Super Fly [feat. 9 Twenty Five Kids]


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The first thing that we hear from most people, when they see Falynn in her small shop gear is “WOW! Look at that outfit!” After this particular photoshoot, I stopped at the gas station where two different people stopped to admire her outfit.  One older lady asked if we were from NY, because that outfit was too cool for Florida.  Then she proceeded to look at Falynn and say “You go girl!” You can’t make this stuff up.  One of the best things about small shop gear is that your kids will stand out.  I love, more than anything, that I’m teaching my kids a valuable lesson that they may not even realize that they are learning.  It’s important to shop small. It’s important to support small businesses and most importantly, it’s important to promote these businesses and help these owners to achieve their dreams.

A little less than a year ago, we were at a dance competition in Orlando, FL and posted in one of our Facebook groups, looking for local reps to meet up and shoot with.  What a surprise to find out that Lauren, owner of 9 Twenty Five Kids lived just miles from our hotel (and we just happened to have packed a pair of shorts we purchased from her a month or two prior).  She and her incredibly adorable son, Kash, met us and she brought Falynn the CUTEST dress.  It was our first meet up and we had a blast.  It was so great getting to know the owner behind the shop.  I think a lot of time we tend to forget that small shop owners are just like us.  They are parents. They are trying to turn something they love doing, into something that will pay the bills.

Later, that same weekend, Falynn got to be a part of the 9 Twenty Five Kids 10k Follower photo shoot. It was super exciting and the beginning of my love for meet ups!  Not long after, Lauren held her brand team search and I jumped at the chance.  9 Twenty Five Kids is one of those shops that I would buy everything from but don’t really have the budget to do so.  So, being a part of her team is such a blessing.  We get a great discount and we get to rock her threads.  It’s truly an honor.

What I loved about being on her team was the photography challenge I faced. 9 Twenty Five Kids has a very specific look to their branding. Lauren prefers urban shots.  I was terrified at first.  We don’t live close to anything remotely urban looking, so in the beginning, I had to get creative.  I remember that first photo shoot, I took over 700 pictures because I was so afraid that I wasn’t getting anything that she would be able to use.  It was the challenge that pushed me.  I look back at those first few photoshoots and can’t believe how far I’ve come.  I hope that Lauren sees the improvement and loves the pictures as much as I do.

How about this black side zip tee?! The quality is incredible and the little accent zippers on each side make it so much more than just a plain black tee.  I love buying pieces that go with just about anything.  And how rad does it look with these army green and black striped harems from Little Harts and Arrows?   Throw in accessories from our shops, iBetterAccessorize and The Biggest Little Bead Company and POW! Perfection. The whole outfit really came together and I love how she looked!  For some reason, she reminded me of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation.  Though, my memory must really be bad because when I googled the video to show the kids, the outfit didn’t look anything like Janet’s. Oops!  I’ll just blame it on the Mom brain.

I hope you will take the time and check out 9 Twenty Five Kids. It won’t be long until you see what the hype is all about.    Use code 925FRIENDS and tell them @thesmallfashionista sent you.

Interested in working with us?  Email us! We’d love to hear from you. Make sure to check out our daily small shop fashion on our Instagram page, @thesmallfashionista.

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