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Urban Feel [feat. Bug + Wink]

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When we first started brand repping, I would very regularly just pull my girls into our backyard and take some pictures.  It was easy and it was convenient.  There was a whole lotta grass, some trees and the side of our neighbor’s house.  At that point, I didn’t really consider that not every shop was going to be happy with these overly green pictures and frankly, boring pictures.  A lot of shops will now specify within their brand rep searches if they are looking for a specific look, like a white wall, urban feel or vintage/boho style.  It’s something to pay attention to if you are limited to the locations you can shoot in!

While Falynn can rock just about any look, we do lean a little more toward the street style clothing, so when we realized that the backyard was no longer an option, I had to get creative. We don’t live in the city. We don’t live anywhere near downtown.  So where do you go to take pictures when you pretty much live in the middle of nowhere?  Parking lots are awesome, but we only have one shopping center within 5 miles of us,  so we don’t have many options.  In December of last year, I finally took the plunge and started experimenting with the back of buildings.  I found that depending on which part of the building we stood in front of, we could get up to 6 different looks in one location.  It’s all about getting creative and trying different angles. So now when we go anywhere, while most people are excited to go into the building, I’m scouting the back of the building for our next photoshoot. Brand rep life, huh?

Hat: iBetterAccessorize, Dress: Bug + Wink, Boots: Dr. Martens

Right around the same time I discovered the back of buildings, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw the most beautiful dress on @miss_sophia_london‘s page.  I knew I HAD to have it!  Although I had heard of Bug + Wink, we hadn’t ordered anything until that point.  I remember at around 3am, I got a message from the owner, Brittani that was SO unexpected and so sweet, thanking me for my purchase and letting me know how excited she was knowing that Falynn would be rocking her dress. I knew that we had found another favorite shop!  Looking at her shop’s feed, I knew that we would have to try this new location for the photoshoot and I was super excited.

Headwrap: Sunshine Grey, Tatts and Bracelet: iBetterAccessorize, Tee: That’s Life Tee Co., Pants: Bug + Wink, Boots: Palladium

Not long after our 2nd purchase, I entered Falynn in the Bug + Wink brand rep search and was OVER THE MOON when she was chosen!  Bug + Wink is known for their fun, hip, edgy clothing, three words that totally describe my little fashionista. I could probably write a book filled with all of the things I love about the brand, but one of the things I love the most are the details.  If you don’t know, I LOVE detail shots.  This shredded tee is one of our favorites because it can be worn with just about anything and isn’t just a regular old tee!

Tee: Bug + Wink, Pants: Brooklyn and Fifth

And how about the shredded back add on option?!  Just another option you have when you purchase from Bug + Wink!  While the front of the tee is incredible and features their signature triangle patch, when she turns around, it definitely gets your attention.

Tee: Bug + Wink, Pants: Rustic Pickle

You MUST check out the SS17 line!  I’m pretty obsessed with every single piece, especially the new Lucia dress (and not just because my oldest daughter and Mother-in-Law share the name) but because it’s AMAZING!!!  The Lucia dress features an elasticized off-the-shoulder neckline, a flounced layer and sleeves with straps to keep the dress in place. You can also slide your child’s arms over the flounce layer for more of a strappy flounced look.

The new joggers are Falynn’s new go-to.  They are comfortable and lightweight.  A mid length, drop crotch allows for lots of movement and comfort. They feature an elastic waistband with functional drawstring which makes them easy to grow up in. Joggers also have deep pockets for all those tiny toys or snacks your kids like to hide (in our case, shopkins!). Falynn finds them easy to pull on herself when we are in a hurry and she will wear them all day because they are super comfy.

Tee: Raising Wilds, Shorts: Bug + Wink

Do yourself a favor and check out Bug + Wink and make sure to follow them on Instagram for sneak peeks, sales, giveaways and more! Use code FALYNN15 to save!

Interested in working with us?  Send us an email.  And don’t forget to follow Falynn’s daily fashion on our Instagram and now on Facebook!

Hat: iBetterAccessorize, Tee: Bug + Wink, Pants: Legendary Minis

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  • Brittani
    March 9, 2017

    This made my day!!!! Love you and your little family.

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Urban Feel [feat. Bug + Wink]

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