10. This is the month I get serious about dropping a few pounds. I usually try tanning some to help motivate me for shorts! Great tips, thanks!!

  11. Ugh! I know how you feel about the scale! I’ve noticed that even if I don’t lose a significant amount of weight from week to week, if my clothes are fitting better, then I don’t get too concerned. Kudos to you for keeping on task with your diet!

  12. I’m glad you figured out that cheating isn’t always bad! I used to stress out to the point of thinking my hair was going to fall out. Then I realized that every once in a while, a little cheat can help you maintain your sanity.