The Life of a Brand Rep… Shooting 4 Outfits on 1 Rainy Day


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Whenever I try to plan something, obstacles happen… lots of them. It never fails.  I was so excited when we started planning a little brand rep meet up with one of our local besties in May.  We planned SO far ahead of time.   We worked out the details with all of the shops and made sure that everything arrived in time.  May 19th was the date.  We had the outfits planned, the locations planned and then…. Falynn and I got sick.  And it was one of a series of things that happened that caused us to postpone again and again and again.  And we knew these shops were counting on us to get them pictures in a timely manner, so it was adding even more stress.  We wanted to make this happen, but it seemed like the stars were never going to align.

Another week passed… I was still sick. Falynn was on the mend but I was in no condition to be out taking pictures, let alone out of bed… so we postponed, again.  And the following week it was raining, so we postponed again…. we tried for this past Sunday and it rained literally ALL DAY LONG…. I was sending messages to the shops and hoping they didn’t think we were flaking out on them.  I was checking the weather app like crazy and all I saw was 80%, 90% and 100% chance of rain.  Come on… don’t you know we have pictures to take?!  And although it was a huge risk, Emma’s Mama made the 30-40 minute drive on Monday (in the rain) because we were determined to get these photoshoots done!

We met Emma and her Mama, Tracie, shortly after she became a part of our brand rep team.  I was excited to meet another Mama who lived fairly close to us.  We planned and planned to get the girls together for a photoshoot and they were instant besties.  We knew after the first shoot that we had to plan another one because Falynn and Emma just had the best time together.  They are both full of personality and kept us laughing throughout the photoshoot. I wish they lived just a little bit closer because Falynn would want to hang out with her every single day.  It certainly helps that Tracie is super sweet and so easy to talk to!  I feel like she and I have been on such a similar photography journey. We both started learning our cameras at the same time and have grown at a very similar pace.  You can follow Emma’s brand rep journey and her Mama’s awesome pictures on their instagram page!

As soon as they arrived, we got the girls dressed for photoshoot #1. It was still raining so we took a chance and shot indoors.  I am personally terrified of indoor photography, but I’ve been putting on my big girl panties lately and challenging myself.  I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.  I had to put the ISO all the way up to 1600 (YIKES!) but I was still able to get them bright enough without being super grainy so hip hip hurray!

Now let’s talk about these outfits… the bow headbands were made by Merci Bow Coup, a shop we have never worked with before but we were super impressed with both the quality and the fast shipping!  The girls actually rocked their bows in 2 of the 4 outfits!  Make sure to check out her shop on Instagram too! You can use code FRIENDS10 for a discount too 😉

These leos from Leotudes…. OH EM GEE… you have never felt something so soft in your life.  We couldn’t get enough.  Even the girls mentioned how soft they were!  The print is gorgeous so add comfy to the mix and you have the world’s perfect leo.   If you haven’t checked out the shop yet, we highly recommend it!  She even has personalized leos and shorts and just today I noticed dresses (I mean, one stop shop ladies)!  Make sure to follow her on Instagram and if you’re on FB, join her VIP group!  If you want to make a purchase (and you totally should), you can use FALYNNTUDE for a discount!

Once we realized that it was only drizzling at this point, we rushed to put on outfit #2 and walked next door for a little driveway photoshoot. Now, I’m not usually a fan of garage door pics, but when my neighbors painted their door white a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to try it out.  I swear every building within a 10 mile radius is painted a hideous color beige.  What happened to good ole’ fashioned white?! Anyway, my oldest got the phone out and started playing “I can make your hands clap” and it was on.  There was singing and dancing and some high kicks… In between all of the brand rep Mama chatter (stand still, put your hand down, stop pretending to be a chicken, why are you standing like a flamingo, etc.), the girls had me giggling with their silly faces and awesome personalities.  I think it stopped raining at some point, but I’m not even sure they noticed it with all the fun they were having.

Now let’s talk about these outfits… These awesome “Tutus & Docs” tees from Rok Threadz were the inspiration for this outfit.  The adorable design is printed on high quality Kavio tees which are super soft!  We have worked with Michele before and absolutely love her and her shop.  Make sure to follow them on Instagram and join the VIP group on Facebook! You can use code ROKSTAR to save!

Tutus 4 Tots Co. supplied these gorgeous tutus!  I love how full they are and that they have an elastic waist.  The girls chose the color they wanted (both pink of course) and made this outfit just a little bit more girly. When you are dancing around like a maniac, it’s hard to keep a tutu looking neat.  Luckily, Emma stepped up when my oldest (our assistant) wasn’t paying attention and fluffed and fixed Falynn’s tutu for her.  So stinking cute!  If you are in the market for a tutu, we definitely recommend Tutus 4 Tots Co. Make sure to follow them on Instagram!  And you can use code FALYNN15 to save!

We finished the outfit off with the perfect Dr. Martens boots (switched the colors for fun) and added the new edgy bows from our shop,  Use code FALYNN to save and make sure you are following us on Instagram and join our VIP group on Facebook!

We ran back inside to change into outfit #3, only to find that it had started raining again (figures).  But we took the risk and piled in the car, hoping that we would have a window where it would stop for a bit.  Of course, that never happened and since it was getting late and we knew we had to get these pictures done, we jumped out, in the rain and took as many pictures as we could before it came down even harder.  These girls were such troopers and I’m not even sure they cared that it was raining!   In fact, when I told them that they needed to twirl, they didn’t even notice that the rain started coming down even harder.

Now let’s talk about these outfits… the bow headbands were made by Merci Bow Coup. They are the same as the ones that they wore for outfit #1, just in a lighter pink. The original plan was to have the girls wear these for the tutu pictures and wear the opposite color, but when they arrived, they matched with the dresses so perfectly, we decided to change up the outfits.  It couldn’t have worked out better! Don’t forget to use code FRIENDS10 when you shop!

These dresses….. Listen…  I have been a fan of The Heartistry Shoppe for a little while now.  I noticed their heart cut outs a while back and knew eventually I needed to get one for Falynn.  When we spoke about working together for this photoshoot, we were SO excited.  The shop owner, Bethany, was so awesome and went out of her way to make sure we had the perfect dresses for this meet up.  I loved it as soon as we took them out of the package but when we got the girls dressed, both Tracie and I were even more in love.  The fit was amazing and both girls looked incredibly adorable.  When we realized these were the twirliest dresses in the universe, I think that’s when the girls decided that this was their new favorite dress.  The fabrics are both great quality and the heart cut out on the back gives it a little detail that makes it stand out.  We are fans for life and Falynn can’t wait to wear this one again!  Make sure to follow them on Instagram and join their VIP group on Facebook.  You can use FASHIONISTALOVE15 for a discount now through 6/14/17! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!

We finished this outfit off with our sneakers from FabKids.  These are such a favorite, I actually bought them in 2 different colors. The tongue on the sneaker is metallic and super fun!  If you haven’t checked out FabKids, you need to!  I get SO many of Falynn’s shoes from there. They are adorable and are strong enough to outlast my toddler.

The final outfit was the trickiest. At this point, it was raining pretty hard and we knew that outdoors wasn’t an option.  It was getting pretty late too so we didn’t have the light indoors to shoot either.  We were trying to figure out options with light and something that would protect us from the rain.  I remembered seeing people shooting in shopping centers and I knew there was probably a way to do it where the background wouldn’t completely distract from the outfit.  We crossed our fingers, pilled in the car and headed to the nearest one.  I was pleasantly surprised at how the pictures turned out and may even try shooting there again in the future (especially if it’s raining).   The girls were pleased with the option since they were able to get a donut when we were finished.

Now let’s talk about these outfits… These adorable tanks were provided by PH Threads.  I have been working with Diane for quite a while as her daughter is part of our ambassador team. I loved the idea of finally flipping the script and promoting her shop for once.  And the tanks did not disappoint!  They are super soft and who can’t relate to that list?!  Tracie and I realized we probably should have had some sort of bribe in their hand for these, but by that time it was too late. Maybe you can imagine the sprinkle donut in their hands for us? Make sure to follow them on Instagram.  You can use code ILOVEPH for a discount too!

These shorts from My Littlest 1 are freaking adorable!  They have little tiny sneakers all over them.  This print and fabric is perfect for Summer!  I love that they are sewn by hand and way different than anything you’ll find in a department store.  I know we are going to get a lot of use out of these.  You’ll want to make sure you are following them on Instagram and join their VIP group on Facebook.  Melissa is such a sweetheart and really takes pride in her pieces.  She makes the cutest stories where you can find her sewing. I just love watching these adorable handmade pieces come to life! Use code FASHIONISTA to save!

We finished the outfit off with Converse sneakers and the striped pom snapback hats from our shop,  Emma isn’t a hat girl but I think she looked absolutely adorable! Remember, use code FALYNN to save!

Even with all of the challenges and obstacles, these girls rocked their photoshoots and were such troopers!  I can’t imagine doing 4 outfit changes and having over 1200 pictures taken of me in 3 hours but these girls make it look easy.  There were no meltdowns (until the very end when they realized we were awfully close to bedtime).  And although they didn’t really get to play as much as they would have liked to, they had so much fun being silly together while we took pictures.  I love that we will always have the pictures to look back on. Maybe we could even recreate them in 10 years (wouldn’t that be fun?).  I want to thank each of the shops that we worked with.  We would absolutely recommend each of them for quality, style and above all, for their awesomeness!

What do you think of the outfits featured? Do you have a favorite? Comment below and let us know!  If you’d like to work with us, please send us an email! We’d love to hear from you.  Don’t forget to follow our daily small shop fashions on Instagram and on our new Facebook page.

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