Toy Box Monthly – The Cure for the Toy Store Crazies

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While it’s extremely rare for us to visit a toy store these days, on the rare occasion that we do, I find it nearly impossible to get my kids out of there in a reasonable amount of time.  Making a decision as to which toy they want is next to impossible.  They change their mind as they walk around because they find something they think might be better than their current choice.  It’s a nightmare.  They choose toys that are $50, knowing that the gift card they have is for $20.  There are tears and sad faces and a whole lotta “PLEASE MOM? PLEASE????”  I’m excited to say that I may have found the cure in Toy Box Monthly!


When Falynn found out that she had a box full of toys on the way, she couldn’t wait to check the mail.  Toy Box Monthly is a monthly subscription service, sending you a monthly surprise of toys!  Every month, you’ll discover the latest, greatest and hard to find toys from the brands you love for one low price.  Subscriptions start as low as $15 and include 4-6 toys!  Each box is carefully hand selected by their Toy Box Monthly team, just for you.  They have boxes for girls and boys so your little one will get the type of toys perfect for them.


Falynn’s box included 5 hand picked toys and a charm bracelet.  There wasn’t one item in the box that she didn’t love.  She is obsessed with anything that is boxed up as a surprise and so each of these toys was perfect for her.  She’s completely obsessed with toy reviews on YouTube and she couldn’t wait to make one with this box.  Check out her unboxing video so that you can see the excitement as she received each toy.

What I love most about this box is that each time I have asked her which toy is her favorite, she changes her mind.  She absolutely loves everything.  And what is even better, there was no driving to the toy store, no decisions and I didn’t spend a fortune.  With a subscription box like this one, your kids are getting 4-6 toys each month and the chances of them not liking any of them is slim to none.  Even my 8 year old loved everything!  The girls spent hours playing with all of their new goodies.


If you add up the value, you are definitely getting more than your money’s worth.  These little toys are $3-$5 each in the store.  If you pre-pay for 3 months in advance, each box is only $15!  You can cancel anytime, without hassle.  It’s a great deal and well worth the smiles on my girls faces!


If your little one loves toys as much as my girls do, we highly recommend Toy Box Monthly!  Sign up is super easy too!  Head over to and sign up today.

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