The Funniest Quarantine Social Media Posts

funny quarantine social media posts

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We all have our way of coping. For me, it’s humor. I need to laugh multiple times a day to keep from crying. So when I scroll social media, instead of people sharing rumors and horrible news stories, I’d prefer to see memes that are ridiculous, silly and just plain funny. I’ve collected a bunch of my favorites over the last three weeks and I hope I’m able to bring you some laughs.

Let’s start out with the post that went viral on The Super Mom Life’s Facebook page (3.7 million views and counting). I didn’t realize so many people were laying around eating, like I’ve been. Guess we are all a lot more alike than we think, huh?!

You can relate right? I know I can. And my stretchy pants are proof.


Oh the days when we could buy toilet paper whenever we felt like it…


I call mine “quarantine surprise”


At last I don’t have to pack a bag!


Toilet paper? What toilet paper?


Anyone have a creepy mask I can borrow?


And don’t judge me if we have them daily.


Seriously. What happened to all of that?!


I knew they’d eventually come in handy.


I might be willing to take that chance if the price is right…


Google it.


I dare you not to sing this one.


Be careful what you wish for.


Y’all can turn cauliflower into anything these days…


Who wants to borrow a couple of kids?


No words have ever been more true.


Where are you headed this weekend?


In your face, Mom!


Week 4 and I haven’t done one jumping jack.


Anyone else totally obsessed with Tiger King?


Those were the days…


True story!


This is all your fault!


I know it solves all of my issues!


She totally did it.


If nothing else, I’ve learned my kids are a great source of entertainment.


It started out fun but it’s been downhill ever since.


Neither has my husband! It’s a miracle!


I lost track of what day it is, so this is just easier.


I bet you sang this one too.

I might even throw in some documentary watching!


He was a man before his time.


Want to keep people away?!


Nothing to see here. Just me disinfecting my disinfectant.


I will never recover from this.


Because those are the only jokes approved by the CDC.


Even the ketchup is taking precautions.


Too bad my aim sucks.


Emoji makers need to make a empty toilet paper roll emoji next.


Sadly, this isn’t much different than my normal life.


And boy am I letting her have it.


This song will never be the same.


One of my favorite quarantine snacks!


I knew there was a reason I kept mine.


You know you thought it too.


I’ve watched it twice. I’m not even ashamed to admit it.


Couldn’t let April pass without this one.


Toilet paper has become more valuable than gold.


This was literally me during the first week of lockdown.


What in the Missy Elliott, I Can’t Stand the Rain, is going on here? Go watch the video.


It’s just too good not to share.


Now is the time to get to know the person you married.


It’s just not the same, is it?!


We always want what we can’t have.


It’s literally my regular day, just with lots of other people in the house with me.


It was just a tickle in my throat.


Ha! Wouldn’t that be interesting?!


Whatever gets you through the day, right?!


Finally, we can teach them the right way!


I can’t wait to hear the stories!


We aren’t far off from using socks at this point.


I hope that I was able to bring some laughs into an other wise mundane, hectic or groundhog day, type of a day. Know anyone that needs a laugh? Please share! What has been the best social media post you’ve seen? Comment below!

Need a laugh? I've gathered up the funniest quarantine, covid-19, social distancing (and Tiger King) related social media posts.

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  1. Hilarious! I’ve seen some of those on Facebook. Gotta love people with great sense of humor even during a pandemic.

  2. Some of these are absolutely hilarious. I remember when I saw the one of the guy in the Halloween mask in the chip aisle. I laughed so hard.

  3. These are absolutely great, sometimes you really do just have to make light of the situations you find yourself within.

  4. lol. I love checking out these funny posts, especially when they’re on current issues. 😅 Thanks for making my day, seriously! 😂

  5. These are all funny social media post. Lol! It is really good for people who makes memes and other funny things during this pandemic.

  6. These are really funny social media posts. People has a great sense of humor even we are in this pandemic situation.

  7. Lol, This social media post makes me laugh during this time we need to laugh and smile and have some positivity

  8. Those are all hilarious posts and made me laugh as well. It’s great that people are having fun making memes and being positive.

  9. Oh my gosh these were hilarious! I need humor to help balance things out. Thank you for this! It’s like the gold mine of Covid memes.

  10. All of these memes are funny and I can’t choose which is funnier. Laughter is great during this time.

  11. Okay. I can’t figure out which is my favorite because i LOVE them ALLLLL!!! These are all hilarious, I’m so glad you compiled them friend. Need to bookmark these for a good laugh, as we definitely all need it right about now.

  12. These are all so funny! I have to admit that I have been looking at a lot of memes lately to help me laugh!!

  13. These memes are hilarious but so very true! That’s one positive thing about this situation! Will steal a few of these…

  14. These are so funny, I love the memes because they bring a smile to my face and my friend’s faces. So important to smile during hard times

  15. I am loving all of these and this post was much needed! Thank you! I especially love the Michael Meyers mask and get up as the perfect way to ensure proper social distancing 🙂

  16. these made me howl with laughter ! i so needed it this morning ! i saved your post so i can look back on it when i feel under the weather

  17. These are great! I really did laugh out loud for a few of them. We do need something to laugh about — thank you!

  18. I recently told someone that the best thing about quarantine was the memes. There have been quite a few funny ones. Thanks for compiling this list!

  19. I cracked up. These are hilarious and so true. I still can’t find toilet paper! It’s nuts!

    1. Post
  20. I just sent a handful of these memes to my husband. Thanks for the laughs. I still don’t get people’s obsession with the Tiger Dude.

  21. hahahaha these are hilarious. My favorite is the Michael Myers one. I thought it would be funny to dress up as Zombies and walk around in the streets, but I bet someone would probably shoot me. haha

  22. Oh my God I have a good laugh after I seen all these memes love this so funny. I even screenshot some of them.

  23. those are a lot! i love the scooby doo and especially the where’s waldo posts!! i used to love waldo. sadly i can never escape tiger king – that man makes me want to gag. when do you think the fandom will end?