Superhero Paper Bag Craft with Printable Template

superhero paper bag craft idea
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Published Date: 07/09/2020
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You may already know that our family LOVES superheroes; if you didn’t, you do now! With Paper Bag Day coming up, we thought making a superhero out of a paper bag would be fun. But cutting out all of the little pieces was super tedious and wound up taking WAY too long.

So I spent the day creating a little printable template for you so that you can print, cut out the shapes, and use those shapes as a template to cut out your construction paper. We love how it turned out, and we are excited to share it with you.

superhero paper bag craft idea

How to Make a Superhero Paper Bag

Supplies Needed:

superhero paper bag craft printable
cut pieces of construction paper to make a craft
first few steps of the superhero paper bag craft

Ready to Put it Together?

First, print out your Printable Superhero Paper Bag Template. I like to print ours on card stock to be more stable, but you can also use regular paper.

Cut out each piece on the printable template.

Using your template pieces, cut your shapes out of construction paper. You choose the colors you want to use!

Using a glue stick, glue the mask to the top of the bag. I use the side with the flap, so if your little one wants to use it as a puppet, that will serve as the mouth.

Either glue or stick your google eyes to the mask. We buy the self-adhesive google eyes so that you can peel off the back and stick.

Take the two triangles and glue the smaller one to the bigger one. Then you’ll glue that to the paper bag on the superhero’s chest.

adding a cape to your superhero paper bag

adding arms and legs to create a superhero paper bag

Now it’s time for your cape. Angle the cape piece and glue it to the back of your paper bag.

Take 2 arm pieces and place one on top of the other in an L shape. Poke a brad in both pieces (as shown) and secure the back. Repeat with the other arm pieces. If you don’t have any brads in your home and don’t have time to grab some, you can also glue those together.

We use the brads so that you can move the arms. We liked having the superhero show their muscles or place them on their hips.

Glue both arms to the back of the paper bag.

Glue the legs to the bottom of the paper bag.

With a black marker, add the letter you’d like and a little smile 🙂

superhero paper bag craft idea

Printable Superhero Paper Bag Craft Template

It’s easy to download. Just click Printable Superhero Paper Bag Template.

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This superhero paper bag craft is perfect for your little superhero lover. We've created a printable template to make it even easier for you.
This superhero paper bag craft is perfect for your little superhero lover. We've created a printable template to make it even easier for you.

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  • Heather – you always come up with the best crafts! When I was a kid I loved the paper bag crafts. These puppets are so fun.

  • This craft brings back memories of my childhood. These are a fun way to keep the kids entertained. I didn’t even know there was a Superhero Day.

  • These are adorable! I’m going to make some of them with my kids. We are always looking for crafts to do. I really like these too.

  • That is so cute! This is the kind of craft I always loved doing with my son when he was little. It’s so easy but it gives the kids such a great way to be creative. I love it.