Valentine’s Day Love Robot Dollar Tree Craft

The cutest Valentine's Day love robots craft made with Dollar Tree items
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Published Date: 02/12/2023
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You can create these budget-friendly Valentine’s Day love robots with just eight supplies from Dollar Tree. They are super easy to make and can be made in classrooms or at home to gift to friends.

I have seen similar love robots online but wanted to see if I could create them using only supplies from Dollar Tree since we are on a budget like most families we know. I was excited to find exactly what we needed and could add some flair with hearts and lips, giving our love robot a fun, animated twist.

This year, we made them for my daughter to bring to her friends in school but this can also be used as a fun classroom project for the little ones that they can create and then enjoy when they finish.

cute Valentine's Day craft for kids to make in a classroom
Valentine's Day love robots standing on a counter

What I love most about these Valentine’s Day love robots is that they are made with several edible items. The head is made of a pudding cup. Make sure to buy the kind that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You can get a variety of flavors, in case the kids receiving them have a different preference. I wound up buying vanilla and chocolate swirl.

I added googly eyes, and while I wanted to find tiny lips, all my Dollar Tree had were these large wood lips. I love how animated they look. My daughters said they look like Bratz dolls.

The body is a small juice box. While you can leave that as is, I wound up picking up some glitter paper that happened to have adhesive on the back. Just cut them to the correct size and stick them to the side of the juice box that doesn’t have the straw.

The feet can be made with any flat chocolates. The heart chocolates seemed to be able to carry the balance of weight and came in various colors as well.

For the arms, you can choose any long and individually packaged candy. I picked up sour punch because they came in red and were a perfect size.

Finally, I added a heart to the chest because it’s Valentine’s Day, and well, why not?!

dollar tree items on a marble counter top

Supplies You’ll Need to make Valentine’s Day Love Robots

  • pudding cups
  • juice boxes
  • sour punch
  • chocolate hearts
  • glitter paper
  • googly eyes
  • hearts and lips wooden ornaments
  • sticky dots (not pictured)

We picked up all the supplies (except the sticky dots) for these Valentine’s Day love robots at Dollar Tree. Depending on how many love robots you need to make, you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

The pudding cups are sold in four packs for $1.25; you need one per robot. The juice boxes come in a pack of four for $1.25 and you need one per robot. The sour punch candies contained a variety of colors, but I found 14 red in one bag, which was $1.25, and you’ll need two per robot.

The bag of chocolate hearts contains around 15 for 1.25, and you’ll need 2 for each love robot. One package of glitter paper contains three pages, and you can cut 10-12 per page. There are 125 googly eyes per package for $1.25; you need two per robot.

There are 24 hearts per package for $1.25; you need one per robot. There are 18 lips per package for $1.25; you need one per robot.

You can make each Valentine’s Day love robot for around $1.15 (plus tax).

I tried several ways to glue the items together and found mounting dots the strongest and safest way. Remember, these are food items so you don’t want to use anything toxic, just in case it goes through the package. I wound up purchasing these mounting dots from Target, though you might be able to pick them up at Dollar Tree if your store carries them.

When I say “glue” in the instructions below, I am referring to mounting dots or non-toxic glue if you find that works better.

first four steps to create a love robot

How to create these Valentine’s Day love robots:

Step 1: Stand the juice box upright with the straw side facing away from you.

Step 2: Cut the glitter paper to the same size as the juice box and peel the backing to adhere it to the juice box.

Step 3: Glue the heart to the upper right-hand corner of the glitter paper, leaving a bit of space at the top.

Step 4: Add small strips of mounting dots to the tops of two chocolates and set the juice box on top. Try to center it and balance it as best as you can.

final four steps to create a love robot for Valentine's Day

Step 5: Glue a sour punch to each side of the juice box.

Step 6: Flip the pudding cup over and place two googly eyes at the top.

Step 7: Glue lips just under the eyes.

Step 8: Glue the flat part of the pudding cup to the top of the juice box. Make sure that it’s balanced so it doesn’t fall forward or backward.

Valentine's Day love robots

I hope that these instructions are easy enough to follow. If you have any questions, please comment below, and I’ll answer them as soon as I see them.

If you love these Valentine’s Day love robots, check out our other fun craft ideas. We have some for all occasions, with lots more coming soon!

If you decide to make these Valentine’s Day love robots and post a picture on social media, please tag us @thesupermomlife so we can see how they turned out!


You can create these budget-friendly Valentine's Day love robots with just 8 items from Dollar Tree. Perfect for a classroom or home craft.
You can create these budget-friendly Valentine's Day love robots with just 8 items from Dollar Tree. Perfect for a classroom or home craft.

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