New Year Must-Haves

new year must-haves
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Published Date: 01/12/2022
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2022 is finally here. A fresh start. A new beginning. The chance for us to do all of the things we haven’t been able to do in the last two years (hopefully).

I saw a meme last week that said 2022 feels a lot like we are able to take back our ex that swears he’s changed, for the third time. Let’s hope that’s wrong.

But since this is a new year, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share some new year must-haves with you. Whether they help with stress, self-care, or help you to be a better you, these are all things I own or have on my personal wishlist.

New Year Must-Haves

cleansing ritual candle

Cleansing Ritual Candle

Rachel Glarner reimagines the ancient ritual of burning sage with her heavenly scented candle. For thousands of years, people have burned dried sage to bring positive energy to a new home, or during meditation. Rachel Glarner reimagines the ancient ritual with her lovely candle. The heavenly scented soy wax blend features notes of cedar, sage, and lavender. Finished with a layer of dried herbs and lilac crystals, the candle looks as pretty as it smells. Give it to a friend who’s just moved, or someone whose spirit could use a lift. Handmade in Pennsylvania.

a year of gratitude new year must-haves

A Year of Gratitude

Express your appreciation for weekly favors big and small with this elegant box set. You can live a life of abundance, independent of any material things if your heart is always filled with a spirit of gratitude. This elegant box set contains all you need for a head start on such a gracious way of living. Not only does it contain 52 thank you cards—one for each week in the year—but it also has tips for writing meaningful thank you notes and a guided journal for you to record your experiences. Maybe over this year you will reconnect with someone from your past, or brighten the day of someone who feels taken for granted. With gratitude in your heart, such exchanges can be seen for what they truly are—small miracles. Individual cards are 5.4″ T x 4.25″ W Made in China.

random acts of kindness kit

Random Acts of Kindness Kits

Change the world in four easy steps with this intentional acts of kindness kit. Change the world in four easy steps with these intentional acts of kindness kits. With the 26 cards in each, you’ll find yourself picking up someone else’s tab at a restaurant, writing a letter to someone who inspired you, picking up the trash on your street, giving genuine compliments and so much more! The coolest thing about Boom Boom! cards are that you can create a chain reaction of covert kindness that could theoretically travel around the world!

habit tracking calendar

Habit Tracking Calendar

Chart the small steps that lead to big results with this inspirational healthy-routine planner. Michele Ferron’s habit tracker helps you attain goals through a method that would make the legendary Dutch painter proud. Including space for six intentions and a spiral-shaped daily progress log, the calendar builds healthy routines by breaking objectives into manageable steps. It even includes a guide to help get the most out of its innovative layout. With inspirational quotes to keep you motivated, its undated design makes it easy to start chasing after dreams whenever. A year from now, you’ll celebrate having started a year ago. Made in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

wishing ball new year must-haves

Wishing Ball

This hand-blown glass ball is a unique way to treasure your weekly wishes or thoughts of gratitude.

Where do wishes go once you make them? Their force for good travels out into the universe in ways we don’t understand, but what if you could keep a piece behind as a special reminder of that magic? 

Glass artist Jill Henrietta Davis has conjured up a way to do just that. Each shimmering ball of hand-blown, blue glass comes with 52 tiny slips of paper for you to pause once a week throughout the year and record a message of hope or gratitude. Coil them up and tuck them in the tiny hole near the base and they become a permanent part of the display. Handmade in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. 

the positive planner new year must-haves

The Positive Planner

A thoughtfully crafted guide to 12 weeks of gratitude, mindfulness, and mental well-being. Think of this journal as the portable version of that friend who always helps you work through whatever life throws at you. Creators Ali McDowall and Finn Prevett have designed it to boost your mood as soon as you see it’s sunshine yellow cover. Inside, you’ll find prompts for daily intentions and evening reflections, a mood tracker, and Ali’s original line illustrations for mindful coloring. Because getting organized is so important for mental well-being, there are also practical tools, like shopping and meal-planning lists. Ali and Finn have laid out their planner to guide you on a 12-week journey of self-care, but no pressure: they left the pages undated, so you’re free to journal at your own pace or just pick it up whenever you need a pick-me-up. Designed and printed in Illinois.

self-care truth or dare

Self-Care Truth or Dare

Send your self-care hero to the rescue—you! 

Everyone’s favorite late-night teen game just got a mindful adult makeover with Self-Care Truth or Dare. Open the cylinder to discover 100 truths or dares on 50 sticks—each side has a thought-provoking question on one side and a challenging but achievable dare on the other. For example: 

TRUTH: Who or what are you grateful for today? 
DARE: Give yourself three compliments or encouraging affirmations. Repeat them to yourself every day for the next week. 

Just pick a stick, reflect, recharge, and grow. Made in China.

JOMO journal new year must-haves

JOMO Journal: Embrace the Joy of Missing Out

Declined invitations, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.  Ah, canceled plans. It can be a wonderful feeling. Make it a regular thing with a journal that actually encourages you to opt-out, forget FOMO (fear of missing out), and do as you please. Alongside charming illustrations, you’ll find delightfully self-indulgent prompts like “Ways to Decline an Event,” “Books to Read This Year,” and “Ways to Treat Yourself.” What might feel like flights of fancy are actually exercises to help you to unplug, slow down, name your real priorities, and spend your precious time accordingly. And especially now, when so many of us are missing out on so much (for good reason!), it’s nice to find some joy in it. Printed in China.

wishbeads intention bracelet

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet

Tuck your wish or intention inside this beaded bracelet to carry it with you. Shooting stars. Birthday candles. Found pennies. The perfect moment to make a wish doesn’t have to rely on chance. Hidden within this bracelet’s clasp is a secret compartment to stash your personal wish – whether it’s a daily intention, a meaningful reminder, or exactly what you’ve been wishing for. Simply write your wish on a tiny bit of paper (a set of just-the-right-sized sheets is included), roll it up, and tuck it into the opening. Wear it as a daily reminder to keep at it and stay focused on your goal—because putting what you want out there is the first step in making your wishes come true. Made in China.

dear self weekly new year must-haves

Dear Self Weekly Prompt Cards and Notepad

Like a pocket-sized life coach, these 52 cards will guide you to an honest, affirming story of yourself.  With Tarisha Clark’s purposeful deck of cards, you can uncover your true story. It’s more than weekly affirmations: each of the 52 cards contains prompts with blank spaces that you fill in, gently coaching yourself to a more positive and realistic view of yourself, your experiences, and how you deal with challenges. If you want to journal your prompts as a weekly self-care ritual (highly recommended), the optional companion notepad has sheets that are lined on one side and blank on the other to accommodate writing, sketches, doodles, and whatever you feel like expressing. Designed in Kansas City, Missouri. Printed in the USA.

fitness dice

Fitness Dice

Think of these seven wooden cubes as your very own, in-home personal trainers. Take the “work” out of your workouts at home or on the road with this innovative fitness dice set. No need for barbells, props, or equipment; these seven wooden cubes require only your body weight and your will. First, roll six dice to decide which target areas you’ll tackle. Then, toss the seventh to determine your repetitions and time. Worried about getting bored? Don’t sweat it: with an instruction booklet to walk you through each challenge, every roll leads to one of 45,000 possible routines, designed for all experience levels. Made in China.

five minute foot mat & aromatherapy balm new year must-haves

5 Minute Foot Mat & Aromatherapy Balm

Treat yourself to some quick foot acupressure and aromatherapy and feel the day’s stresses melt away. Taking off your shoes and socks is always a good way to end the day. Here’s what to do next: 1) Apply this Agar tree, frankincense, and sandalwood essential-oil aromatherapy balm to your pulse points. 2) Place this acupressure mat on the floor, prickly side up, and stand on it. 3) Feel stress, tension, and pain ebb away. People have been using these techniques for thousands of years—and now you know why. Made in China.

work from home digital meeting cards

Work from Home Digital Meeting Cards

A clever solution for virtual-meeting hiccups. Raise your hand if you practically live on video calls these days (pick us! pick us!). Designers Courtney Spritzer and Stephanie Cartin have a solution that makes all those virtual meetings smoother and more engaging. Say hello to their ingenious deck of cue cards. The 20 designs help meeting participants give immediate feedback, even offering an elegant solution to what has to be modern society’s most commonly uttered phrase, the dreaded “You’re on mute.” Another plus: The cards add a cheerful pop of color to the screen without anyone having to go through the rigamarole of downloading a faux tropical background. Send a pack to each member of your team, and you may just find yourself looking forward to meeting time. Made in New York. 

what to watch streaming decider dice new year must-haves

What to Watch Streaming Decider Dice

Roll the dice with this family-friendly set that makes choosing what to watch together an adventure. 

A riveting documentary? A scary series? A romantic movie? With so many options available for instant streaming, it’s easy to feel a little option paralysis. Let the fates help narrow down your choices by using this set of laser-engraved dice to help you discover your next Top 5 favorite. Once you’ve decided on the streaming service, the first two dice are there to do the heavy lifting of choosing the genre and media (TV show or movie). Roll the numbered die twice to receive the row and column where you’ll find this evening’s entertainment. There are 216 possible combos that can come up, so pop the popcorn, snuggle up, and say “So long!” to wasting time deciding what to watch next. Made in the USA. 

Dad and Me activity bucket list

Dad and Me Activity Bucket List

Over 100 ideas to help dads create memory-making adventures with their children. Contrary to popular belief, spending quality time with Dad can be more than just watching TV or sharing family dinners. Packed with 100 creative ways to connect, this box of cards motivates fathers to create meaningful moments that their children will never forget. Color-coded themes guide the way through activities such as scrapbook-making, Hula-Hoop contests, and even prank-calling relatives (all in good fun, of course). Divided into “to do,” “doing,” and “done,” dads and kids (of every age) can easily keep track of the adventures they’ve had and the fun still to come. Made in China.

vr atlas virtual world explorer kit

VR Atlas – Virtual World Explorer Kit

Let kids visit distant lands from the comforts of home through the power of virtual reality.

Whether you choose to complete this book side by When’s the last time your child visited the great pyramids at daybreak, strolled through the Colosseum in mid-afternoon, and watched a sunset at Stonehenge within the same 24 hours? With the Virtual World Explorer Kit and an app-powered phone, excursions like these are just another day in the life of your travel bug-bitten kid. This 140-page interactive and educational atlas lets young globe trekkers explore countries, continents, and cultures through a mix of physical games and virtual-reality activities. Whet their growing appetites for international adventures and encourage their curiosity for the world around them. Made in China. or miles apart, you’ll have a lasting keepsake to share forever.

What do you think of our New Year must-haves? Are there any things that we haven’t listed that you are thinking about buying for yourself or others this year? Tell us below!


If you are looking for gifts for yourself or your loved ones to start the year off right, check out these New Year must-haves!
If you are looking for gifts for yourself or your loved ones to start the year off right, check out these New Year must-haves!

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