Easy Cleaning Schedule for Self Quarantine and Self Isolation


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It’s officially only been a couple of days since the schools in our state closed, due to the coronavirus global pandemic. Our family has decided to self-quarantine. We aren’t going anywhere aside from the occasional quick trip to the grocery store (and by quick, I mean 2 hours because that’s how long it took for Super Dad to pick up the handful of things on my list). Don’t worry though, he put on his gardening gloves (yes, gardening gloves) and stays a safe distance from others.

If you’re anything like us, you’re trying to figure out how to get things done with a house full of kids. Not only do I still have to work from home (and so grateful for that), but I also have to feed the kids, make sure they are doing their schoolwork, and somehow take care of the house, which seems to be getting messier by the minute. It’s enough to drive us all insane.

I need structure. Otherwise, I fall off course and my house looks like a tornado went through it. I was planning on putting together a plan to make sure that since we are spending at least the next two weeks at home, that we are spending that time wisely. I want to organize the pantry, the laundry room, and the kitchen. I want to get into the girls’ rooms and declutter. I want to be able to donate a bunch of things when this whole situation has calmed down. But most of all, I want to make sure that our house is clean and disinfected. The coronavirus is not welcome here.

So when I saw my friend Amy had created a cleaning and organizing calendar (she calls it “Quaran-Clean 2020), I asked her if I could share it with all of you and she was gracious enough to agree. Keep reading for the free printable download!

But first, let me share a little about my friend, Amy aka @confessionsofamomster. I met Amy during my freshman year of high school, a whopping 29 years ago (holy crap, we are getting old). She’s always been someone I look up to, but even more so now that we are grownups. Amy is the mother of 2 beautiful girls, a former teacher and small business owner, and a definite Super Mom. Amy is a master of all things DIY. You can usually find her driving her girls to various activities like soccer or dance or going overboard, making everything on Pinterest (and totally rocking it all). One day, I’m hoping that she gives in and starts blogging because she has so much to share and I know people will love her as much as I do! Make sure to follow her on Instagram. She’s constantly sharing family-friendly recipe ideas and awesome tools like this Quaran-Clean calendar.

It’s is an easy to follow, printable calendar that breaks everything down into one project a day, so you aren’t overwhelmed. By the time you are finished self-isolating, social distancing, being quarantined, or whatever it is you’re calling this, your home will be neatly organized and clean! You can even get the kids involved (hopefully you have enough quarantine snacks to bribe them with). I love that she included the car and the computer because heaven knows both of those things get neglected over here.

quarantine cleaning schedule on a desk

It’s easy to download. Just click Quaran-Clean 2020 and enter your email. You’ll immediately get a link to the printable. I recommend saving it to your computer if you want to print it out, or to your phone if you want to save the paper. The best part is, you can work this into your own schedule. You can choose to clean and organize at night while the kids are in bed. You can clean first thing in the morning so you have the rest of the day to spend time with your family or get your other tasks done.

I’m planning on getting started tomorrow. How about you?

Now that COVID-19 is keeping us all at home, here is a great cleaning and organizing schedule to keep you busy.



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  1. I’m going to follow this schedule. my husband is a minimalist so he would like me to get rid of some things.

  2. To think of ways to utilize time during this self-isolation is so hard, all the time I wonder if I could do this or do that and I sleep 🙁
    Thanks for sorting out everything already, I would just follow this maybe 😀

  3. I quite like the idea of using the time at home to declutter and ensure everywhere is clean and tidy.

  4. this is the best time for a general cleaning! <3 i am happy that not only mother earth is breathing again, but also our homes. <3

  5. I’ve never been much of a schedule person but I think I’m turning into one as this quarantine continues. This cleaning schedule will definitely come in handy.

  6. Here in Italy our quarantine started 8 days ago (in Rome) so I try to go on with my daily routine. I clean the kitchen and my 3 bathrooms every day. I also clean the floors more often I was used to. I have time to do some other cleaning around the house…I do a different thing every 2/3 days.

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  7. This is a great idea to change it up each day ! I screen shot this and I will be using it. Many thanks!

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  8. Ah yes, I love cleaning all the things. I’ve been on a good cleaning and organizing streak. I like to throw things out too. I think your schedule is a great idea to get clean and organized. It’s the perfect time to get things done.

  9. Wow, I am so happy that I came across this! This is exactly what I need. I some times feel overwhelmed when given a lot of time because there is so much I can do. This is a nice helpful schedule so I can do these things and make sure I hit everything. Thanks!

  10. Great idea. I love the printable. Being on a community quarantine can be stressful because of limited activities you can do, but we must look at the bright side of things. Staying indoors means more time for the family, keeping up with the tasks you’ve always wanted to do, and what’s more important is that we protect ourselves and our family from being infected with the virus.

  11. This is a very timely post. We’ve already done a thorough clean in the house to ward off any germs.

  12. This is such a great idea! We started cleaning and organizing last week when I realized we’d probably need more food than would fit in the 2 small cabinets we usually use for food. So we started organizing our kitchen and I told the family that by the time we’re done being quarantined, we’ll hopefully have a remarkably clean house.

  13. Yes, I understand you! I need a schedule too! After two days at home with my work, kid’s homework and cooking and cleaning, I realized that I need a plan!

  14. This is fantastic, thank you! I’ve pinned the cleaning plan. Definitely need to be on top of the cleaning right now!

  15. I’m absolutely obsessed with this calendar. As some who is a bit of a hot mess, it’s not that your friend laid this out. I desperately need and appreciate the structure.

  16. This is a great list. My husband and son are both off right now so I should get them on this. I’m still working from home.

  17. I love this cleaning list… I definitely need to get organized and tackle a ton of cleaning during this quarantine.

  18. I’ve been put on bedrest for the next couple weeks, so we are having to make do with cleaning and have definitely quarantined our family over that.

  19. It’s crazy how everything is going right now. I’ve been doing a lot more cleaning myself too. I won’t be going anywhere unless absolutely necessary either. I really love your list here too. It’s a great idea.

  20. Okay this is some serious organization here…. My Corona vacation looks a lot more like couch, refrigerator, shower, then back to couch! I will however take this time to Spring Clean my closets and my beauty products.

  21. I have been disinfecting everything in my home since I’ve been spending more time at home.

  22. “Quaran-clean” is the perfect name! I’ve been organizing things and cooking so much the last few days.

  23. Such a great idea. My kids are not thrilled about cleaning, but I’m definitely putting them to work while they are out!