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Published Date: 05/25/2020
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Even with many cities opening up, we have decided to stay in for a bit. We honestly aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere and have found a number of fun things we can do together, as a family, right here in our backyard. Most recently, I created this fun little neighborhood scavenger hunt and thought you guys would love it as well. I’m including the printable, for free, below! PLUS, each person that downloads this neighborhood scavenger hunt will also receive an exclusive printable scavenger hunt emailed to them in a couple of days!

This neighborhood scavenger hunt printable is free and fun for the family! Download and receive a second exclusive scavenger hunt printable.

There are a number of ways you can go on this neighborhood scavenger hunt. We chose to go in order, which made it a little more difficult and required us to be outside longer. You can also choose not to count anything that is in your own backyard and rely on your neighborhood to find each item.

girl holding a lap desk and a printable neighborhood scavenger hunt page

You can print one for the whole family to find together, or print out one for each member of your family and see who can find everything the fastest.

Super Dad thought it would be fun to assign point values to each of the items and see who can find the highest number of points, the fastest.

You can really make it your own! And once you’re done, I have a second printable scavenger hunt for you. And it’s an exclusive printable for those of you that download the neighborhood scavenger hunt. It will be emailed to you in just a couple of days!

neighborhood scavenger hunt printable on table with colored pencils

Free Printable Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

It’s easy to download. Just click Free Printable Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt and enter your email. You’ll immediately get a link to the printable. I recommend saving it to your computer if you want to print it out, or to your phone if you want to save the paper.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for an email in a couple of days, with your exclusive free printable scavenger hunt. And check out our other free printables. Happy hunting!

This neighborhood scavenger hunt printable is free and fun for the family! Download and receive a second exclusive scavenger hunt printable.

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  • I think this is such a great way to get the kids out and active. They can work out their brains and their bodies at the same time.

  • Heather,
    I think I could have such a great time doing this activity with my kiddos. So many things to explore and learn about our neighborhoods!

  • This printable is absolutely adorable! It will definitely keep us busy on summer days and also, love the fact that it doubles as a learning experience!

  • This is such a cute idea and great way to make a neighborhood walk with kids even more fun. I am pinning now.

  • This is such a fun way to keep the kiddos busy! It’s especially awesome now that the weather is FINALLY nice here in New England and we can actually get outside to do this!!