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It’s almost 8 pm. I’m sitting at my desk in my home office, trying to get some work done before a deadline. My daughter walks in. She doesn’t understand something on her math homework assignment, and she doesn’t have any phone numbers from her friends in that class.

It’s happened so many times over the years, with all three of our daughters, and a lot of the time, it’s not something I can even help with because it’s usually math and we don’t understand this new way of doing math. It seems so much more complicated than the way we learned.

If it’s early enough, I can post the problem on my Facebook page and hope that one of my teacher friends sees it in time to help. Unfortunately, most of the time, they are busy with their kids and don’t have the time to explain it to them. 

I could have them wait until the following day to ask their teacher, but that almost always results in a lesser grade. Having help at our fingertips is so important so we are always looking for new resources and tools.

Luckily, I recently was introduced to a company that can help. It’s called!


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It’s a fantastic resource that connects families to college tutors. They integrate technology with a near­-peer education model to provide jobs to college students, logistical help to parents, and academic mentorship to students in a 1:1 online classroom experience. Great concept, isn’t it?!

Our 12-year-old, Iyla started at her new school when we moved last month. There are a number of projects that the other students have had weeks (or longer) to work on. Iyla just found out about them, so she’s been playing catch up. I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity for us to try out GoPeer.

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Signing up was easy (and free). I just clicked on the subject my daughter needed help with and was matched to several college students who were available to help. I scheduled a free 15-minute interview with a couple of our matches, and we were able to find the perfect tutor for her.

Iyla had a tutoring session to help her with her book report this week. She had been dreading the project for two weeks as she struggles with reading. She pushed to finish the entire book just in time for her session on GoPeer and was able to get her book report completely done that evening, thanks to her tutor’s help. 

She is sure that she will receive a good grade and she went from being completely stressed out to feeling like she had accomplished so much. 

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I’m incredibly grateful for companies like GoPeer that offer to tutor on days (and nights) where we just have too much going on or are just unable to give our daughters the guidance that they need. We will definitely continue to use GoPeer when the girls need help. 

GoPeer believes all students should have access to affordable and quality tutoring.  They offer pay-as-you-go tutoring at a $20/hour rate. They are currently offering a $20 credit when you sign up today! We highly recommend giving them a try. Let us know if you’ve tried GoPeer and what your experience was like!

*This blog post is sponsored by GoPeer. All opinions are my own.


Does your child need tutoring? GoPeer offers tutoring by college students online, anytime. Check out how to receive a $20 credit with GoPeer!
Does your child need tutoring? GoPeer offers tutoring by college students online, anytime. Check out how to receive a $20 credit with GoPeer!









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  1. During the Covid time, remote learning has become of prime importance. Thankfully, there are plenty of startups who are working on building apps and websites to make it easier for the students to continue their learning.

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  5. It’s always nice to know what resources are available for our kids. I’m glad she was able to find such great help!

  6. Online tutoring is a brilliant idea. Looks like a fantastic app and so convenient too. I wish this was around when my kids were younger.

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  12. What a cool concept! I love that it connects you to college students, since they are probably way more brushed up on different subject than I would be!

  13. This sounds great. I have looked at getting a tutor for my daughter but it all seems so expensive or I have to drive her someone a couple times a week which is so time consuming for our busy schedule. Something like this seems so affordable and convenient!

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