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Published Date: 12/06/2019
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So many reached out and told me that they loved our first volume of Super Mom’s favorite things, so I decided to make it a monthly series! Depending on what’s going on in our family, I may even switch up the categories a bit. Anyhoo… here are my favorites for the month.

Favorite Book

I know I love a book series when I finish two books in just a few weeks.  This series by Sara Blaedel was so easy to read! Just when I thought I had an understanding of each character and who they were, the ending totally threw me for a loop. I love those types of books! As soon as I was done, I rushed to google the third book and I couldn’t find anything anywhere! Luckily, I tweeted the author, Sara Blaedel and she answered back pretty quickly (I love when an author cares enough to respond to a fan)! So since the third book won’t be released for another 4 months, I have plenty of time to read her other series (I’ve already started on the first book). We’ll talk about that next month!


Her Father’s Secret by Sara Blaedel is the second book in a series.

After suddenly inheriting a funeral home from her father–who she hadn’t heard from in decades–Ilka Jensen has impulsively abandoned her quiet life in Denmark to visit the small town in rural Wisconsin where her father lived. There, she’s devastated to discover her father’s second family: a stepmother and two half sisters she never knew existed. And who aren’t the least bit welcoming, despite Ilka’s efforts to reach out.
Then a local woman is killed, seemingly the unfortunate victim of a home invasion turned violent. But when Ilka learns that the woman knew her father, it becomes increasingly clear that she may not have been a completely random victim after all.
The more Ilka digs into her father’s past, the more deeply entangled she becomes in a family drama that has spanned decades and claimed more than one life–and she may be the next victim…

“Crime-writer superstar Sara Blaedel’s great skill is in weaving a heartbreaking social history into an edge-of-your-chair thriller.” –

Favorite Movie

I’m taking you back guys… back to the year 2000. Back to one of my favorite movies of all time, Brokedown Palace with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale. After finding the DVD in a drawer last week, I couldn’t wait to watch it one more time. This makes 3,459 maybe? If you haven’t seen this one, I highly recommend it! I’m not sure what’s better, the story line or the ending. Both are phenomenal.

Brokedown Palace Staring Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale

In this riveting thriller, Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale star as two best friends whose dream vacation becomes a nightmare. Alice (Danes) is impulsive and reckless; Darlene (Beckinsale) is more reserved. But when each falls for the same mysterious man, both girls throw caution to the wind, and in one instant, their lives are changed forever. Now in a foreign land, they must prove their innocence before it’s too late. Bill Pullman co-stars in this “compelling” tale of self-discovery and the ultimate sacrifice for a friend!

Favorite Series

Full disclosure… I wasn’t planning on getting Disney+. I made the decision early on that we just didn’t need another reason to sit in front of the tv… but the peer pressure and all of the social posts got to me, and considering it was only a few dollars more a month, I caved. And honestly, it’s the best few dollars a month I’ve spent. Basically every Disney movie and show are there for you to watch whenever you want!

An unexpected gem is Kristen Bell’s new series, Encore! So freaking good! It’s everything you want in a series… laughter, reunions, personal stories and so many tears. Imagine going back to high school years and years later and reuniting with the cast of your high school musical. Fun, right? Well, how about performing it again, as adults?! Yep… it’s basically amazing.

Encore! produced by Kristen Bell
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Encore! Produced by Kristen Bell and Will Gluck

Encore! is an American reality web television series hosted and executive produced by Kristen Bell and Will Gluck. The series premiered with a pilot on December 10, 2017, and officially premiered on Disney+ on November 12, 2019. The series reunites the cast members of a high school musical to recreate their performance years after they originally performed.

Favorite Podcast

Ok, if you love a good mystery, I found another podcast that not only has an unbelievable story, but also has a perfect ending. Room 20!

Room 20 hosted by Joanne Faryon

The sign above his hospital bed called him Sixty-Six Garage. For more than 15 years, he would lay there unidentified and unconscious. Or so, everyone believed. From LA Times Studios and the team that brought you “Dirty John” and “Man in the Window,” comes “Room 20,” a story about the search for a man’s identity and the truth about his accident. Investigative reporter Joanne Faryon’s two-year journey is filled with twists and turns. Now, she’ll finally reveal who Garage really is. But one important question remained for her upon this discovery: has Garage been conscious this entire time? This series was produced by L.A. Times Studios with support from Neon Hum Media. The Los Angeles Times newsroom was not involved in the creation of the podcast.

Favorite New Find

Ok… here’s the story. Super Dad and I were waiting in line at Homegoods and were headed to the school to pick up the girls. He grabbed a bag of Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips and said he wanted to bring a snack for the girls. We wound up opening them as soon as we got into the car because we were starving. I took one, just to taste and WOW! Before we knew it, the entire bag was GONE. Nothing left for the girls. Oops! 

Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips with Sea Salt

When I realized the bag was empty, I asked Super Dad, jokingly, if they list crack as one of the ingredients… he actually turned the bag around and starting reading the ingredients…lol.  Dead. Clearly there is no crack in them, but I’m telling you, they are crazy addictive. You can’t eat just one. They are super thin and lightly seasoned with sea salt. They are better than any chips I’ve ever eaten. I highly recommend that you locate a store near you and grab yourself a bag (or a few). We are considering buying them in bulk, but I’m afraid we’ll go through all 12 packs way too quickly.

Well, that’s it. My current favorite things. What did you think? Is there another category you’d like me to add next month?

A new monthly series where I'll be sharing my current favorite things to read, watch, listen to and try! Here are my December favorites.
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  1. Brokedown Palace is also my favorite movie. I saw it so long ago that it is probably time to watch this movie again. The friendship of these girls is touching

  2. Those books sound interesting, I’d love to try reading that someday. Encore sounds great, will have to check them out.

  3. Oooo so many goodies girly!!!! I need to try those strips! I’m always looking for new snacks lol

  4. I haven’t heard about Her Father’s Secret by Sara Blaedel. It seems like a very interesting read.

  5. This is such a cute blog post! I would love to try the Cassava Strips. That book looks great as well!

  6. Your favorites list is full of gems! Haven’t yet read those books or seen Encore. Very tempting to get Disney+ just to see that show. Never been disappointed in anything Kristen Bell has starred in.

  7. Ooo yes please a good book and some snacks this is my kind of night in lol. will have to check a few of these reads out xx

  8. I just started listening to podcasts and the one you mentioned sounds very interesting! I need to check it out. Thanks for sharing your favorites,

  9. Loved reading your favorite things. So cool, and I’m already jotting down the Encore and Room 20 into my calendar to check into. Thank you.

  10. oh gosh. i love brokedown palace too! totally had me thinking about how NOT to travel (the taken of my generation i imagine).

  11. I love reading posts like this. I always discover things I never knew about like this movie and podcast.

  12. This series is awesome!! Encore is a fave too! High School Musical is amazing and I recommend it. Now, for the Cassava chips………YES!! My hubby is Cuban so you know we love these and knowing they are healthy, even better.

  13. I haven’t seen that film with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsdale. However, I would be interested since they’re two of my favorite actresses.

  14. It has been many years since I have seen Brokedown Palace! I love your list of favorites, it is a great list!

  15. I haven’t seen Brokedown Palace yet! But you made so curious! Now it’s on my must watch movies!

  16. This helps a lot! I’m actually looking for some good movies to watch on Xmas. Gonna look forward on your next favorite things.

  17. You have a good list of some of the favorite movie and I have to check them out too. I hope to enjoy these movies during our long holiday at the end of the year.

  18. I’ve never heard of these. I really need to check them out. Encore seems like something I’d be really interested in.

  19. Cassava Strips are sooo delicious so I agree with that! I need to check out that podcast for when I am working.

  20. I can’t wait to check the Sara Blaedel books. I just downloaded the audio version of The Undertaker’s Daughter and can’t wait to start listening. I just finished the second book in David Baldacci’s Atlee Pine series and I am eagerly awaiting the next one. I hate when I finish a book and the rest of the series hasn’t been written!!!! Thanks for sharing your faves!

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  21. I loved reading this! I am going to look the movie up for sure! I can’t wait to read your next favorite things volume!

  22. That Encore show seems so sweet and heartwarming! This is the first I hear of it and now I must watch it. <3

  23. Love this series!! I’ve been loving Encore too 🙂 Disney+ is so great. I highly recommend High School Musical: The Musical: The Series too!!

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  24. I will be completely honest, i’ve never heard of your fav book and fav movie and I feel so ashamed about it…I will check both for sure.

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      According to the packaging, they are 140 calories for approx. 13 chips (and they are a good size chip!).

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  25. It is so great to get a recomendation on things like books and series’. It is so rare that I read I want it to be meaningful. I am always watching but getting atip on something really helps.

  26. We’ve been enjoying Disney+ since it’s been out. I’m all caught up on the Mandalorian, and hope to watch the next one that dropped today. My wife and daughter would love Encore!

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  27. What a great list. Her Father’s Secret, sounds like a very interesting thriller and just in time for me to pick up a copy, as I’ll be on a 14+hr flight soon. Also, I’m a big fan of Kristen Bell’s, so I’ll have to download Encore. Thanks for the reco’s!

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