What is the Best Skincare Routine for my Teenager?

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Published Date: 06/10/2022
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Having a teenager is like reliving one’s childhood. A wonderful time for socializing, light-heartedness, seemingly unbreakable love, and experimenting with skincare routines. However, it’s also when those dreaded pimples appear! 

Yes, every teenager has had to deal with pimples at least once. Unfortunately, people with acne-prone skin have to fight harder. The hormonal changes that cause the physical and psychological changes needed to become an adult cause all of this. 

During adolescence, teenagers undergo a great deal of growth and development as they prepare to enter adulthood. How can we help them create a good skincare routine? 

Skincare for Teenagers: When is the best time to start?


The sooner you start taking care of your teenager’s skin, the more they will benefit from it in the following years.

If your teenager has acne-prone skin and is not properly cared for, you risk them bearing the marks on their face for a lifetime. If their skin already has a complicated situation, we advise that you contact a dermatologist.


teenager skincare routine

Skincare for Teenagers: How do I know and care for their skin type?

Not all skincare works for every skin type. Depending on whether the skin is dry, oily, or combination skin, you will have to choose products appropriate to their skin’s needs. 

The skincare routine for those with dry skin is, of course, all about nourishment. In this case, it is essential to use a mild cleanser that is not too aggressive on the skin. After the toner, apply a rich and soothing moisturizer. 

If their skin is oily, you must aim their skincare routine at controlling excess sebum. Here, you need a purifying cleanser combined with a mattifying cream, which narrows the pores and controls the shine of the complexion throughout the day. 

Finally, those with combination skin should use a purifying cleanser and a light cream, coupled with a more moisturizing product to be applied only in some dry areas. Very often, combination skin is mistaken for oily skin due to the appearance of pimples. The peculiarity of combination skin is that it simultaneously presents typical characteristics of dry skin and oily skin.

One of the most common mistakes that teenagers commit is using products that are not suitable for their skin type. In adolescence, the most common type of skin tends to be oily, but there are many teens with combination skin or dry and sensitive skin.

Skincare for teenagers: How to Create a Skincare Routine

Whatever their skin type, good skincare starts in the morning and ends at night. 


When starting a skincare routine for your teenager, the watchword is cleansing. For very young teenagers, it is important to choose a delicate product to be used in the morning to eliminate toxins and in the evening to remove makeup.


Even though it might seem odd to exfoliate when you have breakouts, removing dead skin cells is important for keeping your skin clear. But if your teen has acne-prone skin, you’ll want to be careful about which exfoliating product you choose. Look for an exfoliator that isn’t too rough and works gently and effectively as a toner, removing dirt, debris, and makeup that may have been left behind by cleansers.


Hydration uses water-based ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid that pump water into the skin without clogging pores. Teenage skin does not have too complex needs, but it needs deep and constant hydration. Remember This: skin that is not hydrated today will be wrinkled tomorrow! 


Lotions with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can help treat and prevent mild to moderate acne that doesn’t cause inflammation, like blackheads and whiteheads. But if you have inflammatory acne-like pustules or nodules, you should choose a product with stronger active ingredients, like retinol or sulfur.


Ensuring your teen’s skin doesn’t get too dry from active ingredients or strong medications is a key step in preventing acne. Adding an oil-free moisturizer to the end of their skincare routine helps keep their young skin’s oils in check and gives the skin more nutrients.

Here are some other skincare tips for teenage skin.

  1. A gentle scrub combined with a moisturizing mask is recommended to improve skin tone and remove dead cells once a week.
  • Using masks and scrubs once or twice a week is a good way to take care of your skin in a deeper way. I am sure that future beauty addicts will start to understand the benefits of a good face mask early.
  • You can clean your teen’s skin with a clay mask and then hydrate it with a good moisturizing mask. Apply both masks simultaneously if your teen has oily/combination skin. Use the purifying mask on oily areas and the nourishing mask on dry areas.
  • If you are on holiday by the sea or in the mountains or spend a lot of time in the sun, do not forget the sunscreen, which is essential at any age to avoid annoying sunburn. There are many face creams with sunscreens on the market, suitable for protecting the skin from the sun even in the city.
  • This last step is aimed at teenagers who have started wearing makeup and who happen to go to bed with makeup still on their faces. Let them know that even though removing makeup can seem boring, especially at night, it is a fundamental step in taking care of our skin at any age. 

The night is when the skin regenerates: the makeup left on the face does nothing but dry it, causing a loss of brightness and tone. This advice is very precious. Keep it to heart because it will help them get the flawless skin of their dreams.

Wrapping it up

Getting into healthy habits early is the best way to take care of teenage skin. Changes in hormones make it more likely for teens to break out. But you can keep your teen’s skin happy and healthy with these few simple skincare tips and a good skincare routine.

Stay tuned for some of our favorite skincare products that our daughters have used over the years!

From pimples to acne, teenagers go through a lot as they prepare to enter adulthood. How can we help them create a good skincare routine? 
From pimples to acne, teenagers go through a lot as they prepare to enter adulthood. How can we help them create a good skincare routine? 

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