St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

St. Patrick's Day coloring pages
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Published Date: 03/13/2023
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As promised, I have one last St. Patrick’s Day goody for you this year. We’ve had such a positive response to the other St. Patrick’s Day printables that it would be great to offer one more thing to keep the kids (and adults) busy. How does a pack of St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages sound?

What makes these coloring pages different than all the rest? Well, our family created these adorable, free printable St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages to provide the kids something fun to keep them busy and a chance to learn a bit of Spanish simultaneously. On each page, you’ll find both the English word, a picture and the Spanish translation (courtesy of Super Dad!)

St. Patrick's Day coloring pages and markers
coloring pages and markers on a counter

Why pay for a coloring book when you can download these printable coloring pages for free? Just print each page and have your kids color them in. These coloring pages would also be an excellent activity for school, so teachers, this one is also for you to print for your classrooms! We’ve included a pot of gold, a shamrock, a rainbow, a leprechaun, and a fun page with all my daughter’s hand-drawn images.

They can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or watercolors if you feel extra brave and don’t mind the additional cleanup! Don’t worry if they make a mistake. You can print out another one! Remember to write the date on it so you can reflect on it years from now! You might even want to frame the best ones and put them up as decoration every year.

What Day is St. Patrick’s Day Celebrated?

St. Patrick’s Day is always celebrated on March 17th every year. This is the day when Saint Patrick is said to have died.

Who was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick was born in Britain during the Roman period and later taken to Ireland to become enslaved against his will. After he was set free, Saint Patrick became a priest and later became the first bishop of Ireland. It is believed that he brought Christianity to Ireland.

What is a Shamrock?

The shamrock is a type of clover that usually has three leaves (unless you’re lucky). The three leaves stand for faith, hope, and love. You will get lots of luck if you get one with four leaves! Is the shamrock a symbol of both Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day?

Why do People Wear Green?

You should always wear green on St. Patrick’s Day! Wearing green will make you invisible to leprechauns. If you aren’t wearing green, a leprechaun can see you and pinch you!

shamrock coloring sheet and a green marker
St. Patrick's Day coloring pages

I hope you and your kids will have fun with the printable St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages we put together for you. The best part about them is that it is a free downloadable file, so you can print off as many as you need. You can print them off yearly and watch your children’s creativity change. They are a great wind-down activity for adults as well!

Once your little ones have finished coloring their St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages, if you post a photo on social media, we’d love for you to tag @thesupermomlife and encourage others to join in the fun! We can’t wait to see how creative they get!

St. Patrick's Day coloring pages
St. Patrick's Day activity for kids

Print Your St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

These St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages are easy to download. Just click “St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages” to download and enter your name and email address (don’t worry, we hate spam as much as you do and only send out emails once a month or so).

You’ll immediately receive an email with a link to the printable. I recommend printing it directly and saving it to your computer so you can print it out again later.

I recommend printing it immediately and saving it to your computer so you can print it again later. If you love these St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages, please check out our other printables. We have some for all occasions, with lots more coming soon!


We've created printable St. Patrick's Day coloring pages to color and learn Spanish simultaneously. They feature St. Paddy's Day characters.
We've created printable St. Patrick's Day coloring pages to color and learn Spanish simultaneously. They feature St. Paddy's Day characters.

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