Super Fun Summer Craft Ideas for Kids


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Summer time for our family usually means Summer camp during the week and little adventures on the weekend. This year we decided against sending the girls to Summer camp, so we had to come up with things for them to do each day. While they would spend everyday in the pool, if they could, we live in FL, so Summer also means lots of rain. On the days when they’re stuck indoors, I wanted to find easy, inexpensive and fun craft ideas for them. So, after some Pinterest surfing, I was able to find 10 super fun Summer craft ideas.

Super Fun Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

coffee filter butterfly summer craft idea for kids

Classic Coffee Filter Butterflies

I love this colorful summer craft idea by One Little Project at a Time. These Classic Coffee Filter Butterflies are easy to make and use materials that you probably already have in your home, including coffee filters, markers, water and pipe cleaners. Check out the full tutorial here.

handprint flamingo summer craft idea for kids

Flamingo Handprint

I love this adorable summer craft idea by The Best Ideas for Kids. Our kids grow up so fast, so this Flamingo Handprint craft is a fun way to save those little hands.  You’ll need supplies including cardstock, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and feathers. Check out the full tutorial here.

black glue sun catcher summer craft idea for kids

Black Glue and Sharpies Butterfly Sun Catcher

I love this bright, summer craft idea by Adventure in a Box. This Black Glue and Sharpies Butterfly Sun Catcher craft idea includes free printable butterfly designs! You’ll need supplies including a printer, black paint, glue, markers and plastic. This one needs to dry overnight, so it’s not a fast project. Check out the full tutorial here.

fish bowl summer craft idea for kids

Cute Fish Bowl Craft

I love this fun summer craft idea by I Heart Crafty Things. This Cute Fish Bowl Craft idea includes free templates, which you can download here! You’ll need supplies including cardstock, glue, tissue paper, a marker, white paint and a straw.  Check out the full tutorial here.

cute and round pirates summer craft idea for kids

Cute Round Pirate Craft

I love this silly summer craft idea by Kids Craft Room. This Cute Round Pirate Craft idea is perfect for your little swashbuckler! You’ll need supplies including cardstock, glue, a marker and glitter foam sheets.  Check out the full tutorial here.

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rainbow blowers summer craft idea for kids

Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blowers

Another bright and colorful summer craft idea by Kids Craft Room. This Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blower craft idea can be hung up as a decoration indoors or outdoors! You’ll need supplies including toilet paper roll, glue, tissue paper and paint.  Check out the full tutorial here.

sun and rainbow streamer summer craft idea for kids

Paper Plate Sun and Rainbow Craft

I love this super cute summer craft idea by Easy Peasy and Fun. This Paper Plate Sun and Rainbow craft idea will brighten up anyones day! You’ll need supplies including a paper plate, glue, tissue paper, paper, a marker and paint.  Check out the full tutorial here.

folded paper sunflower summer craft idea for kids

Folded Paper Sunflower Craft

I love this sunny summer craft idea by I Heart Crafty Things. This Folded Paper Sunflower craft idea is perfect for all ages!  My teenager loves sunflowers, so I’m sure she’d love to make one of these. You can even turn it into a card for a special occassion. You’ll need supplies including cardstock, construction paper, tissue paper and glue.  Check out the full tutorial here.

butterfly paper plate summer craft idea for kids

Paper Plate Fluttering Butterfly Craft

Another cute summer craft idea by I Heart Crafty Things. This Paper Plate Fluttering Butterfly craft idea features a beautiful butterfly and flowers! It’s perfect to hang up or give to a friend. You’ll need supplies including a paper plate, paint, cardstock, pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, markers and glue.  Check out the full tutorial here.

llama paper plate summer craft idea for kids

Paper Plate Llama Craft

I love this whimsical summer craft idea by Handmade Charlotte. This Paper Plate Llama craft idea is not only adorable, but can be decorated in so many different ways! You’ll need supplies including paint, paper plates and glue.  Check out the full tutorial here.

Which of these summer craft ideas is your favorite? Make sure to check out our other craft ideas.

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  1. Kids are about to be out for the summer! Insert all the feels here. I’m part thrilled. But also part apprehensive because I know soon that I will hear the constant refrain of “I’m SO bored, Mom!” I mean, pool and play dates are all good, but sometimes it’s just nice to stay home and make some stuff to play with kids. Thank goodness for these crafty ideas. They’ve got me inspired.

  2. these are some really cute and awesome paper craft ideas. I love the fish bowl and the Llamas. I have a bunch of those paper plates and never really started making anything with them. Thank you for these ideas. I’m pinning a bunch of things that we can do over the summer and this list will come in handy.

  3. “The flamingo handprints” is a must-try item! I will try this today. Actually, all these ideas are superb. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are some super cute summer craft ideas! I love the idea of the sun catcher and the coffee filter butterfly.

  5. I can’t wait to do some of these crafts with my nieces and nephews this weekend. They look like so much fun.

  6. These super fun summer craft ideas would also be a nice learning experience for kids and enhance their creativity and thought process.

  7. Such a lovely collection of craft ideas for kids. Takes me back to when my kids were young and also when I was teaching. During the school holidays always had something ready for my kids to make. During school term had fun preparing umpteen of things with my class kids.

  8. Oh my gosh, the camels are cute. My granddaughter is here this week. I think we’ll make these with her.

  9. I did the flamingo project and now I would like to try the llama project. My family is so excited by these cool things to do!

  10. I don’t have any children. However, I am still in LOVE with the crafts. They’re so cute! Great for my nieces.

  11. You are so creative! The vibrant colours surely match with the summer vibe. I am totally going to try this stuff.

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  12. This is just what I was looking for and couldn’t have come at a better time. If I hear “I’M BORED” one more time, I’m going to pull my hair out lol. Now I just have to get some supplies.

  13. These are all cute crafts for kids. I want to make the fish bowl and the fluttering butterfly for my grandchildren! I will share this post with my friend who is a pre-school teacher. She can include these crafts in her activities for the coming school year.

  14. Wish I could become a kid again. Some really wonderful craft ideas. Children can spend days together during the summer holidays.

  15. Love these craft ideas. We are in Florida too and I have to be creative whenever we are stuck indoors. Crafts are always fun and my girls would really enjoy these.

  16. These are some great craft ideas. I have planned a craft night with my nephew, and will borrow some of your ideas.

  17. All of these are such cute craft ideas! Need to do some of these with my kids, they would love it!

    cute & little

  18. It has been way too hot to play outside the past few weeks. Crafts like this are a perfect solution for bored kiddos.

  19. These are such fun crafts! I have been looking for fun activities for the kids to do for the last few weeks of summer.

  20. I love the colorful crafts you’ve gathered for us. All of them are easy and so fun to get our kids engaged.

  21. This is great! I love doing crafts with my kids during the summer. With so much time we love finding new ones to do! We will try a couple of these!

  22. I can’t believe it is summer already! This year is whizzing past. These sound like some absolutely fantastic ideas to make with kids over the holidays.

  23. What adorable summer crafts for the kiddos! I especially love the flamingos, butterflies and llamas. Just too cute!

  24. I have a lot of extra coffee filters at home. Maybe my niece and my nephews can do the Classic Coffee Filter Butterflies. It looks so cute!

  25. Those are some adorable crafts! My daughters and I love doing crafts together, especially if we’re stuck inside due to rainy weather.

  26. These are great ideas! My daughter is the crafter in the family, so she’ll have fun with these. She’ll be happy to see this instead of me just going, “Well read a book,” when she says she’s bored, ha. I don’t entertain my kids daily.

  27. I absolutely love the cardboard tube rainbow blower but all these ideas are really cute. I also love that most of these crafts are made with materials that one can find easily.

  28. Oh my goodness, these are such adorable crafts to make with kids! I especially love the flamingo and llama ones that you included.

  29. These are so cute! I will make that sharpie butterfly first. My grandson is so amazed at the sight of butterflies. I am sure he will like this!

  30. All of these crafts are really cute. The fish bowl craft and the coffee filter butterflies would be the ones I’d like to see first.

  31. Crafting makes the imagination run wild, so fun! I remember my daughter collects everything from old buttons to glitter paper for her crafting needs.

  32. These are all adorable and super creative! My kids will love them and I’m excited to introduce them at our arts & crafts time.

  33. It’s so hard to keep the little ones busy this time of year, but these will be a great addition to our day time routine.

  34. The flamingo handprint! I love this! I don’t have grandkids yet, but when I do, I am going to do the flaming handprint with them! Adorable.

  35. We used to make Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blowers as kids! I hope I can teach this to my niece and nephews! It will be a very engaging activity for them!

  36. I love the coffee filter butterflies! They looks so colourful and also pretty easy for kids to make!