Silverquicken, an Escape Room in a Box

Silverquicken escape room in a box welcome kit
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Published Date: 10/05/2022
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We are always hunting for fun activities to keep the girls busy. Subscription boxes are a great option because my kids love the anticipation of each box (plus, they love getting mail). I was recently introduced to Silverquicken, a hands-on kit with monthly quests that allow your children to solve puzzles.

If your child(ren) love games, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and code-breaking, read on!

What is Silverquicken?

Silverquicken is a monthly subscription box curated for kids ages 9-13. The Quest Club welcome kit—a Box of Wonders™—arrives within two weeks of signing up for membership. The kit contains high-quality materials and supplies that will orient members to Silverquicken and provide key resources they’ll need to solve each monthly quest.

young hands holding open a map

Each month members receive a package that contains a brand new adventure! A set of wax-sealed packages will lead them from clue to clue on their quest to solve each month’s mystery. 

Whether it’s helping the Silverquicken characters break out of the locked-down library, driving a mortal threat out of the Silverquicken world, or preventing aquatic monsters from destroying an underwater village, members must solve multiple puzzles and apply new learning to save the day—and keep the world safe!

young girl holding envelopes from the Silverquicken box
young girl looking through a red magnifying glass

Our Experience with Silverquicken

Silverquicken is unlike any other subscription box we’ve signed up for. The best way I can describe it is an adventure book meets an escape room. I was immediately impressed by the level of thought that went into the Box of Wonders™. From the branded pencils down to the hand-stamped wax seals on each envelope, you can tell that the creators of Silverquicken put their hearts and souls into this subscription box. 

My 9-year-old daughter, Falynn, and I decided to open the box together. It starts with a story. If your child isn’t a huge fan of reading, you can scan the QR code provided and listen to it instead. Once you finish and know what the quest is about, you open the first of four puzzle packets and get to work solving each one. 

young girl reading a card that says The Bunker
little hands holding a Silverquicken code solver

Each puzzle includes hints, just in case you need help, as well as a small solution envelope to check your answers. With each completed quest, your child earns a badge and the green light to open the next puzzle packet.

While my daughter loves puzzles, she did need my help to solve theses. We had some trouble with a couple of the puzzles, but once we figured out what was needed, it was fun to find the answers. 

Silverquicken is an excellent activity for family game night. Split into teams and see who can solve each puzzle packet the fastest. I know my competitive family would have a blast doing it. Plus, since it’s a subscription, it gives us a guaranteed break from our crazy routines to sit down and do something fun as a family. 

If Silverquicken sounds like something your child(ren) would enjoy, you can save 15% off the initial subscription with code 15OFFQC. This offer is good for a limited time, so don’t miss out! 

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*This post was sponsored by Silverquicken. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


Silverquicken is a monthly subscription box, similar to an escape room, for ages 9-13 that incorporates stories, puzzles, and problem solving.
Silverquicken is a monthly subscription box, similar to an escape room, for ages 9-13 that incorporates stories, puzzles, and problem solving.

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  • That looks like a fun subscription box. My kids are now older (they go to escape rooms with friends sometimes) but they would still probably enjoy this.

  • This looks like so much fun. My daughters and I have gone to many escape rooms before. It would be neat to try one of these at home ones.

  • Like your daughter, I’m a fan of subscription boxes too! Anticipating the arrival is part of the fun along with solving puzzles!!

  • This does look like fun! I might have to get it for a family night. I think we’d all enjoy it.